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Kirana: The Early Years


Kirana looks down at the floor, “Where are we going Master?” She asks Adi Gallia who promptly turns around and says, “The Outer Rim, that’s all you need to know, now go back to your quarters.”



Kirana slumps her shoulders and walks back into her room in a huff, but stands behind the slightly open door and stares at her master through the gap.

“Kirana that doesn’t mean stand at the door and watch me,” Adi says, without averting her eyes.

Kirana quickly retreats and shuts the door, never before has her master been so harsh to her, usually she ends her anger with a little joke, but not today. I wonder what is troubling her, it’s something about this mission I’m sure. Kirana shrugs and lies on her sleeping mat and falls fast asleep.

Minutes later Adi peers through the door and walks up to Kirana’s sleeping form, “If only I could tell you.” She silently retreats and closes the door and walks to her quarters.


Kirana opens her eyes to see a soft sunlight filling her window, she peers out and notices that they have landed on a planet. I haven’t been asleep THAT long. She walks up to Adi’s quarters and notices that it has been abandoned, worried she quickly goes back to her room and packs her bag, she straps her lightsabre to her waist and runs out the door.


Kirana turns around to the sound and rushes towards it, she peers past the door and sees the entire crew on their knees with their hands on their heads. She spots Adi who turns her way, /Run Kirana, RUN!/

The force of Adi’s words sends Kirana back into the corridor and right into the burly man behind her, “I found the other one,” he yells and grabs her.

Kirana spins around and uses the Force to send the man back against the wall, only to have a collar snapped around her neck.

“There, that will hold her, no more outbursts or you’ll be sorry,” growls the new man, “Throw her in with the rest, there is bound to be a good price to be made on the two Jedi’s heads.”

Kirana is shoved next to Adi on the ground and she notices that Adi also has a collar around her neck. /What do these collars do Master?/

/Cause pain./

Kirana looks up at Adi and only just notices the fatigue and the slightest of anger on her Master’s face, she sees that something has happened that clearly wasn’t in the mission.

“You two, up we have found a worthy buyer for you,” says the harsh slaver and knocks them out.


Kirana shakes her head and finally comes to. Adi looks at her, “We have a little trouble Kirana, it seems we have been sold to a certain type of sports man, so much for the vacation I planned as your present.”

“Vacation? Present?”

“Yes, that’s what I wouldn’t tell you, it is a special thing that each Master does for their apprentices from time to time, to take their minds off of the missions and training, it is a break, but we have gotten into something here.”

“What kind of sporting man are we dealing with here?”

“Kirana, we are now known as Gladiators.”

“Gladiators? I thought they were all men.”

“Well I guess they aren’t now,” replies her master without the slightest bit of humour in her voice.

“You two up now, lets see what you can do, blindfold them!” Yells a gruff voice through the doorway, “I’m sure I can win lots of money on you two.”

Kirana and Adi are shoved out of the holding car and into blindfolded, calloused hands remove the slavers collars and in their place the black blindfolds are put on.

“I wouldn’t try and take the blindfold if I were you,” speaks the gruff voice as burly hands push them along and out into the warm sunlight. The blindfolds are taken off, Kirana and Adi find themselves in the middle of an arena with sports fans cheering all around them. An announcer speaks in an unknown language and the doors opposite the two females opens, some more harsh words and the gates to the sides open, one harsh syllable and three figure emerge from the openings. Feeling the Force rippling both Jedi’s pull out their lightsabres to do battle for their lives, the three advancing figures do not even flinch. Kirana and Adi simultaneously somersault over the two figures on either side of them and embark on a routine previously trained. Twist, turn, thrust, duck, kick, punch, push. Kirana pushes the masked warrior on the ground and shoves her lightsabre into his shoulder, the man cries out in pain and slumps to the ground, the crowd cheering in the background. Adi pushes her’s to the ground at the same time and with Kirana does the same thing to her victim, the crowd cheering for more.

KILL! KILL! KILL! KILL! Screams the crowd in a rhythmic beat.

Adi and Kirana step back from their victims and prepare to face the third. The figure moves forward and puts his weapon at the ready, the large scythe swings at the Jedi’s feet, they both launch into the air and kick the figure to the ground. The warrior looks up at them in surprise and screams at them to stop. The warrior pulls off his helmet and reveals his face, Adi and Kirana gasp in surprise, “Obi-Wan!” Screams Adi as she rushes to the Jedi Knight and hugs him, Kirana looks at her Master in awe and never has felt so much relief.

“What are you doing here?” Questions Adi Gallia.

“Rescuing you it seems,” he replies.

“What do we do now?” Asks Kirana.

“The Republic has granted that a force be sent down to stop this type of slavery sport in this sector, right now the place is filling with Republican troops,” replies the Jedi and motions behind him.

The arena’s guests gasp in shock as the troops come around and surround the stadium and block all of the exits. A large man is dragged out of Adi and Kirana’s holding cell and into the arena to meet the Jedi.

“It seems that I have been caught, well done Jedi, I knew I could rely on you,” rasps the man.

“It seems that you are to be imprisoned, pity we can’t make you perform as a Gladiator like you made us do here,” replies Adi, the acid spitting from her voice box.

“It seems you are mistaken Jedi, I will be seeing you again,” the man replies and vanishes in a puff of smoke.

“Where did he go?” Asks Kirana.

“He was never even here, damn! I should have known. I think we will be seeing my old friend Zaxos again,” replies Adi and stalks out of the arena, in deep thought.

Kirana shrugs at Obi-Wan and follows her Master.

Gala Night

Kirana looks up at her Master in her most pleading expression, “Please Master, let me go, please!”

“Kirana you know the answer is no, now don’t try my patience, we have a mission,” answers Adi Gallia in her most controlled voice.

“But, everyone is going, nothing will happen while we are away, or I could go and you could stay on this stupid mission,” continues Kirana, making her face plead some more.

“I said no Kirana, now stop bugging me, look here he comes,” replies Adi and motions to the figure moving towards them. The young man is somewhat tall for his race, his purple tinged skin going slightly pink in the Jedi’s presence and his ears prick towards their hostility, he can feel that an argument has just occurred.

“I have need for you two to come with me to the Gala event tonight,” he demands peering out of his 4 eyes at the two Jedi’s and can’t help but notice Kirana’s beaming face at the news. As quickly as he came he turns and walks away leaving Adi to deal with her Padawan’s excitement.

“Not one word Kirana, not one word,” demands Adi and she stalks off, with a very happy Kirana following in her wake.

In Kirana’s room she looks at the wall in a meditative state...

WHAM! Kirana finds her self in something that is clearly not a meditative state; she peers around the room and sees she is out in the garden somewhere. The green and blue trees loom up at the sky menacingly as she walks through the garden, CRACK! Ow! Kirana stubs her toe on a small rock that scurries away and leaves the small hole it was covering up, curious Kirana looks into the hole with the Force and finds a small data pad covered in dust. She brushes off the dust, which leaves a cloud in front of her eyes, and she finds she is back in her room. Puzzled Kirana gets up and sneaks past Adi’s room and down into the garden area to see if she can find what was revealed to her with the Force. She finds the blue and green trees but can’t find the small alcove, ahead she feels a Force presence and follows it to the source, reaching down she pulls out the data pad and brushes the dust off again and turns it on:

Mission Statement: Garqi, by Qui-Gon Jinn

Things have been peaceful and with the Gala evening things should be good and Obi-Wan is very excited about going but I know he will be disappointed, these Gala events are always more then what they seem. The suspect will be attending no doubt and we will be in position to keep and eye on him.

Kirana gasps with delight with what is in her hand and rushes up to meet with Adi and go to the Gala evening, These Gala events are always more then what they seem, Qui-Gon’s words come into Kirana’s mind as she rushes off to her Master.

The client looks at his two Jedi’s who look very different when they aren’t wearing the Jedi robes, but he insisted that they dress up and have a great time, much to the older ones disgust the younger one was more then happy to comply, plus if they aren’t in their robes, no one would suspect what they are and they wouldn’t ask any questions. Their client didn’t need any people snooping around at this point.

Adi Gallia, Jedi Master, looks over at her Padawan expecting a huge grin but instead Kirana’s face is passive and seems focused on something else.

“Kirana, what is wrong, you begged me to let you come and now you aren’t even watching,” asked Adi trying to conceal her anger.

“I don’t know, I feel something is wrong here and I’m just waiting for it to show its face I guess,” replies Kirana looking out over the audience.

“Nothing is going to happen Kirana, just watch the show, it’s surprisingly good and I hope the meal after is just as good. I hate wearing this dress though,” answers Adi.

Kirana laughs at her Master; Will I be like that when I'm older? She thinks as the next scene starts on the stage.

Out in the shadows behind all of the excitement a figure reveals it’s self from its hiding place and shines a slight blip at their contact and moves back into the shadows. Next to Adi, her client notices the light and nods his head, excusing himself and asking up an excuse that the Jedi needn’t need to come he walks off to the shadows.

“Have you got it,” the client demands.

“Yes, it is here, the Boss wants to see you though, follow me after the evening,” replies the shadowy figure and moves off. The client shrugs of his doubt and starts rehearsing his excuse to the Jedi that his father had hired for his protection.

After the show Kirana, Adi and their Client move off to the dining area, sensing some thing is going on Kirana walks up to their client, “So who are we meant to be protecting you against, I have sensed no hostility towards you at all,” she asks.

“Well my father had already planned that when he dies and I take over the estate some of his old enemies might try and take me out in some sort of revenge, he said that a little while ago he had some trouble with some of his enemies and he had Jedi protection and I guess he wanted me to have the same sort of protection,” replies the client in a very distant tone.

Not quite happy with that explanation Kirana steps back in with her master, “Something is wrong, I can feel it all over him,” she breathes in Adi’s ear as they still down for their meal.

After the meal had finished, the Jedi’s client made some feeble excuse and left the building, not quite contented with letting him get away, Kirana steps up to follow him only to have Adi stop her.

“No Kirana, you have to let him go,” Adi whispers and also gets up from the table, “Thank you for your company but we have a big day ahead of us if you’ll excuse us,” she says to the rest of the table guest and moves away with Kirana following closely behind.

Kirana follows Adi up to their rooms, “Ah Master, I have something to show you, I found it just before we left, I think it has to do with the last Jedi’s that were here,” and she quickly retrieves the data pad from her room and hands it over to her Master, who looks at it intently.

“I think this may have to do with our clients mysterious get away,” Adi mentions and hands Kirana the data pad:

Zaxos may have his hands on Jolianas’s son as I see him disappearing every time that Zaxos does and I have planned to follow him tonight after Obi-Wan has gone to sleep, I don’t want my Padawan seeing anything like this as he is the same age as Jolianas’s son.

I followed them to an abandoned building at the back of the hall but could get no further, I know Zaxos is up to something, but I have to leave tomorrow so I have left this statement to aid the next lot of Jedi’s sent to protect Jolianas’s son, you have be sent to stop the deal from taking place and please be careful.

Qui-Gon Jinn, Jedi Master

“Your right Master, I guess we will be going to this abandoned building and stopping a deal from taking place,” verbalises Kirana.

“That is if we are not too late,” Adi says over her shoulder and starts to leave.

“Ah Master, I think we would be more effective if we changed,” Kirana added motioning to the two dresses they were wearing. Adi nods embarrassingly and rushes to get changed.

At the abandoned building site, Kirana and Adi crouch at the entrance of the building that is buzzing with energy and people. They move quietly and quickly crouching along the fence and launch over the smallest side, hitting the ground as quietly as they can. Adi waves her hand to Kirana who responds by rushing in front of her Master around the corner, they criss crossed back and forth like this, melting into the wall anytime someone came until they reached the main room. Adi and Kirana on opposite ends of the doorframe nod to each other and burst into the room, lightsabres wielding high.

“Ah, so these are your Jedi Knights, they will be no problem,” growls Zaxos with slight humour in his voice.

“You will do nothing Zaxos we have come to stop this deal,” yells Adi as she wards off any attackers.

“You are too late Adi, I have what I want and now I have to go,” replies Zaxos smugly and leaves the room.

Adi screams a sort of battle cry and launches herself after Zaxos but is stopped by a swarm of men with blasters pointed at her, seeing Kirana in the same position she turns off her lightsabre. Kirana looks across the room and sees her Master’s lightsabre turn off and sensing a plan does the same much to the surprise of her attackers. Adi walks over to their client, “What exactly was this deal you made with Zaxos?” she demands.

“It was nothing really, he just gave me this for the new theatre building, it’s meant to help us build it quicker with droids,” their client replied, trying, but not successfully, to stop his voice from shaking. Adi grabs the device and laughs, “He is telling the truth Kirana, just a droid controller, but with Zaxos I wouldn’t be surprised if it was something else. Lets go Kirana, I don’t think we are needed here anymore.” The two Jedi’s leave the compound with the assistance of two-dozen guards.

In the room their client slumps down to the ground, glad that the two Jedi’s didn’t notice the box in the corner, the one with the new weapon, capable of being programmed to destroy something even worlds away.

Back in Adi’s room Kirana looks over at her master, “There was something more Master, I…”

“I know, we’ll have to keep a close eye on this, but now we must leave, let them think they got away, let them have the next move,” Adi interrupts and heads off for the ship.

“Yes Master,” Kirana answers and follows.

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