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Jango Fett: Slave 1

Jango's ship Slave-1 is a Firespray-class interceptor designed by Kuat Drive Yards, made for patrolling the prison planet Oovo IV, modified for Fett's bounty hunting use.

Slave-1 has superior shielding, with a montage of rebuilt and enhanced equipment such as small crew quarters for long hunts and the prison cages have been converted into coffin-like cabinets that ensures control of captives. Jango has hidden laser cannons, missile launcher as well as a set of mine layer magazine to deter and stop any pursuer or fellow bounty hunters keen on taking the captive for their own profit. 

It has a length of 21.5m, wingspan of 21.3m and depth of 7.8m. It can carry a crew of 3 (pilot and up to 2 co-pilots) and 2 passengers as well as the cages for the captives. It also has 2 blaster cannons, 2 laser cannons, missile launcher, minelayer and other unknown weapons. Making Slave-1 a deadly weapon for a formidable bounty hunter such as Jango Fett (Boba Fett will make other additions).

The fins contain repulsor grilles used for landing maneuvers as Slave-1 travels upright but needs to land on the back side of the craft (to allow access to the cargo hold).

Jango Fett has some trouble with the Cargo Door (click here to find out what).

Slave-1: Images

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Later Slave-1

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