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SG1 Season 1

Season 1 was the beginning of the Stargate-SG1 TV Series it started off with Children of the Gods, returning some characters from teh movie and introducing some new ones as well. Here is a list of the episodes (in order):

  • Children of the Gods

  • The Enemy Within
  • Emancipation
  • The Broca Divide
  • The First Commandment
  • Cold Lazarus
  • The Nox
  • Brief Candle
  • Thor's Hammer (see below for my review)
  • Torment of Tantalus
  • Bloodlines
  • Fire and Water
  • Hathor
  • Singularity
  • Cor-ai
  • Enigma
  • Solitudes (see below for my review)
  • Tin Man
  • There but for the Grace of God (see below for my review)
  • Politics
  • Within the Serpent's Grasp (see below for my review)

Below is reviews of my favourite four episodes of the season - I will endeavour to do this for every Stargate season:

"Thor's Hammer" 

Upon traveling to a new planet, Teal'c and O'Neill are teleported to another section of the planet, Cimmeria. They are teleported to a labyrinth, home of Unas, Thor's Hammer which is designed to kill Goa'ulds. Daniel, Sam and Jack must use their intellect to get Teal'c out.I liked this episode because it was full of intrigue and fun. I also liked Thor and was glad when he appears in more episodes, the race looks so good and their funny. It was also good to see the team work separately for a  single cause, it put a different dimension onto the storyline.


On returning home from a mission, a solar flare occurs, sending Sam and O'Neill to a different Stargate, one in Antarctica. Jack has a broken leg and they must battle the cold, not knowing where they are. Whilst the SGC tries to find them on the millions of planets before realising a similar earthquake occurred in Antarctica, the same time they went missing.I liked that there was another Stargate and that it was in Antarctica and that a simple surge could send them to it. I found the episode interesting and suspenseful, as you slowly learn where they are and surprise to the fact of another Stargate. It is also good to see Sam doing things without Jack redoing it over her shoulder.

"There but for the Grace of God"

Daniel finds a portal to an alternate reality whilst exploring an alien Stargate facility. In this reality he didn't accept the offer to study the Stargate, Sam and Jack are married and the planet is under attack from the Goa'uld. O'Neill has a face off with Teal'c (who is still loyal to Apophis) and Daniel has to escape to warn his reality of the threat.>I loved the idea of an alternate reality and how similar but different things were. I have always wondered what life would be like if I didn't make a particular choice and it seems that in this episode that many things had changed. I also liked the idea of the impending threat of a Goa'uld attack on Earth, that made this story exciting.

"Within the Serpent's Grasp"

SG1 take an unauthorized trip through the Stargate and find themselves on a Goa'uld ship, they meet up with Jack's old friend (from the movie), Skaara, who now holds the lava of Apophis's son. They must stop the ship before it is able to reach Earth. (The second part of this is in Season 2 and contains old favourite, Bra'tac.)>When I was watching this I was so intrigued at what was going to happen, Goa'uld coming to earth, exactly how were they going to stop them?? I also liked it when Bra-Tac arrives and helps out, that was super kewl of him, and I was saddened about Skaara, I liked him. Watch it and enjoy, it is really really good.
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