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Boba Fett: Why?

Being a female, I find that most Boba Fett fans are male, but that doesn't bother me, I like any person who shares the appreciation for the greatest bounty hunter in the galaxy. For me Star Wars always meet "that guy that blasted into the gapping pit monster" and Jabba the Hutt "the big ugly slug thing." I must have seen it many times when I was younger, but that was all that I remembered, that is until Episode 1 came out and I was a Science Fiction/ Fantasy Fan, so I thought I would enjoy Star Wars again, and read Return of the Jedi, there I learned who "that guy" was and the adoration grew from there.

Top 10 Characteristics of Boba Fett

* He's a smart arse (he thinks that a fight between him piloting Slave 1 from his helmet and 40 TIE-Fighters is unfair, for them)

* He's mysterious (nobody knows much about him, and he likes to keep the air around him)

* He's a walking arsenal (it takes minutes to disarm himself)

* He stands up for himself (he shows nothing for Admiral Piett's jibe, nor for Vader's demands)

* He can fly (well sort of)

* He's intelligent (what he does to the twin IG-88 droid's 'ambush')

* He's resourceful

* He's quick thinking

* He looks good (you must admit the armour looks good)

* He's a bounty hunter who doesn't let much get in his way

The changes Lucas made to his character's past only enhances him more and more. Even though it is kinda funny to see young Boba Fett but he has that air of "who the hell are you" for Obi-Wan and we even get to see what he looks like under the mask (seeming as though he is the clone of Jango Fett he will look exactly like Jango Fett so people can throw out the rumours of him being so deformed he feels that he has to wear a helmet (though the deformation might occur in Episode 3 who knows what goes on in Lucas's brain though my prediction is that Boba will kill Mace Windu.)

So why else do I like the bounty hunter? He's Boba Fett, I admire him for all the above characteristics and the fact that if I was living in the galaxy, I would do all I could to learn the art for him (a Jedi bounty hunter, that's not the darkside is it?? I'd only take morally correct bounties such as the leaders of the Vong.)

I am also going to vouch for the creators of The New Jedi Order to include Boba Fett in the next story, he can either claim Jacen for the bounty then take out the Vong leader for another higher paying customer or something like that, I'm keen to see Fett included in the new series, I think it would be good. (My Fan Fic on this.)

Update: And they did - I was soo excited. Sure enough Fett is around without his helmet on and 'fighting' the good cause against the Vong. I was planning on writting a fan fic about 'Huan' but it hasn't gotten very far yet.

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