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Daniel Jackson

With his 'crazy' ideas, Daniel Jackson is not revered amongst his scholarly peers and is seen as somewhat of a 'crackpot'. But one person believes he could be of assistance. So here he enters into the Stargate equation, decphiering the Stargate and making it so that they can use it to travel to another world. Along with Jack O'Neill, Daniel travels throught he Stargtae to another world where he finds another culture of people there. Quickly they discover the Gou'ld and Daniel strives to find the information in order to get them back to Earth. When Ra is stopped Daniel stays and marries the beautiful Sharray. But when years later Aphosis comes down and takes her from him, Daniel strives to find her and save her by joining SG1. Soon he realises that he is not able to save her and instead offers his support to the SGC cause, finding new allies and discovering new technologies. He becomes a valuable asset, managing to decphier just about anything he sets his mind to an enables the discovery of new technologies and information sooner.

Like the others in his team he risks everything to 'save the world' and even offers his own life to save that of a bunch of Callonian scientists. He is given the oppurtunity to ascend into the higher plane and he takes it, but quickly he realises that in his 'enlightened' state he cannot aid those that he still feels close to and breeches the rules and is sent back in a new body.

Daniel Jackson is played by James Spader in the Movie and Michael Shanks in the TV Show.

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