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Jack O'Neill

O'Neill is a highly decorated and revered military officer who is first brought onto the Stargate team when it's secrets had been discovered. Along with Daniel Jackson and a select others he ventures through the Stargate to the planet beyond. When he discovers the threat of the Gou'ld and manages to stop Ra, he returns to Earth and happily stays there back in retirement. When the SGC is formed he is quickly contacted and heads the leading SG team, SG1 on missions through the Stargate. Many a time does he have to 'save the world' and he relies on his team more than even he would admit. When one of the team's member is lost he feels the gap keely and doesn't take too well to Jonas trying to fill the gap.

On more than one occasion, Jack has to ask for the more technical things to be explained to him in more 'normal language' and often is the hard, dry voice of reason in heated situations. Like Sam Carter he advances up through the military ranks and finds it difficult to fill Hammonds 'big shiny shoes' as head of the SGC.

Jack O'Neill is played by Kurt Russell in the Movie and Richard Dean-Anderson in the TV Show.

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