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Jag(ged) Fel

Species: Human (Corellian)

Age (Unifying Force): 21

Looks: Tall, short dark hair (scar above right eyebrow that reaches into his hair line leaving a white streak)

Relatives: Father Baron (Soontir) Fel, Mother Syal Antillies, Uncle Wedge Antillies, Brother Davin (deceased), sister Cherith (deceased), Brother Chak, younger sister Wyn

Home World: Chiss Space

Military Grade and Craft: Colonel, Clawcraft (pictures below)

Current Assignment (UF): New Chiss Ambassador 

Martial Status (UF): Boyfriend of Jaina Solo

Jagged (more commonly known as Jag) is the third son of Baron Soontir Fel and Wynssa Starflare (famous actress formally known as Syal Antilles, Wegde's older sister). He followed his fathers, and two older (deceased) sibling (Davin and Cherith) as well as older brother Chak in becoming a member of the Chiss Expansionary Defense Force. He became the top of his class, becoming flight, then squadron and finally wing leader of the deadly Chiss fighter wing, Spike.

His mother was presumed dead on the death of her parents though it has been assumed that she was taken care of by Grand Admiral Thrawn (a Chiss himself) who sent her into Chiss space to keep her safe from Ysanne Isard. This care may also be to keep the champion fighter pilot, Baron Fel loyal to Thrawn and it worked as he even offered himself for the cloning experiments.

Jagged is presumably named after his grandfather Jagged Antillies also has a sibling in the Chiss Phalanx House. His first appearance in Republic space (though he finds it hard not to call them Rebels) was at Garqui and the fight to repel Yuuzhan Vong attack on Ralroost. He also helped in the defense of Ithor and he sent one squadron home and helped the Rupublic with the Yuuzhan Vong attack at Kalarbra and Rodia, but were recalled soon after the fight at Ithor  because he felt that his squadrons were making much of a difference.

He latter returned to Chiss space only to be sent on a scouting mission back into New Republic space with Shawnkyr Nuruodo to discover how to defeat the Yuuzhan Vong at his father's command. He traveled to Hapes (Vanguard) he and his wing mate escorts Jaina Solo's Yuuzhan Vong ship Trickster into Hapes and takes Kyp Durron (a Jedi that he doesn't like) as part of his squadron. He has several encounters with Jaina Solo (they "share evasive maneuvers" on the Hapes dance floor). He starts up a new squadron of Hapes pilots and leaves Shawnkyr in charge as he joins Jaina's Twin Suns Squadron with Kyp Durron. They three make a formidable trio in the battle field, destroying skips with ease and inventing a new missile attack with the force.

Towards the end of Rebel Dream Jaina and Jag express their feelings for one another (prompting a finally from many readers and a *phew* that it wasn't Kyp instead (poor Kyp)). Will we see more of Jag in the upcoming books? I sure hope so.

In Destiny's Way Jag is reassigned to his own squadron of Chiss pilots and is sent to stop Yuuzhan Vong traps allow the Hydian Way on one such occasion he "bumps" into Han and Leia and stops to have a brief chat about the Imperials. He is in constant holo contact with Jaina.

But he comes back of course  as co-leader of the Twin Suns where he remains with Jaina as the Yuuzhan Vong occupation and fighting concludes. He then takes up a position as an Ambassador from Chiss space so that it gives him more time to see Jaina (though they had decided to part ways).

Chak Fel: Survivor Quest: Okay so it isn't Jag but rather his wayward brother Chak  who accompanies Mara and Luke to Outbound Flight and fights the Vagaari with them as part of the 'Empire of the Hand'. He leaves with Darak, the Chiss General to fight in the battle against the Vagaari, one can only hope that we might get to see more of Chak in the furture, he's such a treat :) Is he the sibling in the Chiss Palanx House? Or renamed Davin? Or is that totally wrong?


"Don't worry Rouges, we have you now. We'll get you home safely." Jag to the Rouges, Ruin

"We're simply the best combat pilots in the galaxy." Jag in response to "Who are you?"

"A Jedi Knight...Interesting...In addition to being a superior pilot, you are difficult to kill." Jag to Jaina on their first meeting in the flesh, Ruin.

"You are accusing me of having anti-alien bias?" Ruin to a Sullustan Senator

"I met those standards, I exceeded those standards." Jag in response to having Chiss "lackeys" Ruin

"A Chiss warrior did not strike first - this was not only tradition, but a matter of honor." Dark Journey

 "If Kyp can twist a Jedi's thoughts, he can make you think anything he wants." Jaina

"Thank you for the concern, but I hope I'm not quite so weak minded as that." Jag (Dark Journey)

"I have an idea on that. About your Force coordination." Jag
"Jag, you don't know anything about the Force. You're as Force-blind as your uncle."
"Yes, and my uncle would figure this out, too."
Jag (Rebel Dream)

"How old were you before you first disagreed with a commanding officer -- and later found out that you were right?" Jag
"Twenty. Which is when I first had a commanding officer."

"Thank you, sir -- uh, Wedge." Jag
"Still difficult to address me informally, isn't it?"
"Yes. Yes, it is."
"Good. That gives me one more way to make a know-it-all nephew uncomfortable."
Wedge (Rebel Dream)

Have to remember: he may have been raised among the Chiss, but he's still full-blooded Corellian. Jaina (Rebel Dream)

"That was interesting." Tycho
"He deliberately countermanded one of my orders." Wedge
"He was furtive." Tycho
"Sneaky, even." Wedge
"We'll make a Rebellion-style pilot of him yet." Tycho (Rebel Dream)

"I also don't want to be in the way. In your way. Between you and, you know." Kyp
"Colonel Jagged Fel. Glad to meet you." Jag (Rebel Stand)

"Paint thinner?" Kyp
"We're not that lucky. While we've been waiting, I've been determining its effects on local insects. One hundred percent deadly." Jag (Rebel Stand)

"Jag was a little stuffy, but not a bad sort once you go to know him." Destiny's Way

"Bravo! Leia thought in admiration. Jagged Fel's analysis had stated her position succinctly." Leia's thoughts after Jag talks about the Imperial's position in the war Destiny's Way

Clawcraft 1 Clawcraft 2

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