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Qui-Gon Histories

Disclaimer: Same old I wrote these in 1999 as well, so Shantea is mine and I even delve into some book characters as well as original Star Wars characters owned by Lucas himself

The Tale of Obi-Wan’s Lightsabre

Darth Maul kicks Obi-Wan’s lightsabre down the tunnel, it bounces off the edge and out of view down a darker tunnel.

Man, I liked that lightsabre!

It falls down and down, further and further into the darkness. CLANG! It hits the bottom and slides down the shaft, through the vent and down the cascading waterfall. It sinks the the bottom, crackling as the water shorts out the power cell, the power fades and is gone. The lightsabre sinks to the bottom and gets wedged in the sandy bottom, never to be seen again.


20 Years later.

A man walks beside the river and gazes up the waterfall, the once beautiful waterfall and then down into the murky waters. Something shimmers, he bends down and dislodges the object and holds it in his hand. He uses the murky water to wash the mud off and reveal the object.

“A lightsabre!” screams the man and he looks cautiously around, sees no one, “I’d better hide you then, they might think I’m something I’m not if I start waving this around.” He places the lightsabre in the secret part of his clock and continues moving down the river, making sure it is still there every 100 metres.


Shantea looks out at the Jedi Academy and gasps in wonder. She turns to say thank you to Boba Fett but finds the ship has already taken off. Thank you Jaster, Kirana would be proud. She sends by way of thought, she picks up his flare of anger and smiles, Some things don’t change I guess. She puts her head down and walks towards the temple.

“May I help you?” asks a voice from behind, Shantea looks behind her and faces an older woman.

“Yes, I was just looking for the Jedi Academy, I here it is around here somewhere,” she masks her intentions.

The woman gazes at her with suspicion in her eyes, “It is this way, why do you need to go there?”

“I need to see Luke Skywalker,” she replies.

The woman’s gaze turns into an angry suspicion her face starting to go as red as her hair, “Why do you need to see him?”

“Oh, it’s nothing like that, I’m Shantea, my Master sent me here,” Shantea replies and looks out into the forest.

“Oh, okay follow me then,” Mara Jade replies and walks off into the scrub. Shantea’s face leaks a smile and follows.


They walk up to the Academy and Mara turns around, “We are here, Luke is in the main chamber giving some lessons, you may go and see him there,” and walks away.

Shantea walks up the steps and into the main chamber, she sees all of the Jedi’s sitting around in a circle, both young and old, all deep in meditation.

Luke Skywalker? I need to ask you a question, do you mind? She sends the thought to the Jedi Master.

Into the next room, is the reply and she follows the man there.

“Yes, what do you want, I can see you are a trained Jedi,” he asks looking suspicious.

“My name is Shantea, Master. I am not a Jedi but a mere Padawan. I needed to show you this and ask for your help.”

She pulls out a lightsabre from beneath her cloak and hands it over to Luke. He examines it and tries to turn it on.

“It’s broken,” he says still looking at it.

“Yeah, I know, I think it was found sitting in a river, one of my ancestors found it and it has been kept hidden for a long time, until now. It never worked and my Master couldn’t see why, she thought that you might have an idea,” Shantea replies looking into the Jedi Master’s eyes.

He looks down at it again, “It’s power cell has died,” he replies and opens up the chamber. The power cell falls out along with some water with it and he notices the inscription engraved on the inside: The property of Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Luke gasps in surprise and looks again to make sure.

“What’s wrong,” asks Shantea, “Can it be fixed?”

“Nothing’s wrong, it just brings back some memories. Take it to Mara, she will get you a new power cell, it should work then,” he replies and walks away in wonder.

Shantea looks at the inscription and gasps in wonder, “Obi-Wan,” she breaths and recalls Kirana’s memories, “Obi-Wan.” She shakes her head in wonder and walks up the halls.


Death Comes Near

“Noooooooo!’ Screams Obi-Wan Kenobi as the Sith shoves his lightsabre into Qui-Gon’s stomach.

Qui-Gon slumps to the floor with his lightsabre crashing behind him.

The barrier breaks, Obi-Wan launches into a fast combat and smashes the dark warrior’s lightsabre, the fight continues and Obi-Wan is Force pushed down the shaft.

Grab it Obi-Wan.

Darth Maul looks down at the hanging Jedi with a sneer on his face and flicks the lightsabre down the side. Obi-Wan looks up at his assailant as the Sith uses his lightsabre to shower sparks onto the Padawan.

Use my lightsabre Obi-Wan.

Qui-Gon lapses into an unconscious sleep, images flash before his face. A funeral pyre with Obi-Wan, Anakin, the Queen, Senator Palatine and the Jedi Council surrounding it, he sees that it is himself on the pyre. The image fades and he sees Obi-Wan on the run from some unknown warrior, the Force enfolded around the young man as he runs, no braid.

Obi-Wan launches up and snatches Qui-Gon’s lightsabre with the Force, and slashes the dark warrior.

Qui-Gon sees more images, a young man and girl who look like .... they look like ... Anakin! The shock forces Qui-Gon into conscienceness, his eyes flutter open and he sees the Sith fall backwards down the hole, splitting in two as he falls.

Good Obi-Wan ...he lapses back into unconsicenceness. More images, the girl being tortured with a familiar dark cape near her, who is that? A scream with the Force as a world dies in terror.

Obi-Wan kneels down and cradles Qui-Gon’s head.

“Too late, my young Padawan.”

“No,” Obi-Wan shakes his head in denial, Yes Obi-Wan I have seen it.

More images, this time a battle station being blown up and voices crying out in joy. Another battle on a cold world, ships and people running for safety.

A shadowy figure cowering over Anakin, it will get him if he is not trained, Obi-Wan must train him!

“Obi-Wan. Promise me you will train the boy.”

Obi-Wan nods his head instantly.

That’s a good Jedi, a good ....Jedi.....

More images, twins, Jedi twins a girl and a boy, no two sets of twins, the near future and far future, the mothers, I know the mothers....

They are coming for me now Obi-Wan, so much to say, so little time to say it.

“He is the chosen one, Obi-Wan. He will...”

Take a deep breath, they are still calling me, closer and closer.

“....bring balance to the Force. Train him well.”

They are here now, goodbye Obi-Wan, goodbye .... son.

“Master,” Obi-Wan repeats as the life force drains from Qui-Gon’s body and his tears falling on his Master’s face, “Master.”

The rock in Obi-Wan’s pocket warms slightly then becomes cold again.


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