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I love these soundtracks as they are so good so go and buy them from your local record store or online at and they are by different composers so they are completely different

The Mummy Soundtrack composed by Jerry Goldsmith

When you listen to it you seem to go, "that's when this happens and that's when that happened" and know without even looking at the titles. My favourites are Night Boarders, Mumia Attack and The Caravan (listen for the synthesised rubber band sections they sound so neat : ). But I loved it from the beginning because it is rich and fun as well as reminding me all about the great movie (you can tell the bit where they discover the treasure - the background sound)

Title list: (those underlined play in real format and if it doesn't work try going to as this is where I link these to)

  1. Imhotep
  2. The Sarcophagus
  3. Tuareg Attack
  4. Giza Port
  5. Night Boarders
  6. The Caravan
  7. Camel race
  8. The Crypt
  1. Mumia Attack
  2. Discoveries
  3. My Favourite Plague
  4. Crowd Control
  5. Rebirth
  6. The Mummy
  7. The Sand Volcano

Total running time: 57.45

The Mummy Returns by Alan Silvestri

Completely different from the first (I actually bought this one first) and in some places it is a little slower but has a very Arabic and Egyptian feel to it (i.e. Sandcastles - the background on the main page). Even the titles are funny and tell you exactly when it happened - "My First Bus ride" (cracks me up still). And at first I hated the Live song at the end but it grows on you and you begin to love it. This has sharp instrumentals and beautifully sad moments as well so enjoy it. My Favourites are Sandcastles, My First Bus Ride and Med Jai Commanders (storyline background sound)

Title List: (same idea as above and I also got these from

  1. The Legend of the Scorpion King
  2. Scorpion Shoes
  3. Imhotep Unearthed
  4. Just an Oasis
  5. Bracelet Awakes
  6. Evy Kidnapped
  7. Rick's Tattoo
  8. Imhotep Reborn
  9. My First Bus Ride
  10. The Mushy Part
  1. A Gift and a Curse
  2. Med Jai Commanders
  3. Evy Remembers
  4. Sandcastles
  5. We're in Trouble
  6. Pygmy Attack
  7. Come Back Evy
  8. The Mummy Returns
  9. Forever may not be long enough

Total running time: 73.34

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