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Current News

Welcome to Khallandra's all new Stargate page - Starlantis.

I found that I had sorely neglected this part of my website - having only minimal information and some episode guides but that was about it so I decided to go a step further and completely revamp this page to contain more information including character bios, episode guides, images and more up-to-date links.

I hope you like the new look page and I encourage you to have a look around.

Also if you like my graphics please ask me through the contact form HERE before using. All images are the property of MGM studios and and are only used to help aid recognition of the characters and episodes I have reviewed.

- Khallandra.

P.S. My favourite characters wold have to be Jonas and Sheppard.

31st May 2005 - finished SG1 Season 8 and Atlantis Season 1 reviews, added in SG1 Season 9 and Atlantis Season 2 episode listings
- added some more avatars/icons to multimedia (now a complete section)
- released version 2.1 of the layout which is much cleaner

Early May 2005 - added some new link back banners

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This is a fan Stargate page only - all images and pictures (from MGM and are used in a non-profit fashion though please don't hot link to them. All graphical manipulations are the property of Khallandra and can not be used without her express permission. If you like this website please visit Khallandra's Domain for more of her websites. Starlantis name and layout v2.1 is (c) khallandra.