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SG-1 Season 8

With Weir in Atlantis and Hammond working for the government, SGC is in need of a new General and who better than Jack? So far this season has been more based at SGC and earth than previous seasons. Baal is now the 'bad guy' to say though Anubis does pop up once again. Italised episodes have not been shown yet.

  • New Order, Part 1
  • New Order, Part 2
  • Lockdown
  • Zero Hour
  • Icon
  • Avatar (see review below)
  • Affinity
  • Covenant
  • Sacrifices
  • Endgame (see review below)
  • Prometheus Unbound *
  • Gemini
  • It's Good To Be King
  • Full Alert
  • Citizen Joe (see review below)
  • Reckoning, Part 1 *
  • Reckoning, Part 2 *
  • Threads *
  • Moebius, Part 1
  • Moebius, Part 2 (see review below)


As an experiment of a new device obtained from another world, Teal'c endeavor's to 'teach' the computer program on how to best create a simulation. Only thing is Teal'c thinks up new ways to make the game harder and harder, making it obvious that he can never win. Each time the Anubis warrior steps through the gate, things change making it hard for Teal'c to tell fact from fiction. Only when Daniel enters the 'game' do things start to even out. The episode reminds me of a movie called Arcade in the late 80's early 90's where in VR the kids find that they can't get out. I like this idea - but I know it would be difficult for me to put myself in such a situation.


The NID are back! When the Stargate mysteriously vanishes, SGC are left wondering what happened. They find that Osiris's ship is still orbiting and Daniel uses her tracker in order to get up into the ship. He finds it in the control of rouge NID aagents who are sending biological weapons through the Staraget to kill all of the Gou'ld. Meanwhile, Teal'c is still off planet and has to try and find out what is going on, so he seeks the aid of a known Tok'ra, putting himself at great risk. After having done some Bioethics, I found this episode right on par with some of the experiments done in the past and the mass genocides attempted - it is a different episode going back to the rouge NID operations that are some what 'shifty'.

"Citizen Joe"

Oh dear this episode had me in absolute stiches. Joe is an average person who discovers a strange device at a garage sale. Buying it for the fun of it he starts having visions of a 'Jack O'Niell' who is a member of 'SG1'. Thrilled by the information Joe starts telling the stories of SG1 and goes on the hunt for Jack. But as his life becomes enveloped by the device and the 'stories' Joe's life isn't so average after all. It is sooo cute! This episode is a nice light hearted addition to the series which is very complex. I throughly enjoyed it and you will too!

"Moebius, Part 2"

The second parter to Moebius, where a video tape is found in a canopic jar containing four members of 'SG1'. Nerdy Sam and Dan, must try and 'save the day' and prevent their particular time line form occuring and procuring the ZPM that they need. I loved the idea of nerdy Sam and Daniel - they were great! I love the light hearted episodes especially after the hard core Reckoning - Threads line. I also like the way it ended the series and led into the Atlantis story line.


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