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SG1 Season 2

The second Season of SG1 delivered as much as the first and some more. The characters where no only developed but new races fo people were introduced who would have significant standings in the later episodes. A list of the episodes in order, the very interesting ones are asterisked *:

  • Serpent's Lair (see my review below)
  • In the Line of Duty
  • Prisoners
  • The Gamekeeper
  • Need
  • Thor's Chariot *
  • Message in a Bottle
  • Family
  • Secrets
  • Bane
  • The Tok'ra Part 1 *
  • The Tok'ra Part 2 *
  • Spirits
  • Touchstone
  • The Fifth Race (see my review below)
  • Matter of Time (see my review below)
  • Holiday *
  • Serpent's Song *
  • One False Step
  • Show and Tell
  • 1969 (see my review below)
  • Out of Mind *

Yet again are my reviews of the top four episodes in this Season:

"Serpent's Lair

This one follows the series end, Within the Serpent's Grasp, and deals with how the Stargate team get rid of the threatening Goa'uld attack and save the SGC from closure. They team up with Bra'tac (the really kewl Jaffa mentor) and destroy the ships before they can reach earth and take guilders down to the surface.I really liked this one (and was fortunate to see it one week after the season finale) as it was exciting and interesting and I wanted to know how they would save themselves as well. I was not disappointed and this lead me to believe that I was a true Stargate fan now, not just a humble watcher. See both of them back to back for more fun. : )

"The Fifth Race"

Jack peers into a device in an alien Stargate room and his mind starts to become overrun with information. He knows the knowledge of the Ancients, the race that built the Stargate, but the knowledge is too much for his brain and he has to stop it somehow. So he builds a device that sends him through the Stargate to a remote section of the universe and meets with Thor's race and learns that humans may be the Fifth Race, one of which is the Ancients and the Nox.

I don't know why I liked this one so much, it may have something to do with jack getting smart or maybe the way he learnt so much in such a short time. it also had Thor's race in it and I have always liked them and we learn of 5 superior races, 2 which we have met, and 1 might be us.

"Matter of Time"

Whilst on a rescue mission SG-1 inadvertently allow an approaching black hole take control of the Stargate and starts to pull the SGC into it. Due to the gravitational pull the Black Hole makes, the SGC runs at a much slower time then the outside, which make it very hard for them to communicate. Jack and an old companion must shut down the gate before earth gets sucked into the black hole.

I love Black Holes, they are the most interesting thing in the universe I think so when Stargate had a story with a Black Hole in it I loved it straight away. I liked the idea of time slowing down and how different levels of the SGC were running at different times depending on how close to the gate they were. Interesting and intriguing all at once, I loved it. 


Coming through the Stargate a solar flare leads the team back to 1969 where they meet a young General Hammond, who helps them, a young Catherine and must find the Stargate before the next solar flare comes. They get some hippy grab and meet with two fun loving hippies and trek to find the Stargate so they can return home, they must also destroy any evidence of themselves being there to keep up the space time continuum. This one cracked me up, look at their clothes, look at Teal'c, I loved it! I have always liked time travel and this was down in such a unique way, I liked the note of Hammond's that was heaps interesting, I liked the young one's face when she showed him. The pictures, the music, Teal'c outrageous afro. Loved it!

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