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Boba Fett: Books

Okay, so we know Boba Fett is in the Return of the Jedi book (when I was reading it I realised that Boba Fett was my favourite classic character) and Empire Strikes back, but what else do you say?

The Bounty Hunter Wars by KW JeterIn these novels, the reader learns what happens to Boba Fett after Return (he is even kewl when unconscious) and also before. It follows Fett's move to join the Bounty Hunter Guild as well as working with fellow hunter Denger to help Neelah, the girl who saved Boba Fett. The books are full of adventure and fun ( I won't spoil them for you, but read them if you are a Fett fan.) The author captures Fett perfectly, and I will spoil one section in The Mandalorian Armour where Boba Fett is recovering from his Sarlacc adventure, and has fallen unconscious, leaving Denger to hoist him up the wall, then when Neelah is being attacked by the still alive Sarlacc, Fett opens his eyes, fires at the beast then rescues Neelah, only to fall back unconscious again. What a guy. Fett even encounters Prince Xizor and has to do without Slave 1 for the time being.

Shadows of the Empire by Steve PerryFett doesn't make much of an appearance, but rather it is those that follow him in order to get Han back, but he eludes them all of the way, sometimes narrowly. But the story is good all the same. But the comic book version of the story details how Boba Fett, tricked an IG-88 and blasted it from behind when trying to get to Jabba the Hutt.


Tales of the Bounty Hunters: The Last One Standing by Daniel Keys Moran I really hated this story, it wasn't Boba Fett at all, the author makes him wimpy with a "cancerous leg" and that he has "values." It starts okay with an account of Boba Fett as Jaster Mereel (now obsolete), as an ugly young man (since when?) who's motto is "Everyone dies." How wimpy, Boba Fett, lives for the challenge, not that everyone dies, he wouldn't even think about it. He also has a personal vendetta for Han Solo, so what that if Han was in his way, he would take him out, but without a bounty, it's more of a 'getting the job done.' And get this between Fett and Leia at Jabba's Palace: [Fett] "Sex between those not married," said Fett, "is immoral." Did the author not see Fett, flirting with the dancers? A man who thinks like that wouldn't have done that. And he even makes Fett catch a bounty without his armour and armed with only a bow and arrow, if there was a way to get it, Fett would've found one including his armour. Don't read this, it is really bad. But the rest of the stories are good though.


Tales from Jabba's Palace: A Barve Like That by JD Montgomery Read it and find out how Fett got out of the Sarlacc and the barve joke is really funny: A sentiment visits a nearby farm and sees a barve in the front yard. The barve is wandering around on one five legs - one leg has been amputated. The sentient in question, JoJo asks the owner why the barve has had a leg amputated. "Well," says the owner, ... barve talks, he can fly a speeder... rescued my youngest one from drowning..." "That's amazing! But what happened to the amputated leg?" The owner stares at JoJo. "Well, man, you don't eat a barve like that all at once!" The story tells of Fett getting the bounty on Solo and escaping the Sarlacc as well as destroying two IG-88 droids, all in only 26 pages, read it, it is good.

Tales from the New Republic: No Disintegrations, Please by Paul Danner Another really good story about Fett tracking down a man hidden away "safe" in an Imperial Garrison, under his brother. Well he though he was safe until Fett gets a "New mode of transport" a AT-AT and starts blowing things up, so squads are sent, which Fett quickly destroys. So they send 40 TIE-Fighters against Slave 1, which Boba Fett is piloting from his helmet, which Fett thinks is an Unfair fight, on the Imperials part. This author captures Boba Fett's essence perfectly, enjoy.

The Hutt Gambit and Rebel Dawn by AC Crispin The History section has a quote from the Hutt Gambit, that is extremely funny, I laughed for so long, read the book for just that section, you'll laugh till you burst. Fett gets on a ship to take a Rebel out, an gives a smile as he thinks of the reaction of boarding in his armour. He gives some insight into his character, such as: "I am a moral person... Slavery. It is a morally corrupt institution, degrading to all parties... Unfortunate for you, profitable to me."  Here the author is trying to give Boba Fett a good image, without being non-Fettlike, I liked it.

Attack of the Clones by RA SalvatoreOf course Boba Fett appears in the book as he is in the movie but the book details a bit more of the relationship between Boba and his father Jango. They have a little talk about who gets to fly Slave-1 when it is in space but as you can see from the movie Boba actually flies off of Kamino as Jango was some what indisposed. It has some interesting facts in it that would not have made it to the screen but are important in their relationship.

Boba Fett Series by Elizabeth Hand and Terry Bison I get that the authors are trying to get 10 year old boys to read more books - I don't know how many times it is mentioned that Boba reads books and frankly I don't care. He does some pretty wild things for a 10 year old and it is no wonder that he becomes the greatest bounty hunter in the galaxy. Good for a hour or so little story. They are an interesting and quick look at the past of Boba Fett that has just been re-written. Though some of the events are not as plausable as you would hope - I mean he's not very old but acts like he's 30, sorry but that doesn't happen no matter how quick he has to grow up.

There are also comics and short books on Boba Fett as well such as Boba Fett: Death Lies and Treachery and the Shadows of the Empire comics. Checkout Darkhorse Comics for more information on them, or look at any of the links, some are bound to contain information on these comics.

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