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X2 is the second movie in the X-Men series and features all of the characters from the first bar Toad and Sabretooth. It is set a few months after X1 where Magneto is still imprisoned in his plastic prison, Mystique is portraying Senator Kelly and Wolverine is out trying to find out about his past in the Canadian mountains.

But all is not okay in X land as the sinister William Stryker has plans to use Cerebro for some kind of experiment and he needs not only parts of Cerebro but the only one who can use it, Professor X. So it is up to the X-Men to find out what is going on as with an attack on the President by a rouge mutant, mutants are standing in the red corner surrounded my a "registration act".

I won't spoil the plot but I can say we get to see the inclusion of new characters such as Nightcrawler, Deathstrike, Iceman (in a much bigger role), Colossus and Pyro. I really enjoyed the movie but then again I'm a little bias.

Also if you look closely at the end you will see a 'bird' underneath the water this is hopefully a prelude to X3 with the Dark Phoenix.

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