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SG-1 Season 7

I was happy Daniel was returning to SG1 but extremely annoyed when they sent Jonas home! I mean how could they??? But he comes back in Fallout - so I was happy. I watched half of the season late last year then the other half in the middle of this year. I really enjoyed the whole Anubis thing it was done well.

  • Fallen
  • Homecoming
  • Fragile Balance
  • Orpheus
  • Revisions
  • Lifeboat
  • Enemy Mine (see review below)
  • Space Race
  • Avenger 2.0
  • Birthright
  • Evolution, Part 1
  • Evolution, Part 2
  • Grace
  • Fallout (see review below)
  • Chimera
  • Death Knell
  • Heroes, Part 1
  • Heroes, Part 2 (see review below)
  • Resurrection
  • Inauguration
  • Lost City, Part 1
  • Lost City, Part 2 (see review below)

"Enemy Mine"

SGC want to start mining naquadah but when they start their operations people start to show up dead. A band of Unas don't want the SGC mining their home ground and do all in their power to discourage them. It is up to the Unas that SGC have an alliance with to negotiate a peace, not only this but Daniel must put himself into the 'firing line' in order to help the people of earth. It was a different kind of episode, drawing back on some old episodes, I really enjoyed it.


The Tok'ra and the Jaffa have never worked very well together - too many old issues, old conflicts and suspicions. When one of the Jaffa gets murdered they blame the Tok'ra and it doesn't help that the Tok'ra leader (Malek) isn't the most co-operative and a little arrogant (and really neat!) Jacob tries his best to soothe the Tok'ra whilst Teal'c tries calming the Jaffa. The SG team think that something else is to blame and when one of the Tok'ra is attacked by an unseen enemy their suspcicions are realised. They go in search of the unseen enemey and track it into the forest. I really liked this episode - for once a Tok'ra was complete arrogant and uncomprimising - which was a better indication of their species than previously seen, the Ashrak was neat too - very Predator like.

"Heroes Part 2"

The TV crew are still trying to get an interview with Jack (who does his best to avoid them) whilst they try and figure out if something is going on as the alarms keep on sounding. Meanwhile off planet, their is a war going on and Dr Fraser is sent to the planet to help aid the wounded (spoilers) and when she is saving a man's life is shot and dies. Jack is also severaly injured and for an ad break we have no idea who is dead. It is revealed that it was Janis who died and a touching moment of her memorial is put onto the documentary. It was really sad and I liked the confusion angle sustained from the reporters.

"Lost City Part 2"

The only way to stop Anubis who is coming to earth at top speed is to find the lost city of Atlantis. But Hammond has been relieved of his position and a civilian, Elizabeth Weir (the blonde version) is now in charge. She allows SG1 to travel to what they think is the lost city, but are in fact wrong, they continue their hunt where they come by another Ancient's repository. With arguments, jack places himself in danger again and downloads the information just in time. They reach the Antarctic 'city' and Jack engages the weapon that wipes out Anubis's fleet, making Earth safe once again until the next threat. Though there is no way to save Jack and he gets frozen by Ancient technology. What a wonderful ending to the series, the confusion and panic of the invasion coupled with neat technology - awesome!
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