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Ardeth Bay Pictures

The reason why I like the 6 pictures above Picture Number (L to R):

  1. I loved this part in the movie so it reminds me of it I guess

  2. Horus is so kewl I I don't usually like birds, this is a great picture on your wall

  3. Med Jai leaders and their guns - it is like a "take that" to the plane
  4. Kewl picture, damn hard to draw
  5. I think his face is so funny when he fires that thing
  6. Scaring Jonathan always fun

Why I like the four pictures above, Picture Number (L to R):

  1. That bit in the movie is so kewl, I wish I could have that sabre and be able to throw it like that
  2. By far my favourite Ardeth picture because it is composed so well
  3. I laugh EVERYtime  I see this picture
  4. This is also a fun picture
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