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First Prime of Aphosis from Tulac, Teal'c becomes a member of SG1 by helping them and numerous others escape from the Gou'ld's clutch. He is marked then as a traitor to the Gou'ld and becomes heavily hunted. The Jaffa is big and quiet, whilst very strong and helps his friends out of many situations. He gives up his family and his home, not to mention his position to have freedom from the Gou'ld tyranny. He takes to Jonas and tries to help the 'Rookie' out, as well as starting a resistance of Jaffa against the Gou'ld with his old Master, Bra'tac. Together they form a vast army of both men and woman Jaffa who will lead the Jaffa against their former masters and to the freedom that they deserve. With medical advancements, the Jaffa will no longer need their symbionts to survive. Teal'c is a formidable opponent, who would rather die than become a servant of the Gou'ld again.

Teal'c is played by Christopher Judge

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