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Return of the Jedi - NJO

X-Wing Series by Michael A Stackpole and Aaron AllstonFollows Wedge as he forms the Rogue Squadron and their adventures fighting the Imperials to claim the New Republic in the galaxy. With the creation of the Wraith Squadron as well the X-Wing Series is fun and full of action, but be warned good characters die like in any war. These are full of action and many battles against the Empire and fun. Also deals with Wedge's new fighter and ground squadron the Wraith Squadron. Rogue Squdaron (MAS):  Introduces Corran horn to the readers as well as Wedge starting up an elite squadron of X-Wings for the New Republic's use, this book introduces the idea as well as the characters for the fun of all the readers. Click on Image for more on the X-Wing Series

Courtship of Princess Leia by Dave WolvertonIt tells of how Han finally wins Leia's hand in marriage as well as concluding some events as seen in the X-Wing Series with the warlord. It is fun and it has more Jedi in it (well sort of, more Dathomir 'Witches'.) They even get to ride Rancors! (Smaller than Jabba's pet though.) And to those that don't like romance novels (like me) it is not of the sort at all, yes it is the Courtship but that isn't the only thing that happens nor to most focused on.

Tatooine Ghost by Troy Denning This book was okay, it had some nice little moments in it but it seemed to be too busy "connecting the past" to be a wonderful book. We get all sorts of characters from Episode 1 including Kister and the like. Leia even gets a copy of Shmi's diary which was a little too corny for me. It is set just after Leia and Han's marriage and is really just a continueation of Courtship. So if you loved Courtship you'll love this book, if you didn't and have some spare time give it a read, it isn't too bad.

The Thrawn Trilogy by Timothy Zahn The one that started it all creates a masterpiece of intrigue and adventure worthy of the Star Wars title. It tells of Mara Jade the Emperor's Hand trying to kill Luke Skywalker to fulfil a Last Command of her Emperor. Whilst the New Republic battles Grand Admiral Thrawn and a mad clone of an old Jedi Master after Leia and her unborn twins. Read this as many future novels refer to events and characters introduced in this masterpiece. The Last Command: The last in the trilogy is by far the best, especially everything to do with Mara Jade and her last command. The first Star Wars books since the movies had been released opened up the way for the explosion that followed and continues today. And if they ever made a movie of these books Jeremy Irons (right) would be perfect for Grand Admiral Thrawn.

Jedi Apprentice Trilogy  by Kevin J AndersonThis trilogy follows  Luke creating a Jedi Academy on the fourth moon of Yavin, the series is very interesting and fun to read. I really liked it and have read it many times since the first. There is adventure with Sith as well. When I first read it I couldn't stop until I had finished the entire series, I'd finish one book only to pick up the next, stopping only to eat and sleep. Meet important characters, grow to like some more and despise others but still enjoy all that it has to offer.

I, Jedi by Michael A Stackpole Corran Horn is the best novel character as he is funny and interesting (read X-Wing series for more on him and The New Jedi Order.) This story follows Corran as he learns more of his ancestors whilst searching for his wife, the part with the speeder handle is hilarious. This is one of my favourite and is my favourite if you don't include New Jedi Order, as Corran is one of my favourite book characters (Anakin Solo and Jagged Fel being the others two)..

Children of the Jedi, Planet of Twilight by Barbara Hambley, Darksaber by Kevin J Anderson A sort of trilogy by the two authors follows Jedi Apprentice where Luke finds a weapon of mass destruction and a spirit of a Jedi trapped inside. She gets out only to leave him to find her own path, only to bump into him again and then run away from him. Love story yes, interesting? Darksaber is. (I really can't STAND Callista she is sooo annoying!)

The Crystal Star by Vonda N McIntyre and The New Rebellion by Katharine Rusch Two simple stories unrelated that are fun and interesting, one about the Solo kids being kidnapped and must be rescued, the other about a young man who is determined to cause havoc on the New Republic. The New Rebellion is quite interesting as I would love to see the face behind the skull mask. These are must reads for they are referred to in New Jedi Order (as are most of the books mind you).

The Black Fleet Crisis by Michael Kube Mac Dowell I have finally read this series and loved it, sure the beginning is a little slow but as it develops the story just gets better and better. On one front you follow Luke trying to locate his mother with another trying to locate her people, Lando, 3PO, R2 and Lobot become trapped on a living ship, whilst Leia has troubles within the senate as well as a brewing war. When you find out what adepts of the White Current can do as well as exactly what the vagabond ship was designed to do, you'll be astounded.

The Corellian Trilogy by Roger Allen MacBridgeA fun series that has Lando, the Solo's and various other people trapped in the system with no way of escape. The Solo kids in one direction finding ancient planetary devices, Leia in another place along with Han in yet another place. It is fun and interesting and Lando finds a woman that can help his needs. Showdown at Centrepoint: Deals with the Solo kids helping to save the Corellian sector from their selves and is a must read as these novels and characters are referred to in The New Jedi Order series. Read the beginning of the series of course. Click on image for more on this trilogy.

Hand of Thrawn Dulogy by Timothy Zahn Continuing the Thrawn theme, the New Republic is left to wonder whether the Grand Admiral actually died. So Luke and Mara set off to find the truth, but instead find each other. Very exciting, interesting, compelling and a happy ending for all. Vision of the Future:  Exciting and full of fun, is Thrawn really dead?? And it is a big finally for Luke! I'll say no more, but this book is very exciting and interesting as well, enjoy. Click on image for more on this dulogy.

Surviour Quest by Timothy Zahn More on the 'Empire of the Hand' and Chiss where by Luke and Mara are called by the Chiss to come take a look at the remnants of the Old Republic's Outbound Flight. Along the way Formbi and the other Chiss intrigue the Jedi pair as does the Imperial Commander, Chak Fel. But as things start becoming sabotaged and a set of data cards go missing the Jedi find themselves in an awkward situation not only that but Outbound Flight is not what it seems... Awe another Fel for me to sink my teeth into yippie! I'm so happy when he appeared I almost leap for joy I just LOVE Fel's. Anyway apart from that Zahn has done it again proving yet again he is the master. 

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