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Disclaimer: Fett is Lucas's character, Kirana and some of the others are mine including Shantea. The story is completely irrelevant now but it was fun to write at end of 1999 when I discovered how kewl Boba Fett was. Now I only have to write some more updated Fan Fiction

Part 1 - Youth

Lorath and Germaina look down at their baby girl cradled in their arms, Jaster swinging around his fathers feet screaming for attention.

“I can’t believe that one day she will become a Jedi,” said Lorath looking down at the baby.

“They said that someone will come every month to give her a little training then at the age of 5 we must send her to the academy,” replied his wife.


The years went by quickly and little baby Kirana grew into a little girl, her mother, father and brother watched as she walked bravely to the ship with tears in their eyes, they knew that they could visit her and she’ll be coming home every now and again, but they wouldn’t be there to hold her hand as she took her first lightsabre or when she was chosen to become a Padawan. Kirana looks back her family and rushes towards them, “I can’t do it,” she wailed.

Her parents couldn’t say a word for there were tears all down their faces, it was instead little Jaster who spoke up, being 8 years old he had a great love for his little sister, he couldn’t see how all of his friends hated their siblings, “You must go Kirana and make us proud,” he said in a big voice trying to take the shakiness out of it. Kirana bit her lip and nodded then walked bravely to the ship once again to become a Jedi. She turned to her family and waved goodbye then walked up the ramp. Her family watched after her and waved as the ship ascended into the sky, turning into yet another bright light. They looked at each other and wondered inside, Jaster waited for a while watching the stars in case his sister come back and heard a scream. He turned to the house and saw it was on fire and raced inside to find his parents, he ran into the kitchen and saw two men over his parents bodies, holding back a scream he ran out the door and into the forest. Not knowing where to go he ran to Kirana and his cubby house made of sticks and waited there till light. In the distance he heard sirens and carefully walked back to his house, causally he peered over the rock and saw the Journeymen Protectors walking inside of his house. Jaster bravely walked out and got the attention of two Protectors, they walked over to him and the first one asked, “Jaster? Is that your name?”

“Yyyyessss,” Jaster replied trying hard not to cry all over again.

“It’s okay Jaster we found the man running through the forest, he has been captured, you’ll have to come with us though, okay?”

“There was two,” was the only reply and pointed over to the Captain.

The two men looked over at their Captain in shock, “Are you sure?”

“Yes, I saw him and another man over the bodies of my parents.”


Boba Fett woke up with a start, he rarely has dreams, and if he does they are usually not of his past nor so vivid, he realised he was out of breath and got up to wash himself up.

BANG! BANG! “Fett are you awake in there? I thought I heard a sound, we are coming out of hyperspace now,” yells the voice.

Boba Fett opens the door and snaps his head out, Denger jumps back in surprise as the visor looks harshly at him, “I guess you are awake then,” he mumbles and walks briskly down the corridor.

Boba Fett climbs up to the cockpit and grasps onto the controls as the ship lurches out of hyperspace, he swerves straight away to avoid the debris and looks in surprise at the Imperial Star Destroyer coming towards him. He swerves again and turns the ship around to avoid the tractor beam and lurches back into hyperspace with sweat dripping down his face.

“That was close,” came Denger’s voice from behind him, “I guess they knew we were coming.”

“Or someone changed our course setting,” Boba Fett growled and turned to face Denger.

“It wasn’t me, maybe it was the cargo, I thought to saw something in her hands before you knocked her out.”

Boba Fett looks back at the safe screen of hyperspace and launches himself down into the cargo area, the girl looks up at  him and says, “Have a nice fright?”

“What did you do?”

“I just adjusted the course setting it wasn’t all that hard, I could help you if you let me out of here, Trust me.”

“Trust, I don’t have trust.”

“You are so cold, I feel sorry for your family,” was the cocky reply.

Boba Fett looked coldly at her and walked away, he could hear her in the background, but his mind was on other things.


Jaster waited on board the ship until it landed down on the Jedi Academy roof, he looked down the ramp and saw Kirana’s smiling face and walked bravely up to her, she ran towards him and gave him a big hug.

“Jaster it is so fun here, I never want to leave, where’s mummy and daddy,” she asked looking behind Jaster and into the ship, then her face drops, “They’re not here are they Jaster.” She says as she senses the sadness in her brother and tears start to roll down her face.

“They died, just after you left, two men came and killed them, I managed to escape and I watched the men get executed,” was the reply and a fresh stream of tears rolled down his face.

Kirana looked up at him with big wondering eyes, “What will happen to us now?”

“You will be staying here and I will be living with our cousins a little up the road, you can come and visit me any time.”

Kirana looked at him and nodded.

Seven years went by of Kirana and Jaster meeting once a week and wondering around the gardens and streets near the Academy. Until one day Kirana came with a big smile on her face, bursting with news to tell, “Jaster, I am to become a Padawan!”

Jaster, astounded at the news hugs his sister and says, “Congratulations, I always knew you would. Will I ever see you again though?”

“Of course, I will always have to come back to the academy between training and missions,” she replied.

“No I mean, I’m not staying here Kirana, I have been accepted to become a Journeyman Protector back home, what I have always wanted, to stop what happened to us from happening again.”

Kirana looks up at her brother, “Wow, I guess now we both can become protectors. Of course we will see each other again, but if it isn’t for a long time I want you to have this,” she takes her necklace off of her neck.

“I can’t take this it was from mother to you,” he replies and offers to give it back.

“No it’s yours Jaster, I’ll see you soon,” she kisses her brothers cheek and walks away leaving him standing in the middle of the garden holding the necklace. He puts it around his neck and walks back to the apartment to collect his things.


Boba Fett wakes up from his daydream and goes back to what he is doing ignoring the burning feeling around his neck.

The girl in the cargo hold looks up and breaks the link with the bounty hunter, astounded by what she saw.

Part 2 - Life and Death

“Fett, we are coming out of hyperspace again, I hope the settings are right this time,” yells Denger and walks back up the hall to avoid a confrontation.

Boba Fett walks calmly up to the cockpit and sits in the chair ready for anything that may be on the other side, the ship lurches out of hyperspace and Boba Fett lets go of the breath he didn’t even know he was holding. The planet Kessel looms out of the darkness and he sets a course for it.

“Who are you? You are in violation of our space,” demands a harsh voice.

“I am Boba Fett with the bounty,” replies Fett in an icy tone.

“Oh, Oh yes Mr Fett come right through, land on pad 37, have a nice stay,” replied the voice.

Boba Fett cackles a little under his breath, he knows how good his reputation is but it always makes him laugh when people are so scared of him, Not all though. He lands the ship on the landing pad and goes to the cargo area to prep his bounty, as he walks down the corridor he hears a scream and runs the rest of the way. He rounds the last corner and notices Denger’s body slumped at the door and lifts his gun up.

“What took you so long, I screamed about 5 minutes ago, come on your taking me away from here,” says the girl, holding a small knife in her hands.

Boba Fett laughs again and goes to take the knife off of the girl.

“I’m stronger then I look, Jaster,” she cries.

Boba Fett takes a step back in shock of hearing his original name, Nobody has called me that since Kirana’s death.

“I know all about her death too, now turn the ship around and leave orbit or I’ll fry your brains out from the inside,” demands the girl as she advances towards him, “I will take you, Shantea.”

“I will ... no I wont, don’t use Jedi mind tricks on ME girl!”

Surprised that her trick didn’t work the girl slumps down and starts to cry, Boba Fett sees the Padawan braid fall down her shoulder and stares at his sister....


Boba Fett walks away hearing Kirana’s voice in the background, “Jaster, come back, Please come back!” And puts his helmet back on his head. He notices the Jedi too late as the lightsabre singes his skin and he tears the helmet back off again. The younger Jedi asking him a question and instinctively he replies a harsh “No!” and walks away.

Kirana screams in the background and calls his name, he turns around and sees his sister start to slump and runs towards her dropping his helmet along the way.

“I am here my sister, I am here,” he says in a soothing voice.

“Oh Jaster, why did this have to happen now?” she rasps with pain in her voice, "Remember me brother, remember me....” Her hand goes slack in his hand, he squeezes it and whispers, “Don’t go Kirry, you are the only family I have left, please don’t go.” Tears sweep across his burnt face, her breath goes shallower and shallower, Jaster squeezes her hand once more and finds that there is nothing to squeeze. Obi-Wan places a hand on his shoulder and says, “Let her go, she is one with the Force.”

Jaster’s eyes go cold as he clutches her necklace in his hand, he turns and faces the Jedi’s.

“From this day forth, I will no longer be known by ANYONE as Jaster Mereel, he died at his sister’s side. I will now be called Boba Fett.”


The memory fades as a tear falls down the Bounty Hunter’s face, angrily he brushes it away and faces the girl once again, but a light falls in front of him.

“Kirana?” he asks the figure.

“Yes Jaster, it is me, wow look at you, you became what you never wanted to become, but it is your path,” replies Kirana looking at the Jedi girl, “You have to help her, she is important, more important then the small bounty you would get her, please Jaster, do what she says.”

“I will do it for you Kirana,” he replies.

“Remember brother if you ever need me, hold the necklace and think of me, I’m always here for you.”

Then abruptly as she came Kirana disappears leaving Boba Fett unsure of what to do, he yells into he comlink for the ship to take off and rushes to the cockpit with the Jedi following closely behind him, the necklace burning into his skin.

“Thank you,” was all she said as they dodged out of the planets atmosphere and into hyperspace, “Can you take me to the Jedi Academy please.”

Boba Fett looks at the girl and smiles inwardly, I couldn’t save Kirana maybe I can save this girl.

“Thank you Jaster....” Boba Fett turns to see his sister but finds she isn’t there, but Shantea smiles at him instead.

Years later, a much much older Boba Fett looks out the window and out onto the garden, he walks out onto the balcony, it hasn’t been long since he gave up Bounty Hunting and bought the house. Boba Fett watches the sunset and wishes he was still in the game.

“Jaster,” comes the sweet voice from behind him, “It is time for us to go.”

He turns around and sees Kirana in front of him, he holds out his hand to her, “Just one last sunset.”

They watch the sunset together and she walks out onto the ledge, “Follow me Jaster.’

Without thinking Boba Fett follows her, the landscape changes and he is 20 again, Kirana looks at him, “It’s time to come home Jaster.”

The pair walk into the house on Concord Dawn and into the kitchen where their parents are waiting for them, “Welcome home Jaster,” they say and offer him to sit.

Boba Fett looks around at his family and then looks to the sky to see Slave-I speeding away without him inside and sighs, the life of Boba Fett has ended, but Jaster Mereel’s life has just begun.


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