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Atlantis Season 1

First Season of the Atlantis series sees the team reach the city of Atlantis in the Pegasus galaxy and find the city underwater. Ater exploring a nearby planet they accidently wake the Wraith, the vampire like creatures that rule the galaxy and have it's citizens in complete fear. Italised episodes have not been shown yet.

  • Rising, Part 1
  • Rising, Part 2 (see review below)
  • Hide and Seek
  • Thirty Eight Minutes *
  • Suspicion
  • Childhood's End
  • Poisoning the Well (see review below)
  • Underground
  • Home
  • The Storm
  • The Eye *
  • The Defiant One *
  • Human Error
  • Sanctuary
  • Hot Zone
  • Before I Sleep (see review below)
  • The Brotherhood *
  • Letter From Pegasus
  • The Gift
  • The Siege, Part 1 *
  • The Siege, Part 2

"Rising, Part 2"

The second part in the Atlantis premiere introduces the Wraiths as the bad guys. They are intriguing creatures, stealing the life source of a person as a source of food, but after they have taken some of the Atlantis people captive, Sheppard does all in his power to get them back. Back at Atlantis things are more dire, the shield is failing and there is nothing they can do to stop it. I really enjoyed this episode, it was different enough to be a spin off but like enough to still have that Stargate charm. Sheppard is fast becoming my favourite character.

"Posioning the Well"

The Atlantians find a world where the people might trade food sources for various things, but when it's people show an interest in SGC weaponary, things become a little shady. The people are hiding a weapon that can kill the wraith and with the help of Dr Beckett make it something even stronger. After testing the drug on Steve (Sheppard's captured wraith) the population is 'vaccinated' with the drug, but soon it becomes clear that a proportion of the population have adverse reactions to the drug. I really like the episodes that deal with sci-fi 'biology' it's intriguing.

"Before I Sleep"

In one of the rroms a woman in stasis is found. Accidentally her wake cycle is started and she is reawoken to make a bold claim that she really is Weir. She apparently went back in time when the first Atlantis flooded and managed to help save them all by asking the ships designer for help. The fate of the ship is unknown. Stargate delved a lot into the timetravel area in each of its seasons and this one is quite an intriguing one that sets up a story line in SG1. I liked the cross over though it was a little predictable.

"The Siege, Part 2"

The second part of a three part, the miltary commanders from Earth have quickly installed themselves into the Atlantis expedition causing a bit of a stir when they tell Weir to shutdown the self destruct and 'relieve' her of command whilst the Wraith are attacking. Disgruntled Weir lets them but still makes plans for an evacuation. Time is runnign out, the Wraith are getting closer by the second, can the city hold out long enough? What a wonderful cliff hanger episode, I was hanging on the edge of my seat and still am eagerly awaiting the conclusion (though it is a tad predicatable what will happen though).
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