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Jedi Apprentice

By Jude Watson

#1 The Rising Force by Dave Wolverton

The only one by this author starts the Jedi apprentice novels were a young Obi-Wan is in danger of becoming a farmer if he isn't taken as a Padawan soon, the large Jedi Qui-Gon is his only hope before his thirteenth birthday. Even though you know Qui-Gon takes him on it is interesting to see how it starts to eventuate. 

#2 The Dark Rival

Obi-Wan learns why Qui-Gon is uneager to take him on as his apprentice when he meets Qui-Gon's last Padawan, Xanatos. Xanatos is head of a large very 'evil' company that takes advantage of innocent people, when he learns Qui-Gon is there he tries to trap the Jedi. Xanatos is a good idea to play with he has a darkness but a sadness as well.

#3 The Hidden Past

Obi-Wan is finally Qui-Gon's Padawan and Qui-Gon gives him a special gift that helps him when he is in danger of losing his memory. Sure it is a child's novel but it is so funny especially the rock thing, I was laughing for a long time. If you want a quick but fun read get this, no doubt you'll understand why so many people like Qui-Gon Jinn. (My Favourite of the Series.)

#4 The Mark of the Crown

A planet is in upheaval of succession rights of a young prince that hasn't past the test that would make him heir. Qui-Gon has to find the rightful heir whilst Obi-Wan uncovers a plot to poison the Queen. Fast paced and pretty kewl for the up and coming series, interesting to see what is next in store for the pair.

#5 The Defenders of the Dead

On Melina/Daan the planet is in upheaval as two rising factions fight for everything, and openly oppose each other. Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan come to rescue a captured Jedi, but become entangled in a third force, the Young. All the excitement and downfalls of war involving the young.

#6 The Uncertain Path

After abandoning Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan stays to help the Young take control of the planet but the structure is in danger, that is until Obi-Wan calls this former Master to come and help. Meanwhile at the temple, Qui-Gon and Tahl uncover a series of thefts at the temple. Poor Obi-Wan will he ever learn?

#7 The Captive Temple

Returning to the temple with Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan helps his former Master stop the culprit of the attacks and thefts at the temple, they find it is an old and vengeful enemy. They must uncover his plot before the temple falls to the ground around them...literally. Fast paced with all the adventure that a Jedi should have.

#8 The Day of Reckoning

Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan travel to Telos to capture Xanatos and bring him to his crimes, on world they uncover a rigged game of Xanatos's plan and shatter the world around them. In a final encounter, Xanatos is taken to his fate. So kewl I liked the whole Xanatos thing it just goes to show you anyone can go to the darkside. Glad Qui-Gon isn't alive in Ep 2 as it would be disturbing to find out his Master went to the darkside too with Anakin to follow.

#9 The Fight for the Truth

Along with Adi Gallia and her apprentice Siri, Master and Padawan travel to Kegan to take a Force Senstive child and in turn with the Padawan's capture discover the horrible truth to the schooling system of the world. Siri is kinda annoying and her dislike for Obi-Wan draws on the nerves but they manage to work together ... eventually.

#10 The Shattered Peace

Two planets swap their children to be raised by the other to keep the peace, that is until Leen doesn't want to go home. Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon must breach the gap and sustain peace, Obi-Wan fights his mind about what he thinks of the situation. Pretty kewl and interesting though fairly predictable.

#11 The Deadly Hunter

Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon help Qui-Gon's friend from a bounty hunter and finds themselves in the middle. After much investigation and encounters with the bounty hunter Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan find themselves as targets of her. Obi-Wan must best the bounty hunter in order to save the innocents.

#12 The Evil Experiment

Qui-Gon finds that he has been taken hostage by the evil scientist Jenna Zan Arbor who is doing experiments on him in order to find the truth behind the force. He discovers why she is so rounond whilst Obi-Wan has to try and uncover the truth in order to save Qui-Gon before it is too late.

#13 The Dangerous Rescue

It was pretty kewl conclusion to the 3 partner with Qui-Gon being rescued and the whole Jenna Zan Arbour yet again killing people off to get fame and fortune but as it is everything turns out good and dandy but it is still fun to read and Qui-Gon charm wins through in the end leaving the readers with the question - will Qui-Gon ever admit he is wrong? Or sick? I don't think so, that is why he is so popular.

#14 The Ties that Bind

Tahl is on a mission and she doesn't contact the temple when she should and Qui-Gon gets so worried that he goes after her and she isn't so happy, but he has something important to say to her and says it moments before she goes mission. It is a little slow going but the ending is excellent, a must read for ALL Qui-Gon fans.

#15 The Death of Hope

Incredibly sad (though predictable) ending to this novel and you get to feel so sorry for Qui-Gon - they were so close. Internal politics on the world of Apsolon have taken Tahl hostage because they think she has information that she doesn't have. In severe danger she is (he he - had to do it). Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan rush at all costs to find her and the book is that adventure through the outskirts to find the hidden base of the Absolutes before Qui-Gon's vision comes true.

#16 The Call to Vengeance

Qui-Gon is distraught and must try and catch Balog before it is too late for Apsolon. Betrayals and deceptions run rampart in the world and it is no wonder that Qui-Gon gets framed for a crime he did not do. Mace Windu and Bant make an appearance whilst Qui-Gon hangs dangerously close to the dark side. Can the other Jedi stop him in time? What do you think.

#17 The Only Witness

Qui-Gon is reeling from his loss of his love and is in a deep state of melancholy, so deep that he feels like he is even letting Obi-Wan down so they go on a mission to the crime ruled world of Freogo to help protect a woman who is about to expose the crime family's exploits. Qui-Gon learns that Tahl's death isn't the end of everything and manages to lose some of his grief along the way.  Its pretty kewl and informative as I hadn't read #15 or #16 at the time I read this.

#18 The Threat Within

Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan travel to the world of Vorzydiaks 4 where a series of sabotages to the "productivity" is about to erupt in a war between Vorzydiaks 4 and Vorzydiaks 5 (a neighboring world in the system). Obi-Wan travels through the night on the strange world and uncovers a plot conducted by the youths of Vorzydiaks 4 not unlike the Melina/Daan incident and becomes wrapped up in their plot. Its fun and exciting and I was somewhat unaware that Obi-Wan was now 17 years old which is getting him to his more mature and more interesting side of his character (take Attack of the Clones for example he's soo kewl there : )

Special Edition #1 Deceptions

Deals with Obi-Wan's accusation of the murder of Bruck and Qui-Gon must find the evidence to clear Obi-Wan's name from doubt. He succeeds but Bruck's brother Kad holds a grudge. 12 years later Qui-Gon is dead an Obi-Wan has a Padawan of his own and he must confront the deceptions of his past once again. The story is heaps kewl as it deals with Obi-Wan as a Padawan and Obi-Wan as a Knight with his own Padawan - very neatly done I think and the front cover is pretty and shiny (he he he)

Special Edition #2 The Followers

Pretty neat actually and I was stoked when I saw that Kit Fitso was Bant's new Jedi Master - that is so kewl (I like Kit Fitso). Obi-Wan is yet again in the middle of it with Qui-Gon he starts the quest for a Sith holocorn in the deep reaches of a sea and the tale continues with Anakin 10 years later. I like the idea of the mission running between the times it is such a kewl idea though it is clearly obvious how much kewler Obi-Wan is to Anakin as Padawan's.

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