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Samantha Carter

Sam Carter is an Air Force member who is both a brilliant scientist and a well versed military woman. It seems that her life revolves around her work, she doesn't let her personal feelings get involved with her career. When the oppurtunity arises for her to join the SGC she jumps at the chance and becomes a valuable member of the SG1 team, second in command under Jack O'Neill. Over the course of many missions she proves that she can 'fix just about anything' as well as providing great help in any offworld technology that is brought back through the gate. She often has to think quick at the spur of the moment and tries her very best to 'dumb things down' into ordinary langauge so that Jack can follow her rapid advancements in technology.

During her time at SGC she advances the military ranks from Captain to Major to Colonel and she might have a 'thing' for Jack. Though with the addition of 'the boyfriend Pete' in Season 8, a newer, less work focused side of Sam is seen. She works well with the SGC personnel but funds it difficult sometimes to work with egotists. She is always ready to put her life on the line to save the planet.

Samantha Carter is played by Amanda Tapping.

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