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Moya and the Wormhole

Disclaimer: Farscape is Jim Henson’s creation and the Star Wars characters are Mr. Lucas’s, Zaxos is mine.

Part 1 - The Arrival

Pilot looks at the viewing screen, “It seems we have a problem coming out of Starburst,” he informs the crew.

“What do you mean a problem,” growls D’argo.

“It seems we are caught in some kind of field, Moya can’t seem to get out of it,” replies the Pilot frantically keying the keypad in front of him.

“I’ve seen this before, oh yes I’m familiar with this,” speaks a voice from behind D’argo.

“What is it human, tell me what it is,” growls D’argo in his most menacing tone.

“No need to get touchy D’argo it’s just a wormhole, it’s what brought me to you, I might be going home after all,” replies Crichton, with a cheesy grin on his face.

“What ....”

“D’argo calm down, I’m sure everything will be okay,” soothes Zhaan as she walks into the room with Aeryln following closely behind her, “Now John tell us of this wormhole, do you suppose it will take you home?”

“Yeah, I hope so anyway, or ....” he looks at the viewing screen as they emerge from the wormhole, space ships flying everywhere towards a silvery planet, “somewhere else, Pilot where are we?”

“I don’t know, but a small freighter is requesting permission to board, they say they are peaceful,” replies the Pilot.

“Tell them yes, I’ll meet them in the docking bay, and D’argo, calm down everything will be fine,” Zhaan replies over her shoulder as she leaves the room, the others following closely behind her.

“Should we wake Rygel and Chiana?” asks Aeryln.

“No need to wake them, in fact lock down their quarters so they can’t interfere,” replies D’argo as he brushes past to the front. Aeryln looks at Zhaan who nods, Aeryln then walks back down the corridor to the sleeping quarters.

John looks wearily at the two aliens, “I hope they are friendly,” he quirks and enters the docking bay, D’argo moans and follows him in.

The three wait as the ship lands and ramp falls out, two figures emerge form the ship wearing robes of some kind. Zhaan bows respectively and they return the bow.

“We come in peace, to where ever we are,” informs Zhaan in her most diplomatic voice.

The two figures uncover their faces, one is a large man, the same size as D’argo with piercing blue eyes and greying brown hair, the other is younger with equally piercing eyes and a querying expression. The older one moves forward, “I am Qui-Gon Jinn, Jedi Master and this is my apprentice Obi-Wan Kenobi.”

“Please to meet you Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan, I am Zhaan, this is John and beside you is D’argo,” she motions towards D’argo who peers downwards at the two figures and storms away.

“I would ignore him, he’s always this way with strangers, I should know,” pipes John, “What do you want with us here?”

“He means to say that he doesn’t know where here is,” soothes Zhaan.

“You are in Republican space just outside of our capital, Coruscant,” replies Qui-Gon motioning to the silvery planet below, “We mean to ask you, how did you get here?”

“Well that’s a long story something that perhaps John can explain,” she motions towards John who is still standing behind her.

The two Jedi stare at him waiting from him to speak, “Ah, well, you see it started a while ago when I was trying to prove my theory on...”

“They want to know how we got here John, not your life story,” interrupts Aeryln as she enters to room, her gun held up high, “Hi I’m Aeryln.”

“Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi,” replies Qui-Gon, showing his hands in a peaceful manner.

“Ah, yes, back to me, well I was protyping my theories,” he pauses and looks directly at Aeryln who promptly rolls her eyes, “and I was sucked into a wormhole and ended up in their galaxy or whatever, I think the same thing happened again and we ended up here.” John looks at the two Jedi who continue to stare at him, “Ah, do you know how we can get back?”

“I have never heard of something like this before, I’m sure that if it has ever occurred before then it will be recorded somewhere at the libraries, if you would please show me to your cockpit and I will direct you to a place to land,” replies Qui-Gon motioning to the door.

“You are not leaving this cargo bay,” growls D’argo from the back of the room.

“They mean us no harm D’argo, we need their help to get us out of here,” replies Zhaan in her most soothing voice.

“Your of a warrior race right?” asks Obi-Wan, “That weapon you carry, it’s not just a sword, it’s a blaster of some kind, quite remarkable craftsman ship I’d say, you make it?”

D’argo holds his weapon up in defence, “Well yes I did, but what’s it to you?”

“We too have to make our own weapons, here take a look, but don’t touch the beam,” replies Obi-Wan handing over his lightsabre.

D’argo takes the weapon and turns it on, he swings it around the room, Obi-Wan throws a small fruit from his pocket at D’argo who promptly swings the blade around and smashes the fruit, “Quite impressive weapon, I like it, how do you make it?” asks D’argo.

“It is an ancient secret of the Jedi as only we can construct one,” replies Qui-Gon, “Fast moves you have there D’argo if you were from our galaxy I'm sure you would’ve been a great Jedi.”

Qui-Gon turns back around at Zhaan, “May we continue now?”

Zhaan looks at D’argo who is still waving around the lightsabre, Qui-Gon nods at Obi-Wan who remains behind. Qui-Gon, Zhaan, Aeryln and John walk up to the cockpit area.

“Pilot, please follow this Jedi’s directions,” Zhaan says into the viewing screen.

Qui-Gon directs Pilot to a landing site. They walk back to the docking bay. As they are walking they notice D’argo and Obi-Wan in some sort of conquest, Aeryln raises her weapon, but Qui-Gon motions for her to put it down, “It’s okay, they seem to be testing each other’s skills, Obi-Wan,” barks Qui-Gon and his apprentice turns sharply around and turns off his lightsabre and D'argo lowers his weapon, “I hope you didn’t take too much out of our guest.”

“No Master,” breathes Obi-Wan, “He was taking it out of me. I think we should take him to the Jedi council, they would love to meet him.”

Qui-Gon nods, “Yes, but later we have more pressing matters,” he replies and walks down the ramp with the John, Zhaan, Obi-Wan and D'argo trailing behind him, Aeryln staying with the ship.

“Please enter through that door, we will be with you in a minute,” Qui-Gon motions to the large door in front of them and Moya’s crew walk through it whilst the two Jedi stay behind.

“I sense something unusual about them Obi-Wan,” inquires Qui-Gon.

“I sense it too Master but not something near, something elusive,” replies the Padawan.

“No I sense something, here, now, I think some other people are aboard,” answer Qui-Gon peering at the ship, “But we have guests waiting, the sooner we finish here, the sooner we get a rest.”

“I thought, Jedi never get to rest,” replies Obi-Wan in a mocking tone. Qui-Gon peers at him and silently laughs.


The two Jedi’s meet up with their guest and lead them to a private viewing room. “We will run our search from here, it shouldn’t take too long,” informs Qui-Gon walks over to the console.

Moya’s crew peer around the vast library buzzing with energy, “I thought meeting you guys was exciting, now this is something different,” breathes John in awe.

“Yes it is something new and something hopefully short lived, any success?” replies D’argo and looks at the Jedi.

“Yes, a small ship claims the same thing happened to them years ago, I believe one of their crew remained behind when they left,” replies Obi-Wan peering over his master’s shoulder.

D'argo rushes forward, “You must take us there,” he snaps menacingly.

“Yes, yes in time my friend but first we need some rest, I think Obi-Wan was right, we should take you to the Council, they would be ... interested in your abilities,” replies Qui-Gon, “You may stay in your ship if you like, we will come and get you in the morning, bring the rest of your crew if you would like.” At this Dargo’s head snaps up and meets Zhaan’s eyes, who shrugs in response. The two Jedi’s leave the room and walk out of the building, “See you tomorrow D'argo, we will have a rematch,” says Obi-Wan as he and his master leave.

Moya’s crew go back to their ship and meet an anxious Aeryln at the entrance, “Well? What happened?” she inquires.

“We leave in the morning, now we rest,” replies Zhaan and moves off to her quarters, John shrugs and moves to the mess hall with D'argo trailing behind him.


“Master what are we going to do with them in the morning?” asks Obi-Wan.

“We take D'argo to the council and ask for their permission to seek out this Zaxos,” replies Qui-Gon.

Part 2 - Discipline

“What do you mean he knew we were here?” demands Chiana.

“He just knew, a warrior’s instinct,” replies D’argo lazily.

“Well, they seem friendly to me, if they didn’t want to help they would’ve left us by now and we would be held hostage, or something” adds John.

Clang, Clang.

“I think someone wants to come in,” informs Pilot, his hands dashing across the controls, “Opening the access doors now. It’s the Jedi’s and they are waiting at the entrance.”

“I’ll go,” volunteers Chiana, “Let me see them myself.”

Zhaan puts her arm out to stop the impatient young woman, “no we all go, including you Rygel.”

“Yes, you need the most superior being on board to handle the negotiations,” he snubs and floats out of the room with the rest of the crew following lazily behind.

Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan step into the room when they all arrive, gauging each of their emotions, mainly weary and tired.

“I see you are all here, please follow me D’argo, I’ll take you to the Jedi Council, the rest may explore the city under Obi-Wan’s protection if you wish,” informs Qui-Gon motioning for D’argo to follow, he senses the change in emotions and suppresses a grin.

“Where he goes we all go,” demands Aeryln, bringing her weapon into view.

“Of course I expected no less, follow me then,” replies Qui-Gon amused, he glances quickly at Obi-wan who is somewhat distracted by Chiana’s attentions, “Obi-Wan! Are we going now?”

Qui-Gon’s Padawan snaps his head around and his face goes red, “Yes Master,” he replies, stealing a last glance at Chiana hoping Qui-Gon didn’t notice, but his Master did, his face stern but his eyes amused, Obi-Wan looks down sheepishly and steps quickly down the ramp.

“If it’s okay with you, Jedi Qui-Gon, I will remain behind with the ship,” asks Zhaan, bowing politely.

“Of course Lady Zhaan, I’ll make sure you will not be bothered by curious tourists,” Qui-Gon replies bowing at Zhaan and follows the rest of the crew down the ramp. Qui-Gon quickly catches up with Rygel who is posed for questions.

“I am Rygel the 16th leader of…” announces Rygel in a loud voice so all could hear.

“I know who you are Rygel, but speaking about it so loudly may bring more unwanted attention on you I fear,” informs Qui-Gon.

“Oh, is your planet dangerous?”

“No but unwanted attention could bring about some danger.”

The Jedi and Moya’s crew walk the rest of the way to the landing platform in silence and board the taxi quickly, stealing quick glances around them. Fascinated by the vastness of Coruscant, Moya’s crew dangle their heads outside of the taxi, dazzled by all of the buildings, all except Chiana who is studying Obi-Wan openly, taking pleasure the apprentice’s blushes.

“Is all of your city like this?” asks John in awe.

“Not just the city but the whole planet, over time the city has enveloped the entire planet except the ice peaks in the poles, do you not have vast city’s such as this were you come from?” replies Obi-Wan, keen to have someone else to think about.

“Oh we don’t have technology as advanced as this,” replies John, still looking out the window, he is even more awed by the sight of the majestic Jedi temple reaching out into the sky, “You live here?”

“When we are not on any missions, yes. Now lets go to the Jedi council, follow me please,” Qui-Gon answers and steps out of the taxi, handing extra credits to the driver as a thanks for taking them the scenic route around. He motions towards the turbo lift, which quickly fills leaving Obi-Wan and Chiana behind. Qui-Gon smiles at his apprentice who is horrified by the thought of being left alone with the strange woman, “I guess you’ll have to meet us up there Obi-Wan, take care of her, I would hate to see anything happen to her.”

Obi-Wan gives an icy look to Qui-Gon as the doors shut, leaving him alone with Chiana.

“Well alone at last,” croons Chiana, moving quickly towards Obi-Wan, but she is stopped by an invisible barrier and laughs, “Scared of me little boy?”

“No, I wish to keep you safe until the next turbo lift comes,” replies Obi-Wan icily.

“Awe come on, you could show me around, then meet up with your Master later, I’m sure he wouldn’t mind,” continues Chiana, moving deliberately and seductively.

“I will obey my Master,” he replies, picturing Qui-Gon laughing if they did as she suggested, You know they wouldn’t mind…NO!

Obi-Wan jumps in shock when the lift doors open and motions for Chiana to go in, she obeys sulkily. Obi-Wan follows and presses the button for the top floor, ignoring Chiana looking closely over his shoulder. He puts up his force shield again and she retreats amused and hurt at the same time.

“We are here,” he says motioning for her to step out to the elevator, she stomps out to find her crewmates. Qui-Gon looks at him in surprise and motions for him to follow the crew into the council room.


“That went surprisingly well, Master,” informs Obi-Wan, “I never though that they would agree to us finding Zaxos, although Adi looked at little sheepish at the mention of that name.”

“I sensed a past danger from her, this Zaxos, may be someone quite dangerous, we must tread carefully, I am pleased that they will test D’argo,” replies Qui-Gon.

“I hope they aren’t too hard on him, what a break through would it be if he is Force sensitive and from another galaxy.”

“We’ll see, Obi-Wan, we’ll see. I saw that things didn’t go to Chiana’s plan earlier, you didn’t disappoint her too much I hope,” Qui-Gon adds leaving a stunned Obi-Wan behind and allows himself a grin, “You aren’t going to stand there all day gaping are you Obi-Wan?”

Obi-Wan blushes and catches up to his Master who is motioning for the crew to follow him, ignoring Aeryln and John’s laughter behind him.


“How did it go?” Asks Obi-Wan, when D’argo finally returns.

“Oh, they said I can sense something called the Force, but I had no idea what they are talking about, they told me to concentrate on my inner feelings or something and that I could move objects with my mind,” replies the large warrior.

Obi-Wan gapes at D’argo as if to catch flies and D’argo looks at him wearily, “Can I go back to my ship now?” D’argo inquires.

“No, I’m sorry D’argo but you are to stay with us tonight, I am to teach you Force control and meditation, I’m sorry it will not be much, but it takes years of discipline to learn the ways of the Force and we have little time before we leave on the next transport to find this Zaxos,” replies Qui-Gon for his apprentice, who quickly shuts his jaws before any flies go in.

“Why can’t we take Moya?” asks D’argo suspiciously.

“I believe this Zaxos is dangerous and may try to take you and your ship with him, it is better if we leave her behind,” replies Qui-Gon and motions for D’argo to enter the quarters, “You will sleep in Obi-Wan’s room, he will stay with me tonight.”

D’argo looks in on the room, and sits down at the bench, “Could you teach me this…discipline now?”

“Patience my friend, first we will have something to eat,” replies Qui-Gon as he starts preparing a meal.


“We took your friends back to the ship and it took me a while to get away from Chiana,” Obi-Wan sneaks a look at his Master who suppresses a grin by shoving some food into his mouth, “And then we came back to get you, apparently, much to my delight, Chiana may stay behind along with Rygel, very cowardly isn’t he and Zhaan.”

“Chiana will come don’t you worry about that boy, she likes you,” replies D’argo sitting back in his chair.

Qui-Gon gets up quickly and motions for Obi-Wan and D’argo to follow him in sitting cross legged on the floor, “Now open your mind to the sounds around you, feel don’t think, use your instincts, Obi-Wan and I will throw things at you, hit them away with your hand as you would if you saw them,” instructs the Jedi Master and throws a cork at the warrior, which D’argo barely bats away in time before Obi-Wan’s fruit hits his head.

“Hey, not so fast,” yells D’argo.

“Speed has nothing to do with it, reach out with your mind and sense when the fruit is coming,” informs Qui-Gon and throws another fruit at the warrior and smiles when it and three others are deflected quickly.

They continue during the night until Obi-Wan falls asleep at Qui-Gon’s side. “I think it is time for us to get some rest, I will teach you more tomorrow,” he yawns and picks up his apprentice as if he is another piece of fruit and carefully places him on the bed then curls up on the floor to sleep.


Obi-Wan wakes up in the morning fully clothed on Qui-Gon’s bed and smiles down upon his sleeping Master and steps carefully out of the small room to find D’argo awake and trying to move the piece of fruit on the edge of the table. Obi-Wan smiles again and motions with his hand for the fruit to fall off the table and D’argo looks up in surprise, “Is that how you do it!” and he quickly puts the fruit up to knock it down again with his own mind, “I’ve being trying to do that for all morning.”

Obi-Wan yawns, “Qui-Gon will be pleased with your dedication, but you do need some discipline, doing is the easy part, it’s the discipline that is the hard part, knowing when to use your powers and what for, you spend years learning to control your emotions and learning the discipline of the Force.”

“I see I have taught you something Obi-Wan, lets hope we can help D’argo as well,” Qui-Gon yawns, “We must hurry and eat, so we have enough time to get your crew ready.”

“They are all up and ready, including Chiana,” adds D’argo grinning at Obi-Wan who blushes in return.

“Today I hope we find this Zaxos and help you get home,” adds Qui-Gon.

Part 3 - Meetings

Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon, Aeryln, John, D’argo and Chiana board the large but sleek transport with their baggage in check.

“So is this Zaxos going to help? I mean, have you met him before? Will he teach us how to make wormholes?” demands Crichton.

“Maybe, No, he might,” answers Obi-Wan then smiles, “You really want to get home don’t you. I suppose I’d like to visit my real family but I haven’t the time, I don’t think they would appreciate the visit anyway. I’ve only met them once or twice since I came to academy. I get the feeling that my brother doesn’t even think I exist.”

“That must be hard,” replies John.

“No not really, the Jedi’s are my extended family and I have Qui-Gon of course,” replies Obi-Wan smiling at his master.

Silence steals the moment and they continue boarding in silence. Each of them gets paired up and goes to their rooms. A quite disappointed Chiana follows Aeryln sneaking seductive looks at Obi-Wan, who ignores her and follows Qui-Gon.

“She really likes something about you doesn’t she?” Asks Qui-Gon, taking provisions out of his bag.

“I sure hope not, I have no interest in her. I just wish she would leave me alone, but you keep on putting me with her,” replies Obi-Wan curtly.

“Have some fun Obi-Wan, this trip is most likely going to be uneventful. I hope so anyway, Adi gave me the impression to use caution, but I didn’t sense any danger.”

Obi-Wan offers no answer and pulls out his comlink, pieces and all. He sits down at the bench and pulls all of the parts out and starts putting them back together, microscopic piece by microscopic piece.

“You know Obi-Wan, one day you’ll be an old man with a small shack full of junk in some distance part of the galaxy.”

“Maybe Master, but my modifications should enable us to speak over longer distance and through an electrical disturbance, I’m trying to see if I can somehow make it work through a jamming signal.”

Qui-Gon’s smile quickly turns into a frown and he gathers the Force around him, “Something is wrong,” he says and pulls out his lightsabre.

Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan quietly sneak down the corridor to the bridge of the ship and find nobody there. They quickly follow the Force sense to a large area in the bowels of the ship where they discover the captain and her crew, as well as a large man holding a device up to their eyes.

“Stop right there,” demands the large man, “Give me your weapons and no harm will come to you.”

Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan find themselves giving up their weapons willingly, much to their surprise and walk up to the man.

“Wwwhho arrre you?” stammers Obi-Wan with great difficulty.

“I am called Zaxos, I am a god, you will treat me as such, now bow to me,” replies the large man, his face glowing.

Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon find themselves on their knees in front of the man against their will. Then in the corners of the room they hear an almighty loud war-cry and manage to glance over to find Moya’s crew launch in weapons blazing. Zaxos’s connection is severed with the crew and he retreats to his ship and lurches back into hyperspace, leaving the dazed Jedi and ships crew behind.


D’argo rushes up to the Jedi, “You okay?”

“Wwwhat happened?” stammers Obi-Wan.

“I don’t know, we came in here to look for you and found you and the rest lying unconscious on the floor.”

“How long were we out?”

“I don’t know, I seem to have a blank spot, we came searching for you, came to the door then it is all a blur until we were standing over you. It seems we lost about 15 minutes in there somewhere,” replies John for D’argo.

Qui-Gon groans then stands up and gathers the Force around him and starts searching the minds of the crew only to find the same block in their minds, “Something has happened, only we don’t know what, we will have to proceed with great caution.”


“We are here,” informs Qui-Gon as he gathers his things together and walks towards the door, “I’m glad your comlink is now in one piece Obi-Wan.”

Obi-Wan looks at his Master sheepishly, “It works better now, well, I hope it does anyway.” He gets up and follows his Master out of the room and meets the others in the corridor.

John stands up quickly, “This is our stop, we might get some answers soon and then I get to go home,” he says excitedly.

“I hope so too,” replies Obi-Wan and walks down the ramp to the planets surface.

A large man with a slightly glowing face walks up to the new visitors with a large smile on his face, “Pleased to meet you, you must be the Jedi and you 4 must be the people wanting to create a gateway to another universe,” the man exclaims, “I’m Zaxos, I will be glad to help you.”

They follow Zaxos to their rooms and he turns around, “I’ll be with you tomorrow, now just get some rest and explore the city, there is a great nightspot on 5th.” Then as abruptly as he appeared he leaves.

Qui-Gon turns as soon as the man is out of ear shot, “There is something familiar and not right about that man, I can’t pinpoint it though.”

“I also felt something wrong Master,” adds Obi-Wan.

“Me too, just a sense of danger though,” adds John.

“Something is un-fluid about him, too jerky,” pips in Chiana, still openly staring at an embarrassed Obi-Wan.

“How could you sense that with your attentions else where,” laughs Aeryln, making Obi-Wan blush even more.

“We’ll see him tomorrow, now we will scout the city,” replies Qui-Gon and goes to the room he shares with Obi-Wan.


Obi-Wan opens his mouth the moment the door closes behind him, but Qui-Gon interrupts before he can get a word out, “I’ll follow him tomorrow Obi-Wan, but you must not tell the others, Zaxos is a little too familiar, I must find out why, you’ll have to keep the others occupied whilst I find out.”

“Yes, Master. Why not now?”

“Now I have to write in my journal, then we will become more familiar with the city.”


After the night out on the town, Obi-Wan and Moya’s crew fall down exhausted, leaving Qui-Gon the perfect opportunity to find out what Zaxos is up to. He sneaks out of the hotel and out onto the street, forming a Force cloak around him so that nobody pays any attention to him. He wanders down the streets till he finds and alley way full of people. He slowly pushes his way to the front and finds out what all the commotion is about; Zaxos is standing on a podium with 10 women kneeling at his feet. Then his shape changes to that of an unknown alien and strikes out with 10 spiked tentacles, taking off the kneeling women’s heads. Qui-Gon gasps in surprise and finds the crowds’ attention on him, he backs away slowly and turns to run, only to be stopped by Zaxos’s looming face.

“Ah, the Jedi, I have a job for you,” he says in an extremely persuasive voice, “Now bow to me.”

Qui-Gon’s eyes light up in recognition and leaps up with the Force out of Zaxos’s range.

“Who are you?”

“I am a Supreme being and you will bow to me Jedi, time will see,” Zaxos yells at the running Jedi, “Find him and the others and bring them to me, no damages, I need them in tact. Never before have I had beings from 3 different galaxies in the one place. I need them for the ceremony, I’m so close that I can almost touch it.”


Qui-Gon bounds across the roofs using the Force as his propellant and leaps into his room only to find Obi-Wan and the others gone with a letter to him from Zaxos:

Jedi, I have the others, meet me where we last met if you wish to see them alive again.


Part 4 - Shortcomings

Qui-Gon stares at the piece of paper and gathers the Force around him drawing out his lightsabre leaving it off, he jumps out of the way and knocks a man to the floor and springs on him, pinning the man to the floor. But to his surprise it is a female.

“Get off me you big oaf, I thought you were someone else,” cries Aeryln angrily, “They took the others, I thought I could get a lead or something.”

Qui-Gon nods at her as he helps her up, “I got this,” hands the piece of paper to her and she reads it.

“You met him? You’re in with him,” she pulls her weapon up on him, Qui-Gon Force pushes it to the ground, much to Aeryln’s disgust.

“I discovered where we had met him before, if you remember losing 15 minutes of time,” replies Qui-Gon looking out the window and down onto the now crowed street.

“Losing 15 minutes of time?”

“Yes, well you didn’t come here by accident, you were brought here by Zaxos,” he states matter of factly and peers onto the ledge and climbs out, Aeryln follows.

“So what are we going to do?”

“Save the others of course,” Qui-Gon grins at her and she recoils.


“I don’t know, make it up as we go along,” replies Qui-Gon and he jumps off the ledge and onto the adjoining roof top and swings a rope at Aeryln who grabs hold and jumps across too, then they both run along the top of the buildings avoiding detection until Qui-Gon finds the roof that gets a good view of the court yard. In the middle of the court yard, 4 people are seen kneeing before Zaxos, one in Jedi robes and 3 others in purple robes, Qui-Gon reaches out with the Force to Obi-Wan’s mind but finds himself blocked.

“Something is not quite right,” he says examining the surrounds.

“That’s them, lets save them,” Aeryln brings her weapon about and jumps into the crowd, knocking people out of the way, Qui-Gon sighs not noticing that Zaxos isn’t there and launches into the crowd. They find their way relatively easily to the kneeing figures and Qui-Gon goes to Obi-Wan and helps him up only to find that it isn’t Obi-Wan, he glances at the other figures and discovers that they aren’t who they are meant to be except the large semi-conscious figure. Qui-Gon looks at Aeryln who helps D’argo up and walks over to them.

“They aren’t here,” he says and looks to D’argo who is coming around, “Where are the others?”

“He has them, I don’t know where, he knocked me out and now I find myself here,” replies D’argo, his eyes finally coming into focus and he grunts to stand up on his own.


Qui-Gon looks down at his comlink and turns it on, “Obi-Wan?”

“No, Qui-Gon, Zaxos, I have them, I’m sure you have found the big one by now, he was of no use to me, I’d suggest that you leave now before I get really angry, I’ll even return the others to their galaxy.”

“Were is Obi-Wan and the others?”

“Oh with me, and Qui-Gon, this comlink works like a charm, I’m too far away for you to save them, leave now and don’t make me angry, or you will never leave this place.” CLICK

Qui-Gon looks at Aeryln and the now fully awake D’argo, “We have to go now, I know where they are.”

Aeryln looks at Qui-Gon in wonderment, “How?”

“I heard ships, they are at the shipping yard.”

“Are you sure, it could’ve been a trick, he has down it before,” pipes D’argo.

“And Obi-Wan told me.”

Aeryln and D’argo look at each other and the now retreating Qui-Gon and follow him to the nearest taxi rank. The attendee looks at them, “Not for hire,” and turns away.

Qui-Gon stands in front of him and waves his hand with Force push behind it, “You can borrow it, bring it back in the morning.”

“Sure, you can borrow it, just bring it back in the morning,” replies the man in a daze and gets out of the way and gives the key to Qui-Gon.

Qui-Gon looks at the pair, “What we needed a ride, we needed one fast, now get in.”


After a couple of hours of zooming across the hillside at high speed, Aeryln and D’argo are glad to see the shipping yard loom in front of them.

“This is the place, we go on foot from here,” Qui-Gon says and gets out of the taxi with Aeryln and D’argo behind him and he slinks off into the midst of the ships, weaving his way in and out of them, trying to catch a glimpse of Obi-Wan in the Force. He clears a large sleek shuttle and peers around the corner to find himself face to face with Zaxos and waves Aeryln and D’argo off behind him and they retreat into the shadows.

“Ah, Qui-Gon, so good of you to join us, I believe you are just in time for the show,” sneers Zaxos and motions to three kneeing figures, one of which looks at him in wonder, Qui-Gon gasps as he recognizes the saddened face to be Obi-Wan’s.

“Yes, I have had his mind memory wiped, he can’t use the “Force” to help you and now you can’t,” Zaxos sneers as he places a small silver band around Qui-Gon’s wrist, “I’ll leave you your memories and of how you failed your pupil.”

Qui-Gon tries to reach the Force but finds he can’t, he tries to get the wrist band off but finds he can’t and looks at Obi-Wan who winks, putting panic on his face, he smiles inwardly, good one Obi-Wan.

Zaxos laughs at Qui-Gon’s predicament, “Only the “Force” can get it off, ironic isn’t it.”


Aeryln and D’argo wait in the shadows as Qui-Gon is captured and tied in front of the others by Zaxos and his blank faced assistants.

“You’ll never get away with this Zaxos, I will hunt you till I find you,” Qui-Gon is heard.

Zaxos laughs, “That is not your code Qui-Gon, revenge isn’t on the Jedi’s agenda, I believe that is the dark side is it not?”

Aeryln looks at D’argo, “You can use this Force can’t you?”

“Yes, but only a little, how can I defeat Zaxos?”

“We have to try, we can’t leave the others.”

“I agree, I have a plan.”


Aeryln dashes across the shipyard and out into the open and fires three shots in Zaxos’s direction before disappearing down the side. Zaxos looks in wonder and motions for his men to face her and they run off in her direction whilst Zaxos prepares for his upcoming ritual. Aeryln dashes back to D’argo and quickly jumps on the men, disarming and knocking them unconscious. The smile at one another and begin phase two of the plan.


“Your men haven’t come back Zaxos,” Qui-Gon states.

“I know Qui-Gon, I am aware, but I am by no means, unprotected,” Zaxos replies not looking up from his work, his hand flicks behind him and a force surrounds them all.

Qui-Gon looks at Obi-Wan who is still kneeling, waiting for his chance to react.

“There, ready now,” Zaxos says as he applies his last strip of face paint and turns to face his sacrifices, he walks up the three and motions for their heads to rise and addresses them, “You three, each from a different galaxy with serve as my sacrifice to the all mighty ones, who will grant my request and turn me into a god then ALL will bow before me!”

“Don’t inflate your ego more Zaxos,” Qui-Gon states with a self-satisfied smile upon his face.

Zaxos turns angrily and his surrounding Force wavers enough to let Aeryln and D’argo in. He lifts Qui-Gon’s chair high into the air and prepares to fling Qui-Gon off the side only to find his face illuminated by a blue glow and he turns to face Obi-Wan.

“But I wiped your memory,” Zaxos splutters.

“You only thought you wiped my memory Zaxos, don’t underestimate the power of the Force.”

Zaxos screams in anguish, “No, I was so close, I can still destroy your master” and turns to Qui-Gon’s still floating chair only to find Qui-Gon not there, “Hey where did he go?”

“Zaxos, D’argo can use the Force, he rescued Qui-Gon and the others,” Obi-Wan states as he advances on Zaxos.

Zaxos looks around to find all seven looking at him, weapons trained on him.

“Give yourself up Zaxos, come peacefully and you can spend the rest of your days in a nice quiet cell,” Qui-Gon adds.

“Never!” Zaxos presses a button on his sleeve and fades from sight, “This is not over Jedi, this will NEVER be over!”

Obi-Wan slashes his lightsabre into the fading Zaxos only to find his lightsabre turn off.

Qui-Gon walks up to Obi-Wan, “There is nothing we can do but prepare for the next time Obi-Wan, and get these guys home.”


“Thank you for all your help,” Zhaan says, bows to the Jedi and retreats up the ramp into the ship.

Rygel grunts and disappears up the ramp muttering, “Wasn’t all that much fun anyway.”

Aeryln looks at the pair, “I’m sorry I suspected you, thank you for helping, maybe one day you’ll come and visit,” she turns and disappears up the ramp, leaving a smiling Jedi behind.

John walks up to Qui-Gon, “Are you sure this can’t get me back home, I mean to my galaxy?”

“Sorry John, but no, this will only get you back to where you started from, you will find a way, someday,” replies Qui-Gon, placing his hand on John’s shoulder. John retreats up the ramp offering a little wave from the top.

D’argo approaches Qui-Gon, “Thanks for teaching me the ways of the Force, it will come in handy at home.”

“You will find him D’argo,” Qui-Gon adds, D’argo looks at him in puzzlement and goes over to Obi-Wan who is talking to Chiana.

“Obi-Wan, thank you for everything, I wish I could’ve stayed longer, we could’ve had fun,” Chiana says and gives Obi-Wan a quick kiss before waving to Qui-Gon and entering the ship.

D’argo walks up the blushing Obi-Wan who is trying to ignore Qui-Gon’s little laugh, “Obi-Wan this is for you, thanks for being my friend.” And hands Obi-Wan a small picture of the group before Moya, “And yes I did notice Chiana’s hand on your butt.” He walks up the ramp and waves as the ramp closes up.

Qui-Gon joins Obi-wan as Moya launches into the sky and disappears through the wormhole.

“Well, that was interesting wasn’t it Obi-Wan,” adds Qui-Gon, putting the Force ‘stopper’ band into his pocket and leaves with Obi-Wan trailing behind him.


Moya clears the wormhole and finds themselves in familiar territory, all present let out a little whoop and retreat to have some well-earned sleep.

D’argo tries with all his might to move the cup off the end of the table, but with no avail, and a residing “Dammit!” flows through Moya’s passageways.

The End

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