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Fan Fiction

Only contains mine check out for the most comprehensive Star wars Fan Fiction base around. And these stories I wrote around the end of 1999 and onwards and they all inter link between one another.

  • Kirana - The story of a young Padawan who's Master dies at the hands of mysterious warriors and she helps someone see their past again. 
  • Kirana Early Years
  • Gladiator - Follows Adi and Kirana as they become part of a deadly entertainment sport 
  • Gala Night - Kirana go to an outing, only to find themselves face to face with an old foe
  • Jaster - Jaster helps a young Jedi find her way to the temple, by way of thanks she helps him remember what he forgot 
  • Shantea - Shantea uses Qui-Gon's journal to help track down a Jedi enemy and helps put Kirana to rest - FINALLY Finished
  • The Tale of Obi-Wan's Lightsabre - ever wondered what happened to that lightsabre? Find out in this story and Death Comes Near - what were Qui-Gon's thoughts as he died? 
  • Moya and the Wormhole - A Farscape and Star Wars cross over, find out what happens when Moya is shot through a wormhole and into the Old Republic Galaxy, where they meet a Jedi Master
  • Fett and the Vong - my follow up to The New Jedi Order's last novel Balance Point dealing with Jacen Solo and the infamous Bounty Hunter we all know and love
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