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Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

Okay complete and utter spoilers, followed by my review.

Storyline Starts off in a space battle, we follow two ships as they weave in and out of the Republic and Separatist fleets in the search for Grievous's flag ship in order to rescue Chancellor Palpatine, who had been captured earlier that day. Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi, dare a brave rescue of the Chancellor and encounter, Count Dooku... but Grievous escapes once again. Palpatine is returned to Coruscant and appoints Anakin as his personal Jedi on the council, much to the disappointment of the other Masters, they refuse to give him the rank of Master and Anakin becomes more and more disillusioned with them. Meanwhile Padme has given Anakin both frightening and good news, she is pregnant, but when Anakin's prophetic dreams tell her she is in danger he goes in a word, mental. Palpatine, siezes the chance and worms his way into Anakin's mind whilst Obi-Wan goes on the hunt for General Grievous. Obi-Wan finds Grievous in the outer rim and challenges him to a battle, they weave in and out of well everywhere, lightsabre's blazing left right and centre, Boga going head to head with Grievous's speeder bike until the dramatic conclusion of the battle and the death of the General. Back on Coruscant, Anakin learns that Palpatine is the Dark Lord of the Sith (he's a little bit dazed when he finds out) and tells Mace who takes some of the Masters with him to confront Palpatine and demand his resignation on the grounds that Grievous has been defeated. Palpatine laughs and attacks the Jedi, killing three with ease (sniff for Kit) and having an all out with Mace. At the most pivotal moment, Mace is about to destroy Palpatine, who's dark powers have left him the scarred husk from the original trilogy, when Anakin arrives and stops Mace, giving Palpatine the chance to kill the Master. Anakin screams "What have I done?" and pleads his allegiance to Palpatine and is 'dubbed' Lord Vader. Obi-Wan returns to the troopers, to continue the battle but is shot down as 'Order 66' is placed into effect. On Kashyyyk, Yoda feels the death of the Jedi and thwarts his 'attackers', whilst Anakin, slaughters all those left in the Jedi temple, whilst Padme cries. Obi-Wan manges to escape the troopers and joins Yoda on Bail Organa's ship where they return to Coruscant to stop the message demanding all Jedi to return to the temple. Palpatine announces in the senate that he is now the Emperor of the new Galactic empire, and the anti-military creationist Senators, feel lost. Anakin is dispatched to Mustafar, to kill the Separatist leaders whilst all Jedi are proclaimed enemies of the Empire. Obi-Wan confronts Padme with the news that Anakin has gone evil and she refuses to believe it and follows Anakin to Mustafar, not knowing that Obi-Wan has stowed away. Padme finds Anakin after he has destroyed the Separatist leaders and confronts him, asking if the 'rumours' were true, he turns on her, proving that he has turned, she cries and pleads with him but he attacks her when Obi-Wan makes his grand appearance. Leaving Padme on the platform, Anakin and Obi-Wan duel with one another spectacularly, whilst Yoda battles Palpatine in the senate chamber. Yoda is defeated and he escapes to Bail Organa whilst Anakin is left as a burnt husk on Mustafar by Obi-Wan. Padme is taken and forced to give birth and dies, whilst Anakin is placed in the 'Vader suit'. Luke is taken to Owen and Beru Lars, whilst Leia is given to Bail Organa and his wife, both Yoda and Obi-Wan go into exile and the construction of the Death Star begins.

Review I really do like this movie. Even without the premiere enthusiasm it holds up extremely well. Whilst Return of the Jedi will always hold a special place in my heart. The reason why Episode 3 is the best is because it brings all of the movies together and this is the most important part. Episodes 1 and 2 don't 'feel' like Episodes 4,5 and 6 BECAUSE they are in more peaceful times, sure there is unrest but it is only brought into full fruition at the end of Episode 2. Now Episodes 4, 5 and 6 on the other hand are in a time where a 'peace' has been forced upon the galaxy, people are being repressed, criminals are running at large and a rebel force is nipping at the heels but really not doing much at all. Now Episode 3 it combines the two, we have the unrest and fighting found in the later episodes, we have 'heroes' and 'baddies' but half way through the movie the 'good guys' turn evil on us. Jedi are the ultimate good throughout the entire series and in this one - one goes terribly wrong. So wrong that he brings a darkness to all. It is this that bridges the gap, this that brings the whole story to fruition, this that makes the movie the best. The series boils down to one theme: Jedi vs Sith, simple as that.

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Episode III: Character Bios

Bloopers & Tid Bits

A couple of bloopers
- Mace does ventriloquism when says "I don't think the boy can handle it, I don't trust him" and his lips don't match his dialogue
- Magic Obi-Wan eye colour change when he is leaving Coruscant and telling Anakin how proud he is of him going from blue-green eyes to a dark brown.
- Anakin arrives on Mustafar his robotic arm is on the wrong side!
- Anakin has no hair but still has eyelashes as the mask comes down
- the magically moving Jedi cloaks have a mind of their own, they like to change positions all of the time
- More bloopers

Some tidbits
- everything including the 'kitchen sink' is at the space battle - look for it in the debris
- Millennium Falcon, a senator's vehicle? See it pulling into port on the bottom of the screen in the scene when Obi-Wan, Anakin and Palpatine dock at the Senate buildings
- see the Blue alien outside the Opera doors - enter George Lucas!
- Obi-Wan utters the famous "Hello there" line to Grievous
- look for Yoda's 'hidden' Star Destroyer on the opening scenes of Kashyyyk
- Clone Troopers box! During Obi-Wan vs Grievous, look under neath to see Heavy Weight champion, CT-X546
- Jeremy Bulloch in the role of Captain Colton, the pilot of the Tantive IV as the Alderaanian starship returns to Coruscant for a special session of the Senate
- More tidbits

Common Questions

The series is over, but there are questions that still need to be answered. Note these are my theories not fact, so don't take them as fact.

Why didn't the Jedi sense the Clone Troopers were going to turn on them with Order 66?
The Clone Trooper, show little emotion, they show even less when they are on duty. They are bred and trained to follow orders from the senate AND the Jedi, so when the Order comes through they don't second guess it, just act. The Jedi wouldn't have been able to sense a shift until the Clone Troopers acted, because the Clone Troopers wouldn't have shown any evidence, they would have 'felt' the same with the Force. And don't forget in the EU novels sometimes the Clones are devoid of the Force so maybe this bunch are too - though probably not. Yoda sensed something was going on because he had warning from the other Jedi's death and at the slightest movement of the Clone Troopers Yoda acted, he acted after they notched their guns if you notice and hear it. So maybe Yoda acted on that.

So are the Storm Troopers in the Original Clone Troopers or what?
Don't forget that the Clone Troopers age at twice the rate of normal humans so a lot would've died, maybe more troopers were created - maybe not, we don't know. But on a whole I'd say some of the Storm Troopers are clones, whilst others are conscripts, it's much cheaper to get a bunch of conscripts then pay the exuberant price for clones, remember in Episode 2 "it depends on how big your pocket book is"? Well that means making clones = money, conscripts = free, mind you the training is not free but in the end conscripts are going to be cheaper. The age of the clone troopers might also explain why they are such poor shots!

"Do you remember your real mother?" How can Leia remember Padme if Padme dies?
Answer me this, what reason would Leia think that Bail's wife wasn't her real mother? She had no evidence of it in any way so as far as she's concerned that woman was her real mother. But we know the truth don't we.

Okay but why is Padme still 'pregnant' at the funeral?
Easy, Yoda made it look like she was still preggers so that no body knew that the twins really lived, not even her family. They were in fact told that a Jedi killed Padme. It doesn't explain why Owen forced Luke to keep the Skywalker name though....

Um doesn't Dooku AND Obi-Wan both say Yoda was their Master?
Remember all those younglings? Yoda was their Master all that time, he is Master to all, teaches everyone, everyone confers with him and his wisdom, so in a way every Jedi is his apprentice, every Jedi his pupil. He is Master over all.

Okay so IS Anakin the chosen one?
Yes he is, think of it this way, the Force was waning, the Jedi finding it harder to reach and find, the dark side was clouding everything, it was the darkside's time to rule, it's called balance. Now Anakin brings about the dawn of the dark times then also after it's time was up brings it's downfall. He is a catalyst, he was never 'designed' to last the tipping of the balance. So yes, he was the chosen one.


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