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(Fan Fic) Screenplay

DISCLAIMER: Not in anyway associated with Mortal Kombat, New Line Cinema or Threshold Productions, I just wrote this a while ago and thought I would publish it on my site. At this in INCOMPLETE and probably never to be completed (come on its terrible and written around 1998!)
NOTE: Kunra = Kun Ė RA
Racquel = Rack Ė kel
Tracia = Track- e - a

Start at a scene of a mystical castle surrounded by dark gloomy clouds. Zoom in to see a vague face light lighting upon her face.
OVER VOICE: A thousand years ago Rayden and his mortals beat the evil Shao Kahn, when Shao Kahn attempted to take over earth against the Elder Gods rules. After this vicious attempt, warrior monk, Liu Kang in Mortal Kombat, destroyed Shao Kahn and then the earth rested, restored to its full glory along with the other realms Shao Kahn had destroyed. Outworld was left in all its horror, with slaves tortured, unknowing of the growing evil underneath its shores.
Back to a house filled with computing technologies.
KUNRA: Mum, where my socks, you always lose my socks!
MOTHER (background): There in your draw dear
KUNRA: mum, whereís my jacket, you always lose my jacket!
Outside the house, wet slippery streets to the face of Rayden, the wind god and old protector of earth, his normal outfit and hat.
Back to the house, Kunra leaving the house, about to open the door.
KUNRA: See ya tomorrow mum (over shoulder)
MOTHER (background): Donít do anything stupid dear.
Kunra walks down the steps and on to the path when Rayden steps in her way.
RAYDEN: I've been waiting for you, your realm is in danger
KUNRA: Agh! I have no money for you, get away from me (paths him away)
RAYDEN: Enough! (Lightning from finger) Thereís no time
KUNRA: Whoa! Who are you?
RAYDEN: I am Rayden Elder God of wind. We must go now, you realm is in grave danger. Evil lurks in Outworld, an invasion is eminent.
KUNRA: Realm? Outworld? Invasion? What are you on about?
RAYDEN: Thousands of years ago an order of the wisest men from the Far east received visions of a dark realm known as the Outworld. It was a world ruled by chaos and a vicious emperor known as Shao Kahn. They learned that ravel between earth and the newfound realm would someday be possible. If the conditions were right, the conditions being the unbalancing of the furies -negative and positive forces which keep our unstable universe from collapsing in on its self. Knowing that an Outworld invasion was eminent, the wise men appealed to the elder gods. This was the reason that the elder gods created a tournament known as Mortal Kombat. For nine generations Mortal Kombat was ruled by Outworldís finest prince - Goro. The earth was on the brink of destruction when a new generation were victorious in defending their realm. The warrior monk Liu Kang, would become the new champion but his victory was short lived as he and his comrades find themselves lured into the Outworld to compete in a second tournament. Little did they know the tournament was just a diversion. A scheme devised by the dark emperor to break the sacred rules set forth by the elder gods and witness the reincarnation of his former Queen - Sindel on the earth realm its self. This unholy act gives Shao Kahn the power to step through the dimensional gates and reclaim his Queen, thus enabling him to finally seize the earth. These are the trilogy of events comprised of Shao Kahnís final attempt at seizing the earth.
KUNRA: What does all that have to do with me?
RAYDEN: You Kunra, are the chosen one, you must be trained and become the protector of the earth realm.
KUNRA: Okay, whatever, Iíll rephrase the question, (slowly) what can I do?
RAYDEN: Follow me.
Unsure at first, Kunra follows Rayden into the darkness.
Now to a scene where a 20 year old man is waiting on a street at dusk for a late night bus.
SNIPER: Damn buses, always so late, I canít believe I actually have to catch them, if only I didnít get caught speeding so much.
Along comes a black convertible with another 20-year-old man inside.
JOSEPH: Hey Sniper, like waiting for buses do ya?
SNIPER: Piss off Joseph itís your fault Iím here.
JOSEPH: My fault? You were the one who was caught, not me. Get in Iíll give you a lift because you make me feel guilty.
SNIPER: (getting in the door) Your not feeling guilty just cautious that I might tell them about your secret stash.
Driving along a blue and green cloud is seen past the reflection of Sniperís head in the revision mirror.
JOSEPH: Looks like a little stormy weather ahead (sticking his head out of the window)
SNIPER: Keep your eyes on the road
JOSEPH: Sheesh bro, what have they done to you?
The clouds surround the car and Joseph pulls over and tries to wipe the fog from the inside.
JOSEPH: What theÖ (pauses because a figure forms from the cloud. The Figure is a beast of some kind with four arms. It growls menacingly.) Sniper, lets get out of here (looks towards Sniper who isnít there, so he looks out the window again to see that the clouds have gone, he speeds off with a wheel spin.)
Sniper is now seen waking up in a cell, in a dungeon of some kind. A person in a monkís robe appears holding a plate of food, we notice it is Raydenís hair.
SNIPER: Where am I?
RAYDEN: (put the plate down) You are in the eternal palacesí pit.
SNIPER: Why? What did I do wrong?
RAYDEN: You have done nothing wrong, she sees you as a threat
SNIPIER: A threat to what?
RAYDEN: The occupation of earth
SNIPER: The what? Occupation of earth? Yeah right I believe you (turns away and pulls a funny face)
RAYDEN: You must believe me if you want to escape
SNIPER: Okay, whatever. What do you want me to do?
RAYDEN: Concentrate on turning the bars into nothing, then walk through them.
SNIPER: Do what? Walk through the bars?
RAYDEN: You can do it you just need to believe in yourself.
SNIPER: (puts on a doubtful face the takes a deep breath and walks into the bars and hits his head very hard, rubbing the forming red mark) Ow! That hurt.
RAYDEN: You can do it, try again.
SNPIER: Do that again? I donít think so (still rubbing is forehead)
RAYDEN: Do I have to do everything? (walks through the bars and takes Sniper away)
Now to a chamber in a castle full of monks walking everywhere. Two females approach, Sniper looks at them appraisingly, still in shock from what happened.
1ST FEMALE: Who do we have here Rayden?
RAYDEN: His name is Sniper, take him to Kunra
SNIPER: Hey I didnít tell you my name, take me home instead.
2ND FEMALE: Why take him to Kunra, we will look after him (runs her fingers up Sniperís chest, who flushes at her)
Rayden brushes the two aside.
RAYDEN: Why must I do everything? (Starts walking down the corridor motioning for Sniper to follow, Sniper compiles and the 1st female blows him a kiss)
SNIPER: You taking me home now?
RAYDEN: No, we need your help
SNIPER: Okay then, who were they and where are we?
RAYDEN: They were servants of Tracia, the evil sorceress who was trying to put you out of the picture. He stops at a large stone door Kunra, I have to speak to you
KUNRA (from within): Wait a sec. (Moments later the door opens and Kunra looks at Rayden.) What can I do for you Rayden?
RAYDEN: I have someone for you, meet Sniper (pushes Sniper into the room) Sniper is one of the warriors who will help you in defeating Tracia.
KUNRA: RaydenÖ(Rayden disappears in a puff of wind)I hate it when he does that (sits on the bed) I suppose you are wondering why you are here?
SNPIER: Yeah, first Iím with Joseph and some weird beast with 4 arms, then a lonely in a monks robes says I can walk through bars then he zaps me here
KUNRA: He actually told you that? Wow, I didnít things were that bad, you are the one who can go through the un-openable basically, you also have great strength.
SNIPER: I thought youíd be okay but youíre just as loony as him (gets up to leave but crashes into an invisible wall, he turns and notices Kunraís hand up.)
KUNRA: See what I have leant already, and Iíve only been here a week.
SNIPER: You did that? So I CAN walk through bars, wow! When will I learn?
KUNRA: Soon, time is running short, Tracia is preparing an invasion as we speak, get some rest, Iíll see you in the morning.
Sniper walks away in shock and turns suddenly Can you tell me now?
KUNRA: No, sleep in there (a door opens to reveal two more beds and Sniper walks in and the door is shut behind him, taking a deep breath he goes to walk through the wall only to find an invisible shield in front of it) Go to sleep Sniper, youíll need rest for what we have in store for tomorrow.
SNIPER (grumbling): I wish I never got into that car.
Panning: Morning sun shines through a room filled with ancient weapons. Kunra walks in (sun shining on her face) and picks up a large sword, she then leaves the room: has a blank expression on her face. The camera follows Kunra from behind (about 2 metres) down the deserted corridor and into Kunraís room. She then turns around (looking directly into the camera) and wheels the sword and starts attacking an invisible person (camera retreats to doorway but still on Kunra) and starts yelling, ďDie will you, just die!Ē Sniper who has awoken from the commotion opens his door looking tired and when he sees Kunra, looks surprised.
SNIPER: (from the door yells) Hey Kunra! What are you doing? (No reply she still keeps on fighting) KUNRA!
Kunra wakes up and drops the sword and has a confused look upon her face.
KUNRA: What is going on? (Asks herself)
Sniper emerges from the door and puts his hand on her shoulder. She jumps and quickly looks around, when she realises it is Sniper she sighs in relief.
KUNRA: You scared me, every morning I wake up and find a weapon in my hands and feel very energetic and I donít know why.
SNIPER: Sleepwalking maybe? But you woke me up with all your screaming you know, so it would be good if you didnít do that again. I thought someone was killing you or something. At lot of help I would be in my PJs.
KUNRA: I donít know why I do it. I canít remember anything at all. IÖ
Cut off by Rayden entering the room. He sees the sword.
RAYDEN: Why do I always come in here and see a weapon at your feet?
KUNRA: Iíve been asking myself the same question, maybe I keep on sleepwalking but I have never sleepwalked before.
Raydenís face crinkles into a concerned frown and turns to leave
SNIPER: Hey you going to tell my why I am here?
RAYDEN: Kunra will have to do that (disappears again)
KUNRA: There is something about that man that scares the hell out of me but another part that wants to embrace him like a leader, I just donít know which feeling to trust.
SNIPER: He does seem a little freaky with the whole lighting and disappearing thing. Now without seeming too self centred, why am I (emphasising the I) here?
KUNRA: You have been chosen like me to (Making 66 and 99 marks) ďsave the worldĒ
SNIPER: To save the world, you are as loony as lightning man.
KUNRA: You saw what I could do and look out the window, we are floating in clouds somewhere, I donít even recognise the world underneath, itís not earth Iíll tell you that.
Sniper goes to the window and looks out and jumps back in shock Whoa! Youíre right, where exactly are we?
KUNRA: Rayden didnít tell me that either.
SNIPER: Heíd better tell me then (storms out of the room in a hurry)
KUNRA: No he wonít (opens a small book and starts writing in it)
Rayden is walking down a small narrow street that is very dirty and condemned - like ďwrong side of the tracks.Ē He moves to a gate, which is hanging off of its hinges, and starts walking up the worn dirt track to a small tin roofed house with one of its windows boarded up and the screen door hanging only on one hinge.
From within: RACQUEL, SIMON! I thought I told you to tidy your rooms
Still within: I did mum but Simon didnít
Still within: SIMON! Clean your room
Outback: Alright mum, just after I put this engine together
Within: No, NOW!
Rayden looks to his left and sees the swinging chair lying on its side on the ground overgrown with vines. He knocks on the door and a girl about 18 comes her hair in braids with dirty overalls on.
RACQUEL: Yes, may I help you?
RAYDEN: I must speak with you and your brother immediately
RACQUEL: Simon! Come here, someone is at the door for you.
SIMON: (outback) Okay, Iíll just wash my hands
RACQUEL: I would offer you to come in but we donít have any chairs anymore, not since the Ö (looks misty eyed) well you know. So weíll have to sit on the step (motions towards the step in which they both sit about Ĺ metre apart.) So, whatís your name? Iím Racquel, my brother is Simon.
RAYDEN: I know, Iím Rayden and it is most important that I speak with you two.
SIMON: So who is this most important guest?
RACQUEL: His name is Rayden and it looks like he has something important to say. Sit down (pats the spot next to her, which her twin brother takes) So continue Rayden.
RAYDEN: You have been chosen to do a very important job, but you must come now and Iíll tell you when we get there.
SIMON: And leave my engine, sorry buddy, no important mission for me
RACQUEL: Simon, look at his clothes and his face, he must have come a long way to see us, who would do that if it wasnít important? The engine can wait, it should hopefully be here when we come back.
SIMON: Okay, you tell mum, Iíll tidy up out the back. (He gets up and leaves and so does Racquel, Rayden stands and waits for them. A little while later Simon comes back with the engine strapped to his shoulder and with Racquel following behind)
SIMON: Iíll take it with me then
Racquel sighs and looks to Rayden.
RAYDEN: Okay, close your eyes first itíll make this easier (they do so and he opens a portal and they all step through, the engine is left behind.)
Back to Kunraís room Ė nobody is in there, but lying on the bed is an open book. Rayden walks up to it and sees the words ďIím lucky to be the chosen one, but I feel so alone, different and separated from the rest.Ē He shuts the book to see the words ďKunraís journalĒ on the front. He veers around to see Kunra rush in and snatch the book away.
KUNRA: (angrily) Canít I even have some privacy?
RAYDEN: I apologise, it was just lying there open on the bed
KUNRA: How can it be I left it locked in the draw, who couldíve found it and opened it. The only person I can think of is Sniper (she goes to confront the man)
RAYDEN: No, he has been in the gym all morning, it couldnít have been him. Weíll figure this out later, I have people I need you to meet.
KUNRA: (mumbles) Who couldíve read my journal then?
The two females from before emerge out of the wall (they are Reptiles) and look at one another in delight.
1st FEMALE: Tracia will be very pleased with us in getting this information
2nd FEMALE: Yes, she will surely promote us, as poor lonely Kunra will perish quickly (she grins then leave the room, the other female follows her)
Into the gym where Sniper is busy doing weights in the circuit area.
RAYDEN: Sniper, come (motions towards him) we have people to see
SNIPER: Hey, Kunra (yelling across the room at the girl) this gym equipment is really great, just look at the death machine over there (motioning to it)
KUNRA: Yeah I know, but I donít know how to use it, could you show me later?
RAYDEN: Later, yes, I have someone for you to meet (starts walking towards the door on the other side of the room which the pair follow him)
The room is large with a wooden table in the middle and a wall full of books. In the distance at the end of the room Racquel and Simon are sitting reading some books.
SIMON: Yo, Rayden these books are neat, where'd you get Ďim from?
RAYDEN: Iíd like you to meet Kunra and Sniper (motioning towards the pair) And Iíd like you two to meet Racquel and Simon (they all look at each other)
RAYDEN: Iíll leave you to get to know one another better (leave the room and the four walk towards one another)
RACQUEL: Do you know why we are here, my brother desperately wants to get back to his engine before it disappears
SNIPER: You from that part of town? Wow, Rayden must be getting desperate
SIMON: Hey, just because we happen to live there doesnít mean that we are less than anyone else
KUNRA: Okay, now itís a little more complicated then a simple answer but Iíll try my best. Iíve been reading up on things whilst I have been here. Sit down, Iíll explain some more.
She motions towards the chairs, which Racquel sits on and leans forward, Simon turns his backwards and sits and Sniper fills the remaining seat, with Kunra at the head of the semi-circle.
KUNRA: We have been chosen to save the world to keep it the briefest, but it is a little more complicated than that, Iím beginning to understand my part in all of this, it is kinda freaky but you get used to it
SIMON: I left my engine to talk to some loonies, great.
RACQUEL: No she is right, I donít know how I know but I feel it is right, sit down Simon, listen, itís important.
SIMON: Okay, your hunches are usually correct (smiles wirily at her) Sorry, Kunra continue.
KUNRA: Iím glad you feel that way Racquel, itís a start (a loud crash open the door in the room and someone launches into the room and in surprise Racquel rushes with extreme speed to stop them from falling over, then drops the person in shock at her speed and walks back to her seat after the person at her feet disappears.
RACQUEL: What just happened?
KUNRA: I needed to test your reflexes. Your power is speed, I read all about you three in that book (pointing at the book on Racquelís lap) but it only has a picture of me though. It says that we are the four chosen ones to stop Traciaís invasion of earth realm.
SNIPER: Iíll say, you shouldíve seen what Kunra did to me when I didnít believe her, lets say I had a little bang around the head.
RACQUEL (opens the book): So we are them(points at the four figures in the picture)
KUNRA: Yes, Racquel you are the girl on the left who moves with great speed, the one with the whip, Simon you are the male beside her with the tiger striped pants, you can turn into animals and you Sniper are the other male with the spear, and you know that you can walk through the unopenable.
RACQUEL: What about you Kunra, what powers do you have?
KUNRA: Well my picture doesnít say anything, I have many powers most of which I donít know yet, at the moment

Ouch how horrible! Oh well - it was a bit of a laugh right?

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