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SG1 Season 3

The third Season was another brilliant series, it seemd to get funnier and though I seemed to hate Urgo at the time maybe I should watch it again to see if it has grown on me. The episodes in order, really good ones are asterisked *:

  • Into the Fire *
  • Seth
  • Fair Game  *
  • Legacy
  • Learning Curve
  • Point of View
  • Deadman Switch
  • Demons  *
  • Rules of Engagement (see my review below)
  • Forever in a Day
  • Past and Present
  • Jolinar's Memories (see my review below)
  • The Devil You Know (see my review below)
  • Foothold
  • Pretense
  • Urgo (avoid if can)
  • A Hundred Days
  • Shades of Grey
  • New Ground
  • Maternal Instinct  *
  • Crystal Skull (see my review below)
  • Nemesis  *

Reviews of my favourite four episodes:

"Rules of Engagement"

SG-1 help a team of SGC only to find themselves taken hostage by those that they are helping. They discover that they are part of war games that Apophis had created, the team tells the commander that Apophis is dead but they don't believe them and continue their games, uses SG-1's real weapons as part of the game!

I like the idea that Apophis has set up camps like these in order to help in understanding the SGC and humans and what their weaknesses are. I thought it was interesting and  a fun episode and exciting especially when they get real weapons out there. I was at first shocked when they entered through the Stargate to find themselves in the midst of a war.

"Jolinar's Memories"

Sam learns from Martouf that her father has been taken hostage by Lord Sakor, the Goa'uld who sees himself as the original devil. So Sam and the team travel to the world of this prison to rescue her father. Once there Martouf has to find out how much Sam's dad's Tokra, Selmak knows of Sokar's impending attack. An old enemy appears at the end, that compromises the mission as well as the "Hell" itself.

I loved this one, Sokar is really kewl and he looks good too, I light the glyphs his members have, that looks good. I liked the idea that they had to break into a prison and Daniel's fear made me laugh (not that I would be any different mind you.) I really liked this episode and couldn't wait for the sequel to fins out what ***** was going to do with them and whether Sokar would discover Teal'c's ship.

"The Devil You Know"

The sequel to Jolinar's Memories, is more exciting than the first. Using the "blood of Sokar" the team and the Tokra are forced to live painful moments of their lives where they can't see memories from reality. And Teal'c is told to deliver a bomb to the planet, destroying the moon with SG-1 on it, they must escape before the moon explodes.

I really liked the sequel and I loved the idea that they had to get out before it exploded (I really want teleporting rings!) I was annoyed when Sokar was blown up, he's a better baddie than Apophis who is really starting to get on my nerves. The Hell moon was really interesting and fun (for the viewers not them.)

"Crystal Skull"

Daniel touches a Crystal Skull in a Mayan looking pyramid and finds that the others can't see him. Traveling back through the gate with the Crystal Skull in tow, SG-1 seeks the help of Daniel's "mad" grandfather to help unlock the powers of the skull and bring Daniel back into phase with everyone else.  I don't know why I really liked this one, I just did, I guess it was because of the idea of different phases that people can exist in. I thought the parts about Daniel and his grandfather were quite funny and Daniel's embarrassment of him. Watch it, it is simple but very interesting, I loved it.
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