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Character Bios

Brief character bios on the major characters in the movies (coming soon TV Show). May contain SPOILERS

Lui Kang: Warrior of Earth, found in both movies, an initiate of the Temple of Light. His brother Chang fought in the 9th Mortal Kombat and died to Shang Tsung who took his soul. Bent on revenge Lui decided to go to the next tournament and defeat the sorceror. Whilst traveeling to the tournament, he meets up with Rayden, Sonya and Johnny Cage who are trying to defend Earth. On the island of the tournament he also meets Kitana, former Princess of Outworld. Before Lui can defeat Shang Tsung he must face three things: He enemy, himself and his worst fear.
In the second movie Lui finds himself pitted against the Emperor, Shao Kahn and the only way to win is the reveal his animality and expose the Emperor's fraud to the Eldar Gods. His main powers include a fireball.

Raydn: God of Lightning and Thunder, Protector of Earth. Rayden is a god who brings together the warriors of Earth and challanges them to think outside of their own trival reasons for being in the tournament. He is also there to ensure that Shang Tsung plays by the rules. Not a participant in the first movie, Rayden gives up his powers in the second movie to help the warriors of Earth defeat his brother, Shao Kahn. His main powers include lightning.

Kitana: Princess of Outworld, Daughter of Sindel. Kitana is the adopted daughter of Shao Kahn, but ahtes him, when she sees that Lui Kang is the one who might be able to save Earth from Outworld's fate, she endeavours to help him.Joinging the side of good Kitana aids Earth when Shao Kahn invades the realm but is soon taken prisoner. Under the impression that reuniting herself with her mother will stop the merger, she is dissapointed when this does not and challanges her mother to Mortal Kombat, defeating her. Her main weapons include a set of fans.

Sonya Blade: A police officer in charge of bringing down the Underworld Lord Kano, Sonya boards the ship leading to the tournament, hunting him. Soon she realises what she has gotten into and relishes killing Kano in combat. Only that wasn't Shang Tsung's only plan for her and when he takes her to Outworld, challanging her to Mortal Kombat she refuses. In the second movie Sonya finds her partener Jax and helps the others try and reunite Kitana with her mother. When this doesn't work, Sonya challanges Ermac to Mortal Kombat. Her signature move is breaking the neck with her ankles.

Johnny Cage: Actor of Earth, who specialises in martial arts movies, though the world thinks he is a fake. Trying to prove the world wrong, Johnny joins the team from Earth in Mortal Kombat and is extremely dissapointed with the accododations. Letting his pride go, Johnny challanges the beat Goro to Mortal Kombat and defeats the Prince with difficultly. When Shao Kahn invades Earth Johnny is the first of Earth's victims.

Kano: Leader of the underworld on Earth, Kano killed Sonya's first partner causing the female officer to hunt him from then on. Knowing that Sonya would follow him anywhere Kano leads her to the boat that will take her to the tournament. He taunts and teases her, hoping for the reward that Shang Tsung has promised him should he kill her. Sonya kills Kano with her signature move.

Shang Tsung: Soceror of the Emperor, Tsung has the souls of many warriors and uses them when he fights. He orchestrates the entire Mortal Kombat after leading Outworld's warriors to victory 9 times previously (one taking the life of Lui's brother). When Goro is killed, Tsung takes Sonya to Outworld to challange her, where Rayden can not follow. He is defeated by Lui who doesn't let the sorceror's powers kill him nor persuade him in anyway. Shang Tsung's main power comes from the souls of warriors he has collected.

Goro: Prince of Outworld. Goro is a huge creature standing twice as tall as the normal man with twice as much power. He quickly dispatches the warriors of earth including the legendary Art with his four powerful arms and 'killer' punch. He finds it amusing with Johnny Cage challanges him and taunts him only to be tricked into falling to his doom. Goro's main power comes from his four arms.

Reptile: The slimy creature Reptile is put in charge of guarding Kitana. He is able to transform himself into a lizard like creature and can become human upon entering one of the dead bodies hung in Outworld. In the first movie there is only one Reptile which Lui defeats but in the second it is revealed that there are many Reptiles, a whole race of them in fact, both male and female (TV Show). One Reptile's power is to turn invisible as a creature and his acid spit.

Scorpion: One of the Lin Keui, Scorpion is a formidable warrior. Out of his hand comes a snake like creature that does his bidding. He is fast and powerful and is only dfeated by Johnny Cage in his lair when Johnny cuts part of his head off (to which he then explodes). In the second movie another Scorpion appears though his appearance is minimal, dissapearing after capturing Kitana.

Sub-Zero: Another of the Lin Keui, Sub-Zero's power comes from the ability to freeze things. Though his powers can be turned against himself as Lui found out. Though like the other Lin Keui there is a whole clan of them and in the second movie the brother to the first Sub-Zero aids Lui and Kitana, this one demasked and on the run from being automated. Sub-Zero's signature move is his ability to freeze things.


Jax: Left by Sonya at the docks in the first movie, Jax gets automated arms put on his body. But when the realms merge, Sonya finds her old partner on the operating table. Together they quickly dispatch, Cyrax and aid Kitana in getting to Sindel. Jax has a quick 'I want no part in this' until he realises that he is needed. Gaining his self confidence Jax takes on the giant Motaro in MK. Jax's signature move is to cause the ground to shake.

Rain: Another of the Lin Keui, is Shao Kahn's general. He kills both Kabal and Stryker though disspointed Kahn and was cast to a firey doom (much to my annoyance).

Ermac: Lin Keui again, vies for the generalship after Rain's demise. He fights Sonya in Mortal Kombat with his 'shadow'.

Baraka: Guardian of Kitana, fights Lui when he tries to rescue her. Using his 'handy' knives Baraka tries to make mince meat of Lui only to be cast into a firey death.

Sheeva: Protector of Sindel, Sheeva is of the same race as Goro, she also vies for generalship but is passed over for Sindel. She tries to stop Lui and Kitana only to be squiched by the cage.

Sindel: Former Queen of Outworld. She was subverted to Shao Kahn's cause and now works for him. It is believed by the others that reunting duaghter with mother will stop the merger of the realms, but it was all a trick designed to lure Earth's warriors into Shao Kahn's grasp. Kitana believes that her mother is still inside the 'creature' but soon realises the lie. Sindel's main source of power is a banshee like scream that can destroy all around her.

Shao Kahn: Emperor of Outworld and other realms that he has conquered. Is annoyed that Shang Tsung failed in defeating Earth in the 10th tournament and invades Earth anyway cuasing the realms to merge. His father, Eldar God of wind aids his son, both trying their best to defeat Rayden. He kills Rayden easily in his mortal form only to be killed by Lui in Mortal Kombat. (Why on earth Brain Thompson was cast in the role I have no idea.)

Motaro: Large creature with a human head and horns, cloven feet, huge tail and human arms. As powerful as Goro, if not more. Motaro is one of Kahn's warriors and has bitter disputes with Sheeva, he believes himself invincable and is most suprised when Jax defeated him.

Jade: Former companion to Kitana, Jade aids Lui in finding the princess and capturing Sindel. Though Jade is not working for the 'good guys' and instead was aiding Sindel and Kahn in their trickery. Her main weapon is a pole.

Nightwolf: Another warrior of Earth, helps Lui find his animality, which he needs to have a chance in defeating Shao Kahn. Hi smain weapon is his axe and animality.

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Mileena: Princess herself, a little like Kitana's 'evil twin' in a way, challanges Sonya, trying to defeat the other woman and stopping her from rejoinging the other warrioirs of earth.

Cyrax: Another automated Lin Keui who tries to stop Jax and Sonya from leaving the medical facility. His main weapons are explosives and a demoleculariser.


Kung Lao: Warrior of Earth and participater in Mortal Kombat. After defeating Shang Tsung and getting him sent to coal mines, Kung Lao becomes Earth's defender, taking on the role of gathering and trainging the next team of fighters for the next Mortal Kombat. After the death of his beloved Jen and his former life, Kung Lao resolves to do his duty. Not aging a day he takes over the Trading Post and gathers Tarja and Siro to help him on his mission. Though Shang is not happy with sitting idle and sends many warriors after Kung Lao.

Tarja: Former Theif, warrior of Earth. After being caught in the Baron's home she becomes his slave and when both the aron and his daughter die, Tarja joins up with Siro and Kung Lao to help find and train fighters. She is head strong and independant but fiercely loyal to her friends.

Siro: Former Guard, warrior of Earth. He was a guard in the Baron's home but after allowing Kung Lao to elope with Jen, Siro is revoked of 'command'. After the Baron's death he also joins with Kung Lao and Tarja. Siro is extermely headstrong always one to leap into the action and think of the consquences later which causes more than a little trouble with Kung Lao.

Quan Chi: Sorceror of the Underworld. (More Soon)

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