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Episode II Character Bios

I wrote these bios from my own head using several resources, mainly the Visual Dictionaries and the movies themselves. The information mentioned is very spoilery for the said movie so read at your own discretion. DO NOT duplicate this information without my consent.

Anakin Skywalker - as a young boy he was taken from his mother by Qui-Gon Jinn to be trained as a Jedi. At nine he was an accomplished Pod Racer and pilot as well as having a 'nack' for fixing things. After Qui-Gon's death he became Obi-Wan Kenobi's apprentice and is quite headstrong in his abilities. He craves action and adventure and doesn't enjoy the diplomatic side of things instead loving the thrill of the 'aggressive negotiation'. He joins his Master in protecting Padme Amidala but instead falls in love with her - leading to impending doom.
Barriss Offee - Jedi Padawan to Luminara. She travelled to Ansion with Obi-wan and Anakin in order to bring the tribal people (the Alwari) together with the city people and stop them from leaving the Republic and joining the separatists. She is an accomplished healer (healing two Alwari outcasts) and wields a lightsabre with deadly efficiency. She specialises in tandem fighting with her Master and carries a blue lightsabre. 
Boba Fett - a young boy in this movie (Later Fett) is 10 years old, a perfect, unaltered clone of the Bounty Hunter Jango Fett as payment for his services as the 'father' of the clone army. He has grown up by his father's side, learning the way of the Mandalorian Warrior and Bounty Hunter, Jango has taught him the art of listening and judging a situation quietly from the corner to pick up on things his father has missed. Boba Fett idolises his father, thinking he is the strongest and best in the galaxy, a lot to live up to.
Clone Trooper 2456 - one of many who is a clone made 10 Years prior to Episode II from the altered specifications of Jango Fett by the Kaminoans. He is obedient and has been training in weapons and fighting since the day he was born. His skills were learnt through learning devices and really has no personality of his own. But this clone is special he falls out of the transport with Padme and asks is she okay (only kidding). His outfit is based on the Mandalorian armour design with a heavy duty shell and both a DC-15 Rifle and DC-15 Blaster.
Count Dooku/ Darth Tyranus - was a great Jedi Master, Master of Qui-Gon Jinn. Soon after Qui-Gon's death he left the Jedi order and took up his family title of Count. After time he started the Separatists Movement and gained even more wealth and power. His lightsabre is of unique design that allows him to use Form II lightsabre techniques (like fencing) and have the advantage over other Jedi, a great asset for one who has been coerced to the dark side. Count Dooku leads the double life of Darth Tyranus who employed Jango Fett as the template for the Clone Army.
Dexter - was some what of a disreputable type, brawling, dealing in contrabands, running weapons on the side whilst manning rigs, tending bars and cooking. On Coruscant he had a new start opening his diner to the public and befriending the Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi (much the same relationship as Qui-Gon and cafe owner Didi). He makes "special recipes" that species from all over the galaxy come to his diner to eat, he doesn't care much for the appearance of his food just that it tastes good.
The Droids: R2-D2 and C-3PO: Veterans of the Star Wars movies the evolution of these driods continue. C-3PO has been covered by Shmi whilst Anakin has been away and R2-D2 has become Padme's personal droid friend. The pair meet up again when Anakin and Padme visit the Lars' and their adventure doesn't stop there. The 'brave little droid" R2 puts himself in the front line to save his Mistress whilst C-3PO gets himself into a little bit of a jam, with highly humorous results.
Jango Fett - A Mandolorain Bounty HUnter who is the father of Boba Fett and the clone army at large. He is quite skilled in his profession leading to his selection by Tyranus to be the 'father' of the clone army. He is skilled with projectile weaponry and is a walking arsenal. "I'm just a simple man trying to make my way in the world." He is proud of who he is and doesn't even care that he is fighting Jedi Kinghts. For more on Jango.
Kit Fitso - as an amphibian Nautolan from Glee Anselm  he is comfortable on land or water which is most likely why he took on Bant (Obi-Wan's friend) as his Padawan after her first Master died. Each of his head tentacles are highly sensitive that allow him to detect subconscious phenomenal expressions (too bad for Xisor) - he uses this to take advantage of an opponent's uncertainty. He gives everything with a smile and finds C-3PO's predicament amusing. After the battle at the arena he helps the clones with their attack. 
 The Lars's: Owen, Cleigg and Beru Whitsesun -The Lars's live on a moisture farming property on the outskirts of Mos Eisley. They use the extensive size of their farm to set up moisture vapours that collect the moisture from the air (or what little there is). At some point in the last ten years Cleigg bought Shmi Skywalker from Watto, set her free and married her. She lived on the farm and helped raise Owen like as if he was her own son, but she always hoped that Anakin would some day return. Beru is Owen's girlfriend who also grew up on a nearby moisture farm.
Luminara Unduli - has great flexibility in her joints allowing her seemingly impossible moves and to dash across a herd of Surepp barely leaving an impression behind. She like her Padawan, Barriss, helped Obi-Wan and Anakin in contacting the Alwari tribe and bring peace to Ansion. She is also an expert at the subtle manipulation of the Force as shown when she turns a simple hand full of sand into a spatula display. She is greatly respected amongst her fellow Jedi.
Mace Windu - Jedi Master, second to only Yoda on the Jedi Council is a wise man and one of the best living lightsabre fighters and in fact teaches Form VII to the younger and older Jedi (only Jedi's with high levels of technique and adeptness can use this highly risky form.) He has a modified lightsabre that he has built for the Form with greater precision and a unique colour that stands out in a crowd of Jedi.
 Obi-Wan Kenobi - now a highly respected Jedi Knight, finds himself in the heart of yet another crisis in the galaxy. He tries his best to teach Anakin Skywalker but sometimes finds his apprentice ignoring his advice. He is an accomplished Form III lightsabre fighter which is a high form of blaster deflection - which is needed in his fights with battle droids. He chases Jango Fett around the galaxy and manages to evade him time and time again. He is an accomplished fighter pilot tough not with the skills of his apprentice.
Padme Amidala - reigned as Queen for two terms and gained lasting devotion from her people which enabled her to become a powerful icon in the Senate. Her skills and good nature won the hearts of many and the hate of others. Like as she was Queen she uses her aides to pose as her and serve as a decoy. Life as a Senator is dangerous and with the unrest of the Separatists Padme goes into hiding with Anakin Skywalker - the man she is destined to marry. She is not only skilled in politics but also has trained in weaponry and defense as well as being a Starfighter pilot.
Palpatine - represents himself as the mild ammered servant of the public good. Througout his time as Supreme Chancellor his has gained more and more power and used his authority to create the Red Guard his own personal servants who are under his direct control (unlike the Blue Guard who is under the control of the Senate). He uses his wiles to convince the Jedi to allow Jar Jar Binks to give him power to create an army (power which he'll give back when the crisis is over - *coughs of "bullshit"*). To many his intentions are unknown - leaving the question is her Darth Sidious????
Taun We - is Prime Minister, Lama Su's aide and serves as Project Coordinator for the clone army. She oversees that the clones develop into mentally stable individuals and supervises the redesign of the genetic code to form the clone troopers from Jango Fett's DNA, she makes sure the correct genes for independent intelligent but obedient clones are formed. She is the only scientist in the galaxy that is able to manipulate the genes of another species with such precision and high rate of success. it is most probable she over saw the development of Boba Fett making sure he was the exact replica of Jango.
 Captain Typho - nephew of Captain Panaka (head of the Royal Guard) serves as the overseer of Senator Amidala's Security Force. His unbending loyalty to her steams from his uncle even though he is still somewhat of a novice in the world of lethal subterfuge. He lost his eye in the line of duty and wears the patch as a mark of dedication.
Yoda - The wisest and most likely oldest of the Jedi who is looked up to by all Jedi (bar dark Jedi of course). Despite his age he still teaches young Jedi students and has had a hand in almost all of the Jedi that have ever come through the Acadmy. His abilities with the Force allow him to have amazing strength, speed, the ability to levitate and wield a lightsabre with ease. He even recieved an MTV Movie award for his performance.
Zam Wessel - a Clawdite shape shifter allowing her to mimic a range of humanoid forms giving her the advantage of slipping any opponent, any that is not Jedi of course. She is quite adapt at her profession of being an Assassin and Bounty Hunter. She caries a KYD-21 Blaster and is being taught by Jango Fett in the use of projectile weaponry. Her discipline derives from the Mabari who's emblems she wears on her clothing.

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