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Pre A New Hope
Jedi Apprentice Series by Jude Watson

Cloak of Deception by James Luceno I was a little disappointed in the book as it wasn't great but if you like obvious "groan worthy" connections to future books then have a read. It also puts Episode one into a little perspective but not much as it is set right before it. And Qui-Gon fans don't be fooled by the front cover it actually has little to do with the Man he does appear but not as much as I would've liked. Don't buy the hardcover just wait for the paperback or better yet get it from your library.

Darth Maul: Shadow Hunter by Michael Reeves It was okay and mainly cause it mentioned Qui-Gon. Darth Maul was annoying, so dull and lifeless, not at all like the Maul we see on the screen as he is better as an enigma. The book could've been much better and less childish and I wouldn't go out of my way to read the second e-book on Darth Maul. If you like predictable books that destroys the mysteriousness of Darth Maul then read it, else give it a miss.

Rouge Planet by Greg Bear This I recommend it is really good and it makes heaps of connections (much better ones than CofD) with Tarkin appearing once again and Vergere - know that name? Well visit her past, I'll spoil one thing - she was a JEDI! Anakin fights his dark emotions, Obi-Wan keeps hearing voices and the Yuuzhan Vong are mentioned (you'll pick them out right away but I was on a busy train at the first mentioning so it took the second time coming to make sense.) BUY IT BUY IT BUY IT! 

Episode 1 The Phantom Menace by Terry Brooks I loved the movie so I love the book,  but Terry Brooks brought something into the story that no other author could have. If you are a Star Wars fan it is a must have, the same for if you are a Terry Brooks fan. (He does wonders for the inner thoughts of the characters and the bit with Obi-Wan's lightsabre is hilarious.)

Visual Dictionary and Cross Sections of Episode 1 A must have for all Star Wars fans as it has detailed descriptions and diagrams to aid the movie, and with the 2 Episode 1 Cross Sections books, you learn all you need to know about Episode 1. It details the characters and their equipment as well as the schematics and behind the platings of various buildings and ships. Very informative.

The Approaching Storm by Alan Dean Foster This is a really kewl book and Anakin sings! I could not believe it, though it is a great read and perfect for reading just beofre seeing the movie (another excuse to see the movie : ). It details the mission Obi-Wan and Anakin were on just before the accounts in Episode 2 with fellow team Luminara and the really kewl Barriss. It is very interesting and amazing (I have now read it twice in 2 months). The characters are vibrant and the Jedi feats are amazing, the author is a treat to read and is compelling from the beginning to the end. You'll love it.

Episode II: Attack of the Clones by RA Salvatore Some many behind the scenes stuff going on that we don't get to see on the screen. Such as Padme and Anakin with Padme's family is a really kewl and the boat ride that we didn't get to see. We even get some background information on the relationship between Jango and Boba Fett! If you loved the movie you'll love the book and relive each of the moments before seeing again (yet ANOTHER excuse to see it again - you have to see what has been added : ). Read it.

Visual Dictionary and Cross Sections of Episode 2 Details on the characters as well as heaps of information on the Jedi and Jedi lighsabre moves for the enthusiasts. Heaps of pictures and details on the various Jedi, races and gear these characters have as well as a really kewl picture of the Nexu (the cat thing that attacks Padme) - it grins! The cross sections has the schematics of the various ships including Zam's and Slave-1 and Obi-Wan's Jedi star fighter (though not the hyperdrive ring : (  - damn!). A must for all who crave details.

Boba Fett Series by Elizabeth Hand and Terry Bison I get that the authors are trying to get 10 year old boys to read more books - I don't know how many times it is mentioned that Boba reads books and frankly I don't care. He does some pretty wild things for a 10 year old and it is no wonder that he becomes the greatest bounty hunter in the galaxy. Good for a hour or so little story. They are an interesting and quick look at the past of Boba Fett that has just been re-written. Though some of the events are not as plausable as you would hope - I mean he's not very old but acts like he's 30, sorry but that doesn't happen no matter how quick he has to grow up.

Shatterpoint by Matthew Stover It was an okay kinda book a little dry for my tastes. Mace Windu must go back to his homeworld to save Depa Billiba, his former Padawan. But when he gets there he senses that things aren't right and gets stuck in the jungle with a bunch of Korun (his former people) on their way to see Depa who has fallen in some way. It is fairly good but not wow worthy, but if you love Mace Windu you'll adore this book, I'm more of a Fett girl myself.

Census Deception by Steven Barnes - Review Coming Soon

MedStar Duology by Michael Reeves and Steve Perry Book 1 Battle Surgeons was an okay book, it details Padawan Offee and her appointment at a medical outpost. The outpost is the middle of the Clone Warsa on a planet that's flora eats at everything and a highly sort after drug is produced. Like any place where great wealth is grown, intrigue, death and deception is the key element. Padawan Offee must struggle with her fatigue and emotions through such troubling times. The second book Jedi Healer was more interesting and fast paced as Padawan Offee struggles and toiters on the edge of the Dark Side... Quaint little read but not really worth the high price that I paid for them.

Jedi Trial by David Sherman and Dan Cragg - At Praesitlyn, the fate of Anakin Skywalker is to be decided. The remote desolate planet is the house to teh intergalatic communications centre. If it is taken the Republic will take a heavy blow, but they are already streched too thin. Most of the Jedi are on missions, leaving only Nejaa Halcyon and young Anakin to spare. The pair are sent to help the planet fight off the Seperatist armies. But an old 'friend' of Nejaa's has also decided to help. This is Anakin's trail, he must succeed to prove himself worthy of being a Jedi Knight.

Yoda: Dark Rendevous by Sean Stewart I quite liked this book. I had a few SW books to choose form when I got it and I am pleased that I bought this one. It is the story of Yoda, who is meeting with Count Dooku, but needs to do so in private. He travels with two Jedi's and their Padawan's to the remote location, plagued by all sorts of events and bounty hunters. Can Yoda make it there in time? Will it be worth it? Such a nice little story, I really enjoyed it.

Labyrith of Evil by James Luceno - Review Coming Soon

Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith by Matthew Stover - Review Coming Soon

Episode 3: Visual Dictonary - Review Coming Soon

Han Solo Adventures by Brain Daley It have only read one of these books at that is Han Solo at Star's End. It is interesting because they were written before Episode 5 came out so they have some interesting little tid bits. Though a must for any die hard Han and Chewie fans whilst the rest could possibly give them a miss. The information contained there in is referenced a little in the Han Solo Trilogy mentioned above though.

The Adventures of Lando Clarissian by L. Neil Smith Not the greatest stories and also written around the same time as the Han Solo Adventures mentioned above. Vuffi Ra is kewl though and you get to read all about Lando's adventures of becoming a champion Sabbacc player. Don't expect to see Han in any of these novels and they are kinda short and sometimes confusing. Though if you adore Lando then they're your cuppa tea, else possible think of avoiding unless you are really die hard.

Han Solo Trilogy by AC Crispin This is another fun trilogy dealing with Han Solo before we meet him in A New Hope. It follows Han before he joins the Imperials and learns about a Hutt plot using slaves, to when he saves Chewie to why Lando calls him a scoundrel. It is funny and interesting at the same time, it is also easy to follow even if you haven't read the others in the series, each book works well as a stand-alone.

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