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General Grievous

General Grievous makes his big 'debut' in Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith, but he has been there longer than that. He was one of the Generals co-ordinating the Battle of Geonosis at the end of Episode 2 and makes his presence known as a military genius during the Clone Wars. He appears in many of the EU novels and comics and in the Clone Wars cartoon which details his capture of Palpatine and wounding by Mace Windu (that is why he coughs in the movie, NOT asthma).


Grievous's full name is General Grievous Shakar from the home world of Kalee. He was in an accident and was mortally wounded until he was deemed 'useful' because of his leadership skills by the Banking Clan and turned into a 5% Omix-patra (brain, eyes, nervous system and heart 95% droid hybrid. Standing at 1.904 meters tall he is rather menacing with his blaster pistols and even more so when he splits up his arms to wield 4 lightsabres (5 is he also uses one of his feet). He is very dexterous, able to twist his body in many different ways and even to 'scamper' along the floor on all sixes. His amour plating makes him very hard to kill, leaving only his internal organs the only viable place to attack.

He is allied with the Confederacy of Independent Systems (The Separatists) as their General of their armies and is trained by Count Dooku himself to battle with the Jedi. Grievous enjoys taking on the Jedi and has killed/ injured quite a number of them and escaped even more. He takes on 5 Jedi and manages to defeat all of them before being forced to leave and manges to also snatch Chancellor Palpatine out of the Jedi's grasp, including, Mace Windu. Though he doesn't leave that battle uninjured, Grievous manages to escape with the Chancellor and set up a trap for young Anakin Skywalker. Yet again he flees but he is found again by Obi-Wan and they battle it out.

Grievous is sadly killed by Obi-Wan by being shot in his chest and effectively burnt alive.

10 Reasons

10 Reasons why I like General Grievous.

1. He's badass (okay how 'fanboy' does that sound!) - he is not a good guy
2. He's a General, a good one at that, he knows how to direct his troops and look after his resources, he's wily and cunning with room to spare
3. He's not afraid of the Jedi nor of the Sith in anyway
4. He'd make a great bounty hunter
5. He has 4 arms and can fight with one of his feet if necessary! 5 limbs fighting at once
6. He uses lightsabres
7. His speeder bike is really neat, I want one! I can imagine going down the express way in one of those
8. He is very versatile and comfortable in any situation
9. He crawls along the floor and does amazing acrobatics!
10. He looks good, simple as that, he looks menacing and foreboding!


Before Palpatine is taken
General Grievous: [Mace Windu has parried Grievous' first surprise attack] Quite skilled. Allow me to introduce myself: I am the silencing machine. Lay down your life now and I promise you a painless death. Your weak force powers mean nothing to me. I have but one mission: to destroy!
Mace Windu: Oh, I do not think so.

Springing the 'trap'
General Grievous: The Negotiator, General Kenobi a pleasure. And young Skywalker, I would have expected someone of your reputation to have been... older.
Anakin Skywalker: General Grievous, you're shorter that I imagined.

Taking Obi-Wan and Anakin's lightsabers
General Grievous: Your lightsabers will make a fine addition to my collection.

Obi-Wan has just landed in the middle of the floor
Obi-Wan: Hello There.
General Grievous: You're a bold one. Kill him.



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