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Jango Fett: Head Debate

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This is a question on the lips of so many Star Wars fans. You see Jango getting decapitated by Mace Windu then after the battle Boba picks up the helmet of his father. Wouldn't Jango's head fall out of the helmet when it was picked up? (It would be very hard to get on it is didn't.) So where did it go? (The above cartoon says it all.) On my last viewing I decided that I would discover where the head went and after Mace chops off his head the helmet goes to the left of the screen but a dark head shaped shadow goes to the right and out of the camera's view. My thoughts is that that is where the head went and why it wasn't in the helmet anymore (it is not in the helmet in the book either). This picture describes it all (note this is a different angle from the shadow scene in the movie): 

There is further obsession with Jango Fett's head. You might remember (or will go and see it now) the blooper in A New Hope where by the stromtrooper (first on the right) smacks his head into the door frame when the stormtroopers discover C-3PO and R2-D2 in the Death Star. It seems that this is a trait of stromtrooper derived from Jango Fett and his clone (yes I know stormtrooper aren't clones but they are still trained the same way and it may be part of their training that leads them to a pre disposition of smacking their heads into door frames).

In Episode II after Jango's first fight with Obi-Wan (second being the 'dogfight') Jango jumps up into Slave-1 as the young Boba Fett takes off. As he goes into Slave-1 he walks right into the closing cargo hold door! Yeah a little funny, so what's the big deal? The deal is that unlike A New Hope this is not a blooper and is intentional as above the sounds of Slave-1's engine and the rain a resounding *doink* is heard as Jango's head makes contact with the door.

So know all you Star Wars fans know all about the obsession with Jango Fett's head. 

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