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A New Hope - Return of the Jedi

A New Hope By George Lucas These novelisations are good to read to get another perspective of the movies, there is added bits in A New Hope from the original story to enjoy and have fun with (what Luke was doing before we met him with the droids). You get to see some things behind the characters and into their minds and a little bit of Luke and Biggs before the movie starts including his whiney frustration.

Splinter of the Mind's Eye by Alan Dean FosterElicit union between brother and sister? Is that enough to get your attention? This book was written after Star Wars was released and Foster did not know that Vader was Luke's father nor was Leia his sister, so if you take these facts away you'll love the short interlude that sated some fans back in the late seventies before Empire came out. 

Empire Strikes Back by Donald F Glut Love the dark movie? Then you'll love the book. It is hard to review the book as it is almost word for word the same as the movie with a few exceptions here and their. The author wasn't all that creative but if you are dying for a Empire Strikes Back fix but have no video on hand then this is the book for you.

Shadows of the Empire by Steve PerryBetween ESB and ROTJ lies this novel as Luke, Leia and Lando chase Boba Fett to save Han, but Prince Xisor gets in the way. You also find out how Leia obtained the Bounty Hunter costume and thermal detonator, as well as who and what Black Sun is (it is mentioned in other novels.)

Return of the Jedi by James KahnThis is the best movie so far, apart from what happens to Boba Fett of course. I always remembered this movie before I was a fan, Star Wars was always the Pit of Carktoon for me, what was it for  you??? You can even enjoy the Ewoks a little cause you can't see them - I'm kidding it doesn't work : )

Tales of Mos Eisley Cantina, Tales of the Bounty Hunters and Tales from Jabba's Palace by various Star Wars authors These compilations include stories from the various characters as seen in the three movies and all must contain a section seen in the movies. Such as The Jaw's tale from the Cantina, how Boba Fett escaped the Sarlacc and how the IG-88 droids came to be and die. Some of the stories are good, some are woeful and some are just strange but you get to pick and choose which stories you want to read or them all for major Star Wars enthusiasts. 

The Bounty Hunter Wars by KW Jeter: Mandalorian Armour:  If you are a Boba Fett fan, it is a MUST READ, it is funny and tells Boba Fett's story before we meet him in the movies and after the Sarlacc. He is such a kewl character even when he is unconscious he manages to be better than anyone else (as well as being really funny.) Slave Ship: The middle novel includes Xisor as well and fills out the middle of the other two in what happens to Boba Fett, past and present. He is so Kewl!!! Like any in between book it leaves you with the need to grab the next book - Hard Merchandise: This concludes the series and makes everyone understand why so many people like Boba Fett so much as well as learning what happened to so many IG-88 driods as well as other bounty hunters. Boba Fett is the best, no doubt about that.

Visual Dictionary and Cross Sections For the original movies, learn all about the Imperials including a cut up Stormtrooper helmet, all about Jabba's palace and it's guests. A must have along with the companion Cross Sections book for all enthusiasts. It is delightfully good with loads of information and really (in the eyes of others) useless facts. It has heaps of pictures, cross sections, weapons and all the information you could want to know about the characters too.

Truce at Bakura by Kathy Tyers When I first read this book I didn't particularly like it but it is referenced in many of the further books (even in the New Jedi Order books) and it deals with a little of Luke's love life and some complications of nearly being electrocuted to death (that was a nice touch). The book is a little on the soft side but a must read to understand all of the little complexities of the SW Universe. It is set a few days after Return of the Jedi. And the Rebels help fight against a new out-universal enemy.

Tales of the Empire by Various Authors Some kewl short stories and no Boba Fett is not in it despite the front cover that is meant to be Jodo Kast another Mandalorion Armour owning Bounty Hunter (though why Slave-1) is in the picture I don't know. Anyway half of the book deals with CorSec Corran Horn and his 'dad' Hal Horn on an important missions with marked appearances by Grand Admiral Thrawn.

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