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SG1 Season 4

Season 4 had a series of interesting epidoes and the cliffhanger episode was a very good one. I really enjoyed this season. The episodes in order:

  • Small Victories (see my review below)
  • The Other Side
  • Upgrades (see my review below)
  • Crossroads
  • Divide and Conquer (see my review below)
  • Window of Opportunity (see my review below)
  • Watergate
  • The First Ones
  • The Scorched Earth
  • Beneath the Surface
  • Tangent
  • The Curse
  • Serpent's Venom
  • Chain Reaction
  • 2010
  • Absolute Power
  • The Light
  • Prodigy
  • Entity
  • Double Jeopardy
  • Exodus

Four favourite episodes reviewed:

"Small Victories"

Follows the last episode in Season 3, Nemesis, where cybernetic life forms are invading earth. On the ship piece that it landed on the bug takes over a submarine and starts to turn the metal into more creatures, only these creatures have no resistance to water. SG-1 travel to the submarine and try to take out the beasts and Sam helps Thor stop the beasts in his galaxy.

I liked it because the ending with the bug on the top in season 3 was good. I also thought it was funny that our un-superior metal was what killed them, well sort of anyway. I liked what Sam did to the O'Neill, that was funny, but sad for the Ancients.


A Tokra woman comes in and gives SG1 new armbands that make them stronger, faster and deadlier. I laugh at Daniel's "You are calling me a geek?" So with these great new powers (that wont come off mind you) SG1 (minus Teal'c who couldn't wear one) infiltrate a Goa'uld base, only they find that they now have built up a resistance to the armbands, inside the complex.

It was fun, exciting and funny (with what they do to each other and the Goa'uld, check out what happens after they enter through the Stargate, that was a whole platoon!) I really want one, but without so much power so I could keep it for longer of course.

"Divide and Conquer"

Holding a high Tokra dignitary, programmed assassins are found in SGC's midst, and SG1 may be one of them. They have to undergo a series of tests before they are deemed safe to meet the grand Tokra, only an old favourite is the key to everything, and they die because of the exploit.

It is sad, but I liked the way the programming worked, it was just a simple key word or phrase that would set them off. I was surprised at who the person ended up being and sad, I liked them, they were an interesting character, but know they are gone. : ( Still watch it and try and guess who the person is.

"Window of Opportunity"

SG1 travel to a planet and find a man already there, they become trapped in an ever circulating time frame, but only Jack and Teal'c know it. Watch what Jack does as fun and laugh, then laugh some more as the times with Daniel go on and on and on. Teal'c even learns to juggle!! I thought it was funny and a kewl Stargate version of "Groundhog Day." As the day goes over and over and over again, I couldn't stop laughing, Jack does some incredible things such as kissing Sam and quitting or just sneaking out of the base or playing golf through the Stargate. Watch it for some light hearted humour! And I have recently discovered that this episode rates as the most loved amongst Stargate fans - no wonder why

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