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This was the first of the X-Men series released in 2000 by 20th Century Fox. It was an instant hit and it is easy to see why. It followed the X-Men such as Professor X, Storm, Cyclops and Jean. With Wolverine and Rouge joining the scene early on. We also got to meet Magento (both in his younger and older days) as well as Mystique, Toad and Sabretooth.

The story starts off with Magneto in his youth then onto the bill of the "Registration of Mutants" lead by the Senator Kelly. Professor X tries to battle this issue in a diplomatic way whilst Magneto has more drastic measures. Little does he now that his "Mutant making" machine is actually deadly to the "normals" that are effected by it. It is up to the X-Men along with Wolverine to stop him before thousands if not millions of lives are hit.

It is a great movie and with the release of X 1.5 DVD which is full of features and fun it is a movie that you must go and see. Especially if you have seen X2 and loved it.

Book Review
Personally I thought the book was okay and gave it a 8.5/ 10 (that's only because it was almost the same as the movie in which I loved).  It had changes to some of my favourite scenes such as the fight scene where we first meet Wolverine is cut out as well as Wolverine's trimming of the Statue of Liberty, but it did include the hilarious "You're a Dick" bit that all fans know and love. The beginning was a little different in that it had the High School Prom of Scott Summers (he gives the toilets a new dimension) and Storm as a child giving Kenya it's first snow storm.

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