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Boba Fett: History

There are now two schools of thought on Boba Fett's past:

One That he was journey man protector on the planet of Concord Dawn (see my fan fiction 'Kirana' for my version of a Boba Fett past) before a series of events lead him to become a stormtrooper (undefined) then the mysterious bounty hunter we all know and love. (This is now Jango Fett's past.)

Two The film version: Boba Fett is the unaltered clone of the Mandalorian Bounty Hunter named Jango Fett. He grew up at his father's side learning the ways of combating, piloting, judgment and intellect common to the Mandalorian ways. At the age of 10 Boba Fett is quite unique from the other clones of Jango Fett as all of the other clones are mature and trained to be troopers. Boba is perceptive and intelligent as he quickly assesses situations (is when Obi-Wan intrudes) by quiet observation, a skill he uses later in his life. He loves and respects his father and thinks of him as the greatest bounty hunter in the galaxy and is quite shocked when Mace Windu beheads his father. Will he try to get vengeance on his father's death? It has been said that he puts on his father's armour and blasts out of the arena and joins Dooku who leads him to Aurra Sing who teaches him more of the bounty hunter ways. We'll just have to see who this happens in Episode III.

But that is not the point, you want to know about Boba Fett when we see him in the movie, right? As you all know Boba Fett works as a bounty hunter, he stays around with Jabba the Hutt alot because the great Hutt has many enemies and always puts out large bounties, the ones that Boba Fett deems worthy. But when something larger comes along, Fett leaves to gather that bounty, he goes where the money takes him, but he really does love his work.

If you look closely in Empire Strikes back, when Chewbacca is gathering the pieces of Threepio, you can see the reminisce of an IG-88 droid (IG-88B), which Boba Fett destroyed. He destroys IG-88C and D in the atmosphere of Tatooine, and the last droid gets blown up with the second Death Star, so with the help of Boba Fett, the IG-88 droids are put out of commission.

Boba Fett uses a superior design of a Mandorlian Armour, a warrior race who seem to have disappeared from the galaxy, bar two suits, Boba Fett's and Jodo Kast (interesting story on Jodo Kast in Tales of the Empire.) The armour contains a multi-use helmet (that Fett has monitored majorly in order for him to control his ship, Slave I from outside the ship), a Jet pack that enables him to jump from place to place using a rocket launcher and can be fitted with a grappling hook or missile, he uses it to surprise enemies and to escape danger, but he never gives up a fight.

Along with Fett's armour, he has many hidden compartments that contain a variety of devices such as Anti-security blades, rocket launchers, wrist gauntlets that have poisonous darts (humorous section in The Hutt Gambit with one of these such poisons), sonic beam weapon, survival knives, false eye pads so that he can gain access into secure facilities to gain a bounty. 

Fett even specialises in demolition jobs where he uses a multi-detonator, which is capable of blasting starship engines to pieces. Fett even has boot spikes for spring loading, this man is a walking arsenal.

Fett has worked for the empire many times, being Vader's most preferred bounty hunter because of his skills, and the bounty hunter doesn't show fear for the man, which is my guess that Vader respects, but doesn't let get too far. Fett worked as a spy for Vader in tracking Luke on a moon in the Panna system where he used his skills to try and trick Luke into giving away vital information.

An extract from The Hutt Gambit by AC Crispin, after giving Han a dose of an obedience drug, Fett is ambushed by Lando, who gives Fett the drug, this is what happens:

"Stand up, Boba Fett," he commanded

The bounty hunter stood up

"Disarm yourself. Now."

Minutes later Han and Lando regard a largish pile of assorted weaponry of all different kinds that lay before them on the sunlit permacrete. "Minions of Xendor," Han said, shaking his head, "this guy could have set up shop with just what he had one him. Lookit those Mandorlian wristlets. Bet the darts are poisoned too." 

Lando asks Fett of they are and finds out that the left ones are and the right have soporific in them.


Slave 1

Boba Fett's ship, Slave 1, started out as a Firespray-class patrol and attack ship, but Fett had it modified at its home of Kuat Shipping yards. The ship is not an array of shield generators, hidden weapons systems and the top of the line sensors and transmitters, so Fett can pilot the ship from his helmet. The ship looks simple on the scopes but surprise enemies with its hidden weapons systems and  its tractor beams to catch and hold small craft for destruction or boarding, depending on the assignment. Fett has had it modified for defense, stealth and attack rather than speed and with his superior piloting skills, makes the ship an extension of the hunter. 

Fett's ship also has a cargo hold in which he stores bounties until they can be delivered, he is known for his cleanliness, but not his talkative personality. Fett is very careful that his bounties don't harm themselves before he can collect the fee. Slave 1 is equipped with 6 immoblising bunks for unruly bounties and 2 prison cages.

The unique design of Fett's ship makes it reconisable by many around the galaxy, by it's shape and landing gear. As seen in The Bounty Hunter Wars by KW Jeter, Fett uses the advantage of Slave 2's animosity to give surprise attacks, until he can buy his old ship back of the Rebels.

See Book Reviews on Boba Fett for adventures after Return of the Jedi as well as my Fan Fiction, 'Jaster', 'Shantea' and 'Fett and the Vong.'

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