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SG1 Season 5

 The episodes in order (* are the good ones).

  • Enemies
  • Threshold
  • Ascension
  • The Fifth Man
  • Red Sky
  • Rite of Passage
  • Beast of Burden
  • The Tomb
  • Between Two Fires
  • 2001 *
  • Desperate Measures
  • Wormhole X-Treme! (see review below)
  • Proving Ground (see review below)
  • 48 Hours
  • Summit *
  • Last Stand 
  • Fail Safe
  • The Warrior
  • Menace (see review below)
  • The Sentinel
  • Meridian (see below)
  • Revelations


A TV show is made that seems remarkably similar to a secret Air Force project - who is behind it and what the hell are those aliens doing there? I found this VERY funny just makes you wonder if there really is a REAL Stargate (come on conspiratory theologists what do you think? MIB, Stargate, Area 51? Are they based on fact?).

"Proving Ground"

A simple exercise for new recruits to see if they are ready for a Stargate mission. It is quirky and boy do they go to a lot of trouble to pick the right candidates or what. Now we know how they pick their recruits maybe I can join??? It is a nice episode to get away from all of the other Gou'ld business and the like - it is a relief episode and a bit of fun at that. Can you pick what is goig on?


This episode is kinda sad and we learn the origins of the replicators. SG1 discover the body of a woman on a deserted and destroyed planet they take her back to SGC and find that she is an android they revive her and try to discover what happed to her planet what they discover they don't like. Now we see why replicators came into being though it is sad that she doesn't know exactly what she has done in creating the new race.


First appearance of Anubis and some background information on the Asgard - they are clones! Thor is imprisoned by Anubis and his mind is being invaded by Anubis's new technology and the only people that can save Thor are of course SG1 - but Sg1 is no longer a four member team - how can they possibly go on without Daniel? 

I have some ideas about Anubis I would like to diverge here (this is only speculation mind you) if any of this comes true - you heard it from me first:

  • Anubis is Asgard - one of the lost original Asgard people
  • He therefore has old technology of the Asgard that they lost (as there was a lost ship of Asgard ancestors) - Well this was wrong wasn't it (Dec 2003)
  • He will reveal himself and everyone will go "oh no" - this kinda happened
  • He will stop the bugs somehow - not by a long shot


In this episode we see the departure of Daniel Jackson unfortunately. Whilst visiting a world at war called Callonia SG-1 learn that an ancient Goa'uld temple has been discovered along with a new radioactive form of Naquadah (Naquadria) and the Callonians have begun experimenting with. However the experiment goes wrong and the whole world is threatened with annihilation but Daniel decides to step in and save the whole civilization at the expense of his own life. He is rushed back to Earth immediately having been exposed to a deadly dose of radiation. When O'Neill returns to the planet he finds that the Collonians are actually blaming Daniel for the accident instead of thanking him for saving their lives so he sets out to set the record straight. In the meantime Daniel is getting worse and its appears that Dr Fraiser can't do anything for him. Carter attempts to use the Goa'uld healing device on him but it just makes matters worse. It appears that Daniel is dying painfully but as he drifts in and out of consciousness he sees Oma Desala who informs him that he can get Ascension but to achieve it he has to believe in himself and die physically so that he can move to a higher place of existence outside the human body. Meanwhile Jonas has decided to tell the truth about Daniels heroism much to the displeasure of his leaders and informs O'Neill that he had warned them of the dangers of their experiments but they had chosen to ignore him. Jonas comes to Earth with some Naquadria so that Carter can make some defense shields etc for him to take back to his world. Jacob arrives and tries to save Daniel using the healing device but he doesn't think he can heal him completely. Daniel has the chance to make a decision stay and live on Earth or go with Oma Desala - he chooses to die and have Ascension (so I suppose he's still alive in a way). 
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Quick spoiler - Daniel comes back in Season 6 for a brief stint with Jack

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