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Jango Fett: Biography

Deadly, intelligent, resourceful, dangerous are just a few words to describe Jango Fett. After Jango Fett's parents were murdered Jango was adopted and raised by the mercenary Mandalorian warriors on the world of Concord Dawn and was a Journeyman Protector (wears the sash). Until their annihilation by the Jedi the Mandalorians were the most feared commandos in the galaxy leaving only Jango Fett in their wake. He kept his Mandalorian armour and continued the Mandalorian ways after their demise gaining the reputation of being the best and most feared bounty hunter in the galaxy.

He keeps himself in the best of physical condition and keeps his armour in tip top condition as well. He has a rare skill for bounty hunters and that is intelligence and even uses his own reputation to bring on other hunters to minimize his own risk (ie Zam Wessel). He keeps to his bargains and is often employed by planetary governments because of his skill and professionalism.

He almost finds his match in Obi-Wan as the second Obi-Wan appears he shoots out a volley of blasts that would destroy any other opponent but Obi-Wan, being a trained Form III (high speed laser-blast deflection training) deflects the blasts easily leading to Jango's use of his jetpack to try and evades and destroy his Jedi opponent. He often uses his jetpack to gain altitude and evade his opponents and distract them with his speed.

For around 10 Years Jango didn't make much of an appearance (only when the challenge and money was right) instead choosing to bring up his son, Boba, the best way he knows how, the Mandalorian way.

The Boba Fett his father is his family, his ideal hero and the greatest of the Mandalorians in the galaxy. After Jango's death Boba Fett inherits the the armour, the ship and the reputation and he becomes the image of his father in later years.

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