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New Jedi Order

I have been following this series since the first book to the last, whilst I didn't get a chance to read the e-Books I have put up reviews of all of the NJO books. Read my Vong Story

*Bonus* Jagged Fel

Vector Prime By RA Salvatore Some things that I know: Vector Prime is exciting and very fun to read, sad yes, but it started something that will become the next set of Star Wars novels. Just remember that what happens must happen to make the series more interesting. Enjoy! : ) It introduces the Yuuzhan Vong and a pivotal character in the later books that one must keep an eye on: Nom Anor.

Dark Tide 1: Onslaught by Michael A Stackpole Deals with the aftermath of Vector Prime, Han goes on a cantina spree whilst Leia tries to get the senators of the New Republic to realise the threat of the Vong. Jacen, Anakin, Jaina, Luke and Mara all encounter Vong on various planets as does Corran Horn. It's fun and wonderfully constructed so enjoy!

Dark Tide 2: Ruin by Michael A Stackpole Deals with how Corran Horn gets in the bad books of the New Republic (I really loathe Borsk Fey'la!) More Yuuzhan Vong attacks as they slowly move through the New Republic. It's fun and interesting, but be warned a new favourite dies and that is sad! L

Agents of Chaos 1: Hero's Trial by James Luceno This novel deals with Han as he has a break from his family and life after Chewbacca's memorial service. He helps some innocent people and stops a female Vong warrior from trying to kill the Jedi and he meets a really kewl Ryn, Droma. It is interesting and fun as well as being exciting (I say that for every book don't I?)

Agents of Chaos 2: Jedi Eclipse by James Luceno Personally I thought that this novel sucked and sucked bad (sorry to those that liked it), I was so disappointed by it - what was the story line? It just seemed to drag on and do nothing even the incident at Centerpoint was incredibly boring - what happened James?  Read it only for the completion of the series not for anything else lest you be dissapointed.   

Balance Point by Kathy Tyers Details the further fight with the Vong where everyone appears on the planet of Duros without knowing and meeting each other in the middle. Leia, Jaina, Jacen and Han lose their hair, whilst Mara gains something of great importance, but the Vong deliver an ultimatum that will shock all. Read my after story

Edge of Victory 1: Conquest by Greg Keyes This is very good as it follows Anakin Solo as he tries to save the Jedi Academy from a Yuuzhan Vong attack and you also meet a shape shifter and their really gross ways (it is described mind you). Anakin sees the truth in his actions and comes to a greater understanding in the Force and about the Vong as he makes friends with one. It is really good and seeming as though I really like Anakin I loved it to pieces.

Edge of Victory 2: Rebirth by Greg Keyes That is exactly what happen in this book, a birth and Luke and Mara's son's name is WAY too predictable, necessary yes, a surprise no, but that is only the end of the book. Jaina is sent on a mission to find Kyp and he is just plain Kyp to her (you'll see what I mean). Corran, Anakin and Thari go on an adventure and find themselves in a bit of a mess. 

Star by Star by Troy Denning My first words to this is HOW DARE THEY! When I started reading this book (which is huge by the way and about time) I thought it sounded really kewl. The younger Jedi's are leading a strike team in order to thwart the Yuuzhan Vong's voxyn breeding program, whilst the elder Jedi help strike at the heart of the Vong invasion. It has all of your favourite characters from the young Jedi Knights series (I have only read a few though) as well as some good oldies. I won't spoil it as it is a MUST read but I was sorely disappointed in one aspect of the storyline - I was not expecting it! Now I want the next one!

Dark Journey by Elaine Cunningham This is good very good as Jaina is dangling very close to the Darkside and is taking Kyp's views steps further. Yes she's getting things done but every other character is thinking she is tittering very close to boundaries she seems completely unaware of. It has nothing to do with Jacen so no clarification is giving there (trying to make us hang on for another book) and like Star by Star it deals with the younger and new generation of Jedi Knights. Jag Fel makes his appearance again (after all those implications in some of the earlier books) and guess who he has a thing for. There is little in the way of actual Yuuzhan Vong war actions but more in deceptions and getting some advantage over them.

Enemy Lines I: Rebel Dream by Aaron Allston Oh my this is such a good book I loved it and good barely put it down (I nearly fell asleep with it in my hands because I just couldn't find a good place to leave until the next day). So much happens and for what seems to be a first time the Republic (or what is left of it) strikes back and reclaims a world. The Yuuzhan Vong are getting smarter too and not just thinking that they need to simply exterminate all of the "infidels" but rather they need to out smart them (good luck I say). Jaina becomes a Goddess and starts a slight relationship with a certain someone (read it to find out how - hint it is predictable but sweet).  

Enemy Lines II: Rebel Stand by Aaron Allston It came out early so I can now review it. It doesn't have much on Jag and Jaina in it (though a funny exchange with Kyp Durron does happen towards the end of the novel.) It follows Luke et al to the surface of Coruscant where they discover  a secret in the depths of the city and Leia and Han's mission of setting up resistance pockets on various New Republic worlds. There is still the occasional battles, some subterfuge and the death of someone most deserving and a big battle at the end. In true X-Wing style Allston packs the punch and even lets an old pilot have his reigns again.

"Jag, why are man so stupid?" "Biological Predisposition." Rebel Stand

Traitor by Matthew Woodring Stover Oh my gosh is the three words that describes this book to the T. It is so complicated and full of sooooo many things. It is an absolute MUST READ for any Star Wars fan, NJO fan or not. Okay I have to do some spoilers so don't read on if you haven't read it, Jacen sort of becomes Vergere's apprentice (abet unknowingly) and learns that the Yuuzhan Vong aren't really devoid of the Force but rather exist on a different level kinda light the visible spectrum verses UV or Infared - just because we can't see it doesn't mean it isn't there. And there is no "light" or "dark" side of the Force to quote Vergere "The Force is one ... is everything and everything is the Force ... it doesn't take sides. The Force doesn't even have sides ... what you call the dark side is when you give yourself wholly to the Force." Now that is a statement and a half. Also there is some humour (I don't know if it is meant to be funny but I thought it was, when Ganner has his "Gandalf" moment: "'This threshold is mine' ... his flourish ended with the blade slanted before his chest ... 'None shall pass' ".

Destiny's Way, by Walter Jon Williams I read it all in one sitting - I got it from the library in the morning and didn't part with it until I was finished. Cal Omas is so funny - I love the way he just wants to make speeches all of the time and the fact that Luke is delving into politics even if he doesn't mean to. I was disappointed Jag wasn't in it much (a brief dinner and a holo message is just not enough) but I can deal with that. Vergere is such a complex character I love what they have done with her though as she doesn't have such a passive role anymore. There's battles and ultimate weapon, politics and a Jedi ceremony and Luke finally lets his Jedi go free (he can't baby them ALL). It is an intermediate book and preludes of an end soon to come as the Republic takes the offensive. Just some more to go :) 

Force Heretic I: Remnant by Sean Williams and Shane Dix Jag's in it, Jag's in it - that for one makes me really happy and he's gonna be in it more! J Luke, Mara and co are off to find the living world of Zomama Sekot and make an alliance with the Imperials along the way (next stop Chiss space). Whilst Nom Anor is making himself "useful" and Leia, Han, Jaina and Jag are off trying to make contact some of the worlds that have been isolated during the war. I really loved it - it is really well written and seeming as though we are getting so close to the end many things are being drawn together nicely. Can't wait till the next one. J

Force Heretic II: Refugee by Sean Williams and Shane Dix More of Jag and Jaina and starting to get into the more interesting side of things. Get to meet Jag's parents and little sister as Mara, Luke, Danni and Jacen try to find out where Zonma Sekot disappeared to. The Chiss are quite hostile towards them but they are given a short amount of time in order to try and find the elusive planet. Meanwhile Jag and Jaina do some more battling whilst Tahiri's condition becomes worse and worse. Only two books to the end of the series and I can't wait to see what is in store.

Force Heretic III: Reunion by Sean Williams and Shane Dix Not much really happens in this book sure they find Zonama Sekot and have to convince it to help them or at least give them answers to some questions. They kinda went out on a limb to go there not really knowing why only that Vergere suggested it. Han and Leia still hunt for the Ryn and find themselves allying with the Imperials in order to save a vital relay station. Tahiri learns all about her "other half" whilst Jag does a really wild stunt in the heat of battle cause Pellaeon told him to "Surprise Me." Not a good thing to say to a Corellian. It has more on Nom Anor and his little heresy though like I said nothing really happens it seems to be setting the scene for the last book (well it was the last book a while ago they might have decided to extend the series by now).

The Final Prophecy by Greg Keyes  I really liked it mainly because Corran makes a come back but the story writing is good seeming as though he is one of my favourite NJO authors I was really happy. Of course it continues on with Zonma Sekot but we get some interesting insights into who Tahiri really is and what game Nom Anor is playing Ė that guy is so in it for himself!. An absolute must read in the story plus the events described are used in the conclusion.

The Unifying Force by James Luceno I was a little disappointed in this book and it is the story line that carries it through nothing much else. I found it bogged down in details at times. Okay the conclusion to the story of course and what happens to the Yuuzhan Vong and the importance of Zonma Sekot. Alpha Red makes its come back as well as the infamous Boba Fett (I was s happy about this) but Luceno (being the author I liked the least) doesnít have any humour in his story and lacks emotion that some of the other authors have put forth. Though good enough for the end. Itís kinda strange, what will they come up with next?

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