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Character Bios

Here are a list of short Character Bios on all of the X1 and X2 characters (the main ones anyway).

Cyclops (Scott Summers) - Male X-Men who's eyes are destructive red laser beams if not controlled by either his red tinted sunglasses or his visor which allows him to control the intensity of his beam with the flick of the dial at the side of his head. He generally leads the X-Men team on mission and doesn't like conflict. He is also the boyfriend of Jean Grey and doesn't hold much affection for Wolverine. Though Cyclops has a healthy obsession with cars and any kind of vehicle. Played by James Marsden.
Lady Deathstrike (Yuriko) - A a weapon as deadly as Wolverine. She has similar healing powers as Wolverine and is also a Weapons X experiment and has Adamantium claws that come from her finger tips. She is under the control of Stryker and is introduced in the second movie. She is played by Kelly Hu.
Iceman (Bobby Drake) - is a student at "Mutant High" and is first introduced in the first movie by welcoming Rogue. He is Rogue's boyfriend and can freeze anything at will. His parents don't know he's a mutant and there are dire consequences when his family find out. He is played by Shawn Ashmore.
Jean Grey - a Scientist who has the power of telekinesis and some slight powers of the mind using telepathy. She is in the middle of the love triangle between herself, Cyclops and Wolverine and finds it difficult to control both men. She is an incredibly bright Doctor and after the first movie she finds that her powers have increased dramatically, at the end of the second movie she saves the lives of all those around her but seems to sacrifice herself but never fear, Jean Grey will return but as the Dark Phoenix. Jean is play by Famke Jensen.
Magneto (Eric) - is a man of both power and charisma, he was part of a Jewish concentration camp in his youth and believes that all of man kind must either accept mutants or perish. He controls metals and he doesn't care for the lives of those people he uses to get his ultimate goal of a world full of mutants and mutants alone, he doesn't believe Professor X's ideals and ultimately conflicts with them. Magneto is played by Ian McKellen.
Mystique (Raven Darkhome) - A woman of great power and persuasion as she can manipulate her form and voice to mimic and person or thing around her. She is Magneto's greatest ally as she is incredibly skilled at deception and infiltration and she is quite brilliant. Her ability to shift form can fool almost all people with the exception of a few. Mystique was painstakingly played by Rebecca Romijin-Stamos.
Nightcrawler (Kurt Wagner) - another blue skinned mutant who can teleport himself any place that he can see and some that he can't. He was in the Munich circus for years and was given the name of Nightcrawler as he could run along walls and use his tail to hang for anything. He is quite shy and is very religious and tries his best to fit in with any body he sees - he's just a big sweetie really. More on Nightcrawler. He is played by Alan Cummings.
Professor X (Charles Xavier) - Leader of the X-Men and creator and runner of Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. He discovered his powers of telepathy during his young days and made friends with Eric Lanchester. Together they created Cerebro the machine that can isolate a person's brainwaves so that Xavier can discover where they are and what they are thinking. Xavier and Eric had a disagreement and Eric became Magneto. Professor X is played by Patrick Stewart
Pyro (John ) - Was actually in the first movie briefly but played by a different actor but comes into play in X2 where he is friends with Rogue and Bobby but is a little unpredictable. He can manipulates flames but cannot create them so he always has his trusty lighter on hand.He generally thinks only of himself and doesn't think of the consequences of his actions. He feels that he isn't given the freedom he needs from Xaveir and ultimately joins with Magneto and the Brotherhood of Mutants. Pyro is played by Aaron Standford
Rogue (Marie) - Rogue discovers her powers back in X1 where she puts the first by she ever kissed into a coma. She runs away and finds herself with Wolverine. In the first movie she is used by Magneto to steal his powers and power his mutants turning machine. In X2 sporting a new hairstyle she is the girlfriend of Bobby and manages to get taken along for the ride to save Professor X and humanity. Rogue is played by Anna Paquin
Sabretooth - Big, hairy and a brute are the ways in which Sabretooth is usually described. He is as agile as his name sake, strong and can heal quickly and when he encounters Wolverine he believes it is their 'destiny' to fight. In the cartoons Wolverine and Sabretooth have an ongoing battle that is given a brief introduction on the screen. In X1 we saw him fall from the Statue of Liberty but with his healing powers could he recover? Sabretooth is a big played by Tyler Moore.
Storm (Oro Monroe) - One of the original X-Men Storm can control the weather bringing down lighting, rain, snow and even tornadoes at her call. She is quite powerful but very insecure when it comes to 'man kind' she feels angry at them for hating her kind so much and only comes to realise this when Nightcrawler questions her. She  loves working with teh X-Men and is an expert pilot and a great asset to the X-Team. Storm is played by Hally Berry
Toad - Toad is introduced in the first movie as a man of many skills. He is small green and really disgusting taking pleasure in a pigeon for lunch. He is like his namesake and can scamper up walls, leap through the air and has a 'wicked tongue' that is long and can grab anything that he needs. He has no like for the X-Men and is quite happy to battle them that is until he is bested by Storm. Toad is played by Ray Park
Wolverine (Logan) - Wolverine is an ex-army man who can heal very quickly and has Admantium claws and an Admantium skeleton which makes him almost indestructable. He wants to learn the truth about his past and becomes a part of the X-Men because he feels that it is the right place for him to be. More on Wolverine. Wolverine is played by Aussie Hugh Jackman
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