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Mortal Kombat: Annihilation

I really didn't like this movie much, Brain Thompson sucked as Shao Kahn (since when is en Emperor sulky?) There was too many characters and not enough substantial fights (look at how Rain and Sheeva died, they just looked good, that was all.) the story line just wasn't backed up in anyway what so ever.

There were some good points though like Nightwolf, he looked good, although the Jade part was annoying and stupid, I wish he was in it longer though. Smoke looked good as well and the fight sequence with him was great (even though he did have Sektor's missiles.) I really liked Cyrax as well and his moves and actions was his alone (unlike the merger between Ermac and Noob and Smoke and Sektor.)

What happens is that upon returning to Earth Realm, an angry Shao Kahn invades earth with his generals, he kills Johnny Cage (don't worry he may be back in Movie 3) and leaves earth and Outworld to merge together, making Raydn powerless. Sonya goes to find Jax and encounters Cyrax and Mileena, Kitana and Liu seek Nightwolf, meet Smoke, Sub-Zero (who played MK Reptile) and she is kidnapped by Scorpion. He finds Nightwolf, gets his animality, meets Jade and meets up with the others and a now mortal Raydn. Liu rescues Kitana, fights Baraka, squishes Sheeva and captures Sindel. Then comes the final showdown. (Click on image to enlarge and compare to Reptile image above, see the likeness?)

Sonya fights Ermac, Jax fights Motaro, Kitana fights Sindel and Lui goes up against Shao Kahn. And then Raydn takes his father's place as the Elder god of wind. Don't forget the pointless deaths of Rain and Jade squished amongst the 'action'. I only hope the third movie is more substantial and has better fight scenes with more developed characters.

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