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Jonas Quinn

Jonas Quinn comes from the planet Callonia which is embroiled in a war between the nations. When Daniel Jackson saves the Callonian scientists from their own doom at the hands of Nacquadria (an unstable form of Nacquida) at the cost of his own life, Jonas tries to save his own governments from their folly. But they disown him, preferring to continue their war and allow countless millions of people to die. Saddened, Jonas travels to the SGC for sanctuary. After Daniel's 'death' he convinces Jack O'Neill to allow him to become a part of SG1 and provides another perspective on many of the situations. But he always feels a little left out and that he must prove himself all of the time. That and he suspects that Jack doesn't really like him. Over the course of many missions Jonas shows his worth as an intelligent and funny person that is an asset to the SGC. When Daniel returns, Jonas feels that his position has been taken back and he sadly moves back to Callonia to help his world form a more stable peace. When the Callonian governments mine the planet and make it highly unstable, Jonas asks for the aid of the SG1 team to help him save his planet.

Jonas Quinn is played by Corin Nemic.

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