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The Mummy (1999 Universal Studios)

Written and Directed by Stephen Sommers, Soundtrack

What it is about: It begins in New Kingdom times in Thebes (that is a remarkable combination of the Giza pyramids and Luxor banks) during Seti's reign where his mistress and soon to be wife is off with Imhotep, priest of Osiris. Seti discovers this and is killed, the mistress kills herself and Imhotep tries to bring her back to life but is stopped by the Med Jai and is cursed. Thousands of years later Rick O'Connell finds Hamnuputra and there is a small scuffle leaving only him alive. In Cairo Evelyn and her brother Jonathan find this out and they go off with Rick back to Hamnuptra to find the golden Book of Amun-Ra. Some scuffles with other American Treasure hunters and with the Med Jai lead them to find Imhotep's body and the Book of the Dead, they accidentally release him and the 7 plagues of Egypt - Ardeth is one PO'd man. Now they have to stop Imhotep before he sacrifices Evelyn in order to finish the resurrection he started thousands of years ago. Plenty of battles and gruesome deaths as Imhotep regenerates and a HUGE treasure room.

Review: I can't remember when I first saw it (I know it wasn't at the movies though) and at the time I was thoroughly sick of Egypt because I was studying it fiercely and just thought it was a good story that was fun and kinda funny because of the lack of blood and stuff, but one character stood out and that was Ardeth Bay, I liked him from the beginning (I don't really know why though). But after a year or so I watched it at a Christmas and started to like it some more because I thought it was kewl (and I wasn't studying Egypt anymore) but then I saw the Mummy Returns and loved it and then it clicked - I actually loved the Mummy, that was why I always watched it when someone had it on and this is the result of this love (sad isn't it). I also can't stop laughing when Ardeth is strapped to the wing of the plane! : )

Book Review: I had also read the book by Max Allen Collins before I realised that I really liked it and discovered Ardeth's Name (okay I admit I didn't pay that much attention and his name wasn't really mentioned in the first one) and found that the book was really kewl and add libbed some funny and strange things in.


The Mummy Returns (2001 Universal Studios)

Written and Directed by Stephen Sommers, Soundtrack

What it is about: About 10 or so years after the end of the last movie. Starts of with the Scorpion King's quest for power that leads him to become a servant of Anubis and thus control of the under world army. then we are lead to the discovery of Imhotep and the bracelet of Anubis bringing the O'Connell's back into the scene. Alex, (Rick and Evelyn's son) puts on the bracelet and starts a chain reaction, fights at their mansion, Evy is taken and Ardeth appears again (yay). They rescue Evy and get attacked by some Mummy's (quite funny actually) and Ardeth has his first bus ride and Alex is taken. Lock Na and Alex are a crack up the whole way through. And for some reason they take a hot air balloon that runs on gas (it is really cute) to go and rescue Alex but find they have to lag behind and chase sandcastles (with the kewl music), Imhotep achieves his goal and brings his Anak-su-namon back from the dead and goes of to try and defeat the Scorpion king in order to gain control of Anubis's army. But of course Rick has to stop him, a hilarious Pygmy scene and Ardeth goes to fight the Anubis Army in an amazing fashion. Action packed like the lst and watch out for the constant jokes towards the first movie.

Review: When I first saw this I loved it from the beginning and I saw it on a HUGE screen and was really happy that Ardeth Bay was a main character in it. The fight scene at the beginning was good - I loved the sound effects and when they turn to dust is amazing. The constant jokes that refer to the first movie were much more obvious the second time around and the "this was my first bus ride" was hilarious, it managed to be serious and funny all at the same time. Most people that I know who went and saw it didn't see the humour in the Pygmy's, I thought they were so funny and I couldn't stop laughing at them the whole time they were on (some friends said they were scary!) But the question is where did all the bodies and horses go??? I come up with a weak suggestion but I believe they are just magical but I do love Ardeth's sabre and I really want one (I was even gonna walk out if he died before the end)

Note: If you are wondering why I don't have a Scorpion King review in here the reason is I think that movie was terrible and doesn't even deem a mention beyond that I wont be including it on this site. To me it was a piece of crap that I was disappointed I spent money on. I've seen it once and that was enough for me. hence no review. :D

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