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Fett and the Vong

Recommend: Read the New Jedi Order, they’re great, this continues on from after Balance Point by Kathy Tyers, it is pure fiction of fiction and nothing to do with the actual series just my ideas on what could happen in lets say an alternate Star Wars universe and it is my way of continuing the story that left me dumbfounded. Enjoy (alternative Universe where Boba Fett never grows old)

Disclaimer: No profit, no connections to Star Wars or The New Jedi Order, just entertainment.

Part 1: The Bounty

Tsavong Lah gazed out of the shell across the vast plains deep in thought. Jacen Solo, Jacen Solo, jeedai, Jacen Solo. The Yuuzhan Vong tries to put his mind on anything else, infidels, Jacen Solo, and shakes his head. It has been 1 week since he sent his proposal to the New Republican Senate asking for the sacrifice of the Jedi and Jacen Solo in order to stop the Yuuzhan Vong from continuing any further, waiting for their reply, waiting in vain.


Princess Leia stands up abruptly in the council hall, “You will not sacrifice my children to those beasts, you have seen evidence of what they do, and do you think that sacrificing the Jedi will stop them. Can’t you see that taking out the Jedi leaves the Yuuzhan Vong an opportunity to continue, that wont stop there you must see it,” she demands.

“Yes, Princess, but sacrificing a few to save many, don’t forget that the Jedi couldn’t stop the invasion of Ithor, Dantooine, Duro and more what makes you think that they are so un-expendable especially the actions of the Jedi concerning the Rhommamool-Osarian incident?” replies Chief of state Borsk Fey’la.

“Yes, but the Jedi have saved the Republic time and time again, and helped out more that you could imagine with the Yuuzhan Vong invasion, but because they aren’t as effective as before, they haven’t lost their edge and are not useless. I don’t see you disbanding the Rouge Squadron because they have lost a few battles but yet you are willing to sacrifice the lives of great men and women,” replies a heated Leia.

“Are you saying Princess that the Jedi are better than all of us?”

“No, of course not, we, I mean they are dedicated to bringing peace and stopping these invasions just as much if not more than anyone else. They feel the disturbance in the Force everytime the Yuuzhan Vong destroys another part of our universe.”

“You don’t think of yourself as being Jedi, Princess, what makes you so different from them, like you said you are one of them, you don’t want to be sacrificed in order to save millions, you just want to protect your precious order.”

“The sacrifice of the Jedi will be in vain, they have been the protectors of the galaxy for millennia’s, even in the dark times of the Sith, Jedi’s like Yoda and Obi-Wan Kenobi did their best to help and now after all that you are willing to sacrifice them on a promise from a race that enslaves many and hates machinery? If the Emperor asked of this would’ve you let him? Would’ve you trusted him to keep his promise? They won’t stop there, I have seen first hand what they do and how they think, and sacrificing the Jedi will only do harm.” Princess Leia sits down and waits for the arguments to mount, but silence takes the voices of the usually boisterous senators.

“We will recess till this time tomorrow and decide the fate of the Jedi then.” Borsk Fey’la gets up and walks past Leia, “It is always interesting working with you Princess, and it would be a shame to have to let you go.”

Leia looks up at the chief of state and shakes her head and follows the senators out of the hall and goes to her apartments.

“Mum, your home, how did it go?” Asks a usually exuberant Anakin.

“Not good, I don’t know what the senate will do I only hope it is for the best, it is times like these that I wish I was still in the game but now I can only be a voice of conscience for the senators, I only hope they realize what the Vong are doing,” she replies.

Anakin gives his mother a hug, “They will do what the Force thinks is best.”


After the senate disbanded Vili Shesh walked back to her office with a heavy heart and stops when she realises her security officer slumped on the chair.

“He will be alright Senator,” rasps a mechanical voice in her ear.

Vili gasps as she turns to face the armored helmet of Boba Fett, “What do you want with me?”

“I have come here to accept your bounty Senator, only you haven’t designated what you want done with it.”

“Bounty? Oh that bounty, take him to the Yuuzhan Vong on Duros, once they have him I will forward your bounty to the account specified.”

“Okay Senator you have a deal, one Jedi to the Yuuzhan Vong, 1 million credits to the account, don’t double cross me Senator you will not live to regret it.”

With that Boba Fett leaves the Senator behind and whisks out the door to find the security officer waking up.


Jacen Solo wakes up with a start and ducks to stop his head from hitting the roof or the bunk.

“You awake Jacen?” asks his father through the ships internal comlink system.

“Yeah Dad, just a little jumpy, I felt something strange,” replies Jacen.

“Force strange or other strange?”

“Force strange.”

“Oh, can’t help you there kid, but you can help me here.”

Jacen gets out of the bed and joins his father in the cockpit of the Millenium Falcon, only to find bits and pieces strewn everywhere.

“What are you doing dad?”

“We picked up a little furry friend at our last stop and he is stuck in here somewhere, I just can’t find him.”

“Here let me help,” Jacen embraces the Force and lets it flood him, Why did I ever give up this feeling? And senses the furry creature and draws it to his hand. He shows it to his father and looks into the haunted eyes.

“No you can’t keep it, your not having a personal zoo aboard my ship.”

Jacen laughs, “We’ll hand it over when we get home. I wonder how …” Jacen’s words are cut short as something belts the Falcon’s hull, “What the…”

“Buckle up kid, we’re leaving hyperspace.”

The Falcon lurches out of hyperspace to only be caught in a tractor beam. Han tries to break the hold on the ship by using an old trick.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you Solo,” rasps a familiar mechanical voice, “Don’t struggle and you and your ship will remain unharmed.”

Han sneaks a look at Jacen, with which his so looks at him calmly, “It’s okay dad, I saw this in a vision. Don’t forget the Force is with me.”

“I’m not letting you go with that, that monster, don’t you remember what he did to me? I’m not letting him take you to the Vong, one visit with them was enough, no not another.”

“Don’t worry dad, let me go, I know what I am doing, I’ll see you soon,” Jacen uses the Force to make his father go to sleep and gets up to meet the boarders.

“It’s good to see you Shantea, I haven’t seen you in a while, what have you been doing?” He gives the other Jedi a hug.

“We saved some people here and there, stop some minor wars, gathered some bounty on some Vong, you know same all same all,” she replies laughing, but then her smile drops, “Are you sure you want to do this? I mean they could take you again.”

“With you protecting my back I think not, but yes, I have to sacrifice myself to save the Jedi, it’s me that Tsavong Lah wants so it’s me he gets. This has to end sometime.”

“Well what are you waiting for lets go then, I’m eager to get this over with and Fett here wants the bounty, you know after all that we have been through he still craves the hunt and the pleasure, I don’t know what will happen to us when this invasion is all over.”

“I only hope this works and the Jedi are safe again. Okay lets go,” Jacen replies and boards Slave-I leaving his sleeping father behind.


An hour later Han wakes to find Jacen gone with only a small holorecording left behind, he turns it on to see his son’s face.

“Dad, I know you are angry at me for going, but it is something I just have to do, please don’t try and come after me, I’ll be alright. It’s time to give the Yuuzhan Vong what they want, I only hope this works and that with mother’s help this can all stop. My sacrifice will not be in vain and I will see you again, they caught me once, it isn’t going to happen again. Please don’t tell anyone else what has happened, I don’t need their worrying, they have more important things to do, don’t lie but tell them I am doing what I think is right. I love you dad, but this is something I just had to do. The Falcon will be okay I organized some help for you, please don’t hate me for my sabotage, but I needed to do it. I’ll see you soon.”

Han wipes the tear running down his face and takes a look at the hyperdrive and notices the neat damage that his son did, knowing there was nothing else to do, he started his run to the nearest planet.

Part 2 - Plans

Jacen sits before Shantea, “So what are we going to do?”

“I’m not sure, this time, it wasn’t my idea, I think I’m rubbing off on him,” replies Shantea.

“Not that much,” cries Fett from the cockpit.

“He’s more vocal than before, I’ll give you that,” laughs Jacen.

“What do you expect when she wont shut up most of the time, only in my sleep do I have peace,” replies Fett and joins them.

“You really have bonded then?”

“Yes, he’s like the brother I never had, Kirana wanted it this way,” replies Shantea, “though he wont take of the helmet very often, and I have tried.”

“Hey, this is me, take it or leave it,” replies Fett, getting up to deal with ship duties.

“Not for long,” whispers Shantea and Jacen laughs.

“I heard that.” Prompting more laughter.

“It has been a long time since I had a good laugh with all that’s going on, soon they will go after “Yavin may be next and who knows what the Peace Brigade will do, there is so little I can do,” Jacen explains.

“Enough, whatever you do will be enough, we can only try our best, I think this war will lead us to new places, new levels of ability and test us at every turn. Now stop being serious, I heard you gave up the Force.”

“Only for a while, Anakin and I have differing views,” replies Jacen looking away from Shantea’s penetrating stare.

“Oh come on, Anakin isn’t that bad, he was…, helpful, in dealing with Zaxos,” replies Shantea, bringing Jacen’s attention back to her, “I’m glad your back though, we couldn’t do this without you.”

“Yes, the Zaxos episode, still got the blue spacesuit?”

Shantea blushes, “It comes in handy.”

“Oh, so you’ll be wearing it?”

Shantea hits him, “Shut up, philosopher.”

“Do I need to separate you too?” Adds Fett, prompting laughter from the pair, “Now we need to get our plan together.”


Shantea sets the bed up in the cell, “Sorry, there isn’t a lot of space left on this ship.”

“Hey, if Anakin and Mara handled it, I’m sure I can.”

“I sense tension between you and Anakin, you’ll work it out.”

“I hope so, but we are on different sides of the galaxy, Anakin’s over there,” Jacen points in one direction, “Jaina’s everywhere, I seem to be standing still.”

“Who says standing still isn’t good?”

“But, I’m too sacred to do anything in case it is wrong, like your on the battle front, I respect that, I don’t agree, but I respect it,” replies Jacen.

“You think too much Jacen, you must have made an impression on Tsavong Lah, he wants you badly. Still, I don’t think your standing still, we all have something to offer, and if someone wasn’t stopping to think, who knows what would become of the Jedi.”

“Your right, dammit, your always right,” laughs Jacen.

“Not always, just most of the time,” smiles Shantea, “Now sleep, phase one begins tomorrow.” She walks off and pops her head around the corner, “And Jacen don’t think too much.”

Shantea closes her door to find Fett, unmasked sitting on her bed, without turning around, “Don’t say anything Jaster, this is hard enough as it is, he trusts us, I hate deceiving him.”

“We have to Shantea, it has to stop.”

“But this way?”

“Yes, I’m sorry but it has to be done,” replies Fett as walks off.

Shantea flops onto the bed and a cascade of tears.

Jacen steps away from the door and creeps back to the bed, sadness in his face. Fett watches as the young man goes to his bed and lies down to sleep, “Why do I have to do this the hard way?”


“Wake up Jacen, it’s time to get started,” says Shantea in a cheery voice, not letting the nights tears get the better of her, “Did you have a good nights sleep? I had a deep and relaxing one.”

Jacen looks up to her, her eyes sporting the same dark circles of his own, “Yeah a great one. So today’s the big day.”

“Yes, well I’d better get prepared, foods over there,” Shantea walks off and Jacen goes up to get the food from the table, ignoring Fett’s stare.

“She means well, Jacen, it’s not against you, it’s just something we have to do,” rasps the mechanical voice.

“So you expect me to go along, let you sacrifice me,” spits Jacen.

“Who said anything about sacrificing you?”

Jacen opens his mouth to reply but is shocked as Shantea comes out in her bounty hunter gear, the hair all teased up, dark eye makeup and THAT skin tight blue spacesuit, she spins around with a little laugh, “Kit let me keep it, she said it looks better on me.”

Jacen applauds and Fett shakes his head and gets up to the beeping cockpit, “It’s time.”


“You have the jeedai?” rasps the voice over the com system.

“Yes, the fee is 1 million credits,” replies Fett.

“Fine, board at this location, we have ships trained on you so no funny business.” CLICK

Fett prepares the ship and attaches Slave-I to the side of the Vong ship and opens the hatch, he spares a glance at Shantea, who’s eyes look haunted and to Jacen who shadows Shantea’s face.

CLANG The door opens and four Yuuzhaan Vong enter the ship their staffs at a ready and walk up to Fett motioning to Jacen, “This is the one Tsavong Lah wants?”

“Yes, this is him, now where is the money?” replies Shantea.

“Yes, the money, take them, take the jeedai to Tsavong Lah, kill the other two,” sneers the Vong leader.


“What was that?” screams the Vong leader.

Fett steps forward, his weapon trained on the leader with deadly precision, “That is your retribution.” And fires on the Vong.

Shantea looks at Fett in wonder, “Why?”

“You really didn’t believe this would work did you Shantea?”


“But, nothing we need to get out of here, now.”

Shantea whips out her lightsabre and hands Jacen his as Fett runs up to the cockpit.

Jacen looks at Shantea and reflects her concern as the three highly trained warriors advance on the pair, “This is not right Shantea.”

“It just is Jacen, now fight!”

Shantea twirls and spins avoiding the staffs and the warriors, not making a hit but not receiving any either. Jacen ignores the nattering thought in his brain and defends himself by drawing one of the warriors to the corner of the room. He spins and ducks as the warrior spins his staff and manages to knock it across the floor. The warrior grunts and tries to sweep Jacen off his feet only to get a face full of a lightsabre. As Jacen’s foe falls to the ground he turns to see the last two warriors pinning Shantea into a corner, Jacen rushes over and catches one by surprise and slashes him to the floor and Shantea finishes off the last one with a slash to the head. She pants trying to catch her breath and collapses to the floor holding her chest.

Jacen rushes down to her side, “Are you okay?”

Shantea looks up at him, her eyes starting to go hazy, “Sure, fine, just need a little rest,” she sighs and collapses in his arms as the ship lurches to hyperspace.

“NO!” Screams Fett as he sees Shantea in Jacen’s arms and rushes to pick her up, knocking his helmet off in the process, tears running down his face, he looks at Jacen and Jacen takes a step back.

“She isn’t dead, but she will be if we don’t find help soon,” says Jacen as he swallows.

>Part 3: The Finale

Boba Fett snaps out his comlink, “Kit, we need your help, Shantea has been hurt.”

“Okay, coming now, the Vong have retreated, it’ll only be a matter of time till they come back,” replies the voice over the comlink.

“Met us at these coordinates,” Boba Fett replies and cuts off the communication, he looks to Jacen, “Watch her, we need to get out of this space.” He walks briskly up to the cockpit and Slave-1 lurches into hyperspace for a short time then jumps out to show a planet on the viewing screen with another ship decloaking beside Salve-1.

“Fett, the authorities say we can land and there will be a healer on standby,” speaks a voice over the comlink, in reply Slave-1 ventures down to the surface and lands on the platform with Kit’s ship following behind them.

Boba Fett walks up to the barely breathing Shantea and cradles her in his arm and walks out of the ship with Jacen following closely behind. Kit, Ren and Cad run up to them.

“What happened?” asks Ren.

“The Vong attacked and Shantea got hurt,” replies Jacen despondently.

A bristle-faced man in green robes walks up to the group, “The wounded?” he rasps and points to Shantea, Fett nods, “follow me.”

They follow the man through a maze of corridors till they reach a large room filled with the sick and injured with many green robes dashing between the patients. The man motions to an empty bed and Fett places Shantea down on it, three more robes rush to the side pushing the group out of the way making observations.

“It would be better if you wait over here,” says a feminine voice from behind them. The group all turn around to face the slender brown robed female, she offers her hand, “I’m Sara, they need their space to work there is a waiting room over there.”

Fett looks back at Shantea and walks over to the lounge area and watches, his hand ever ready for a fight, Jacen watches and shakes Sara’s hand, “Please forgive him he is always like that.”

“That is his sister?”


“Yeah they are always like that, what are your names are you all bounty hunters or something?”

Jacen winces, “No, I’m Jay, this is Kit, Ren and Cad.”

Sara notices the wince but ignores it and motions from them to follow Fett’s suit. After they are seated they watch the healers in wonder.

“What are they doing?” asks Ren in wonder.

“They are finding her energy and bring it back to her body so that she can heal herself,” replies Sara.

“Wow, so they are using the Force or something?” pipes in Cad.

“No not really it is similar but not the same,” she is cuts off by a large sparking cackle, “that has never happened before, will you excuse me.” Sara rushes over to the healers around Shantea and helps one off of the floor, they all gasp in wonder as Shantea starts glowing. Sara wields around and gives group a stare, “You could have told us she was Jedi.”

Jacen stands up and walks calmly over to Sara and place a gentle hand on her shoulder, “We didn’t know it was important, is she okay?”

“No, she is not okay, the energies are colliding and there is nothing we can do to help her, we need Jedi to help.”

“This has happened before?”

“Yes, only once and it was only contained because there were several Jedi and Healers to keep the energies in tact.”

“What has to be done?” asks Jacen and looks behind him at the sound of something heavy hitting the floor, he rushes over the Boba Fett’s side, “What did you do that for?”

“We had to restrain him,” answers a petite healer.

Jacen scowls and walks back to Shantea's side and grasps the Force only to find it not there, he looks around in panic and Sara looks at him accusingly.

“You are also Jedi?”

“Yes, I am,” he replies and smiles at Sara’s shock, “so what do I have to do?”

Sara gazes at him and then barks a few words to the healers and they form a protective barrier around Shantea and start chanting, “You will be able to reach the Force now.”

Jacen reaches out to the Force and finds it in disarray he senses the flows of the healers as they try to mind Shantea’s energies back into her body, he sees a slight shield around her and sets out trying to penetrates it, sweat forms on his brow as he slowly attacks her shield allowing the healers flows to get through her body. After about 10 minutes Jacen crumples and Shantea takes a deep breath.

Sara helps Jacen to his feet and back to the lounge area where Boba Fett is struggling to regain consciousness. Jacen looks at Sara, “Is it done?”

“Yes, it is done, she just needs to rest and gather her strength, rooms have been prepared,” Sara replies and leaves.


“What happened?” rasps Boba Fett.

“She’s okay, it was just a mangle of energies,” replies Kit as she looks over to were Jacen is quietly sleeping on the bed.

Fett shakes his head, “What did they give me, I think I should get some.”

“I thought you gave up the Bounty Hunting business,” replies Kit with a small laugh.

“I have never gave it up just changed my tactics,” replies Fett defensively and Cad comes rushing into the room.

“There is Vong here, we must leave now.”

Fett jumps to his feet, “Ready him, I’ll get Shantea,” and he rushes out of the room. Kit motions to Cad to wake Jacen up and follows the former Bounty Hunter down the corridors and finds him in a heated conversation with Sara.

“We need to go now, do you know what they do to Jedi?”

“I am well aware of what they will do to us if we don’t surrender the Jedi to them,” replies Sara.

Fett pushes her out of the way and over to Shantea’s bed only to find her not there. He spins around and is surprised to find himself face to face with Shantea.

“We have to go now,” he rasps and grabs her arm only to find himself pushed away with the Force.

“I am going to stay here, they need my help,” replies Shantea in a monotone voice.

Fett shies away and realises what has happened he picks Sara up by her robes, “What have you done to her?”

“We have helped her, her ways were wrong, she will sacrifice herself to save many.”

“Her ways were wrong, do you think your ways are right, you brain washed her!”

“No, they just made me see the truth,” answers Shantea and makes in release Sara from his grip, she winks at him as she says this and Fett nods in approval, “Now you may leave with the other Jedi, whilst I stay here and fix things up.”

Fett nods and walks out of the room. Sara pats Shantea’s head, “You will be my most prized pet.” The Yuuzhan Vong takes off her mask and smiles at Shantea, “Most prized pet.”

Shantea smiles meekly.


Jacen walks up to Fett, “Where is Shantea? They are not healers they are Yuuzhan Vong!”

“I know, Shantea can take care of herself, we have to prepare to leave, they will want to take you as well, you didn’t tell them who you are did you?”

“No they have no idea.”

Fett nods and prepares Slave-1 for take off as Ren sets their ship up as well.

“Fett, ready to go?” asks Kit over the com.

“Yes, taking off now.”

Jacen glances at the screen, “They have no ships in the area.”

“I know, its getting off this rock that will be the problem and getting Shantea back.”


“My pet?” asks Sara and Shantea gets up to great her.

“Yes, my Master.”

“Stop those ships from entering orbit, two Jedi’s are better than one.”

“Yes, Master,” replies Shantea and gathers the Force around her and pushes on Jacen’s mind Leave now, they want you too. She furrows her brow and makes out as if she is trying really hard to keep Slave-1 on the ground. Fett makes the ship lurch a little as he takes off and Shantea lashes out an arm to render Sara unconscious and leaps towards the door knocking healers over as she goes.

“Stop!” screams Sara as she rushes after Shantea, “I have my weapon trained on you.”

Shantea stops and turns around to face Sara and grabs her lightsabre from where she hid it and tries to turn it on but it splutters and fails. Sara advances gun poised.

“You really believe that we would leave your lightsabre in working order?”

“No, but mine is,” replies Jacen as he lands behind Sara and cuts off her head, “Shall we go? Fett is waiting.”

Shantea smiles and follows Jacen to Slave-1 perched on the roof and springs into the hold. Jacen following closely behind her, she turns to him as the ship lurches out into space and into hyperspace.

“Thank You for coming back, I really didn’t think I would escape.”

“At least we foiled her plans.”

“Yes but what about the planet?”

“We’ll inform the New Republic and they will do what they can.”

“Yeah I suppose, so what now?”

“Now, I guess I go and apologise to dad for leaving,” Jacen winces and Shantea laughs.

“Okay philosophy boy,” she laughs and puts her arm around his waist, “how about a light lunch? I’m starved.”


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